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  • Oh dear, looks like one goal will have to be changed!

    Jul 8, 2008

    I am still working on the individual goals pages, adding text about the goals, sometimes some background on why they are on the list, or how long they have been things that I would like to achieve.

    I am also adding videos and web page links too, and hope to soon add a section detailing sponsors and supporters, and those who wish to join in with each particular activity.

    Last night I wrote a bit more on a few of the goals, and was disappointed to find that one of my goals is no longer achievable:

    I saw "Fly-By-Wire" on a UK TV show, I think it might have been "Top Gear", not long before coming out to Australia, and thought it looked very exciting.

    I added a couple of videos from YouTube to the page, it looks like great fun. I then went to look for the website, and was surprised to find this:

    Does anyone know why they closed down? Very disappointing.
  • Kids goals!

    Jul 7, 2008

    I visited a friend today, and got into a conversation with her kids about goals, and goal-setting. The oldest one, eight years old, wants to be a fashion designer. She suggested that I should add to my list "Become a billionaire". Kids these days! Millionaire is just not enough anymore!

    Goals are easily achieved too, apparently. "See an iceberg? I've seen loads of them on the TV!"

    The youngest one had no particular goals in mind at the time, but did have one important question. "What would happen if you opened the window in the underwater hotel?"
  • Some plans starting to come together... slowly!

    Jul 6, 2008

    It's been another long day at the computer, and visually the website doesn't really seem to have changed much at all. However, I have done quite a bit of planning and sorting of information, and am still trying to figure out how to fit all of the goals in!

    There are quite a few conflicts in terms of dates of certain events. I was quite keen on adding Mardi Gras in New Orleans to the "Add 5" potential list, but each year the festivities culminate on "Shrove Tuesday", or "Fat Tuesday", the day before Ash Wednesday. This is the same day that the Carnival in Rio reaches it's climax, and also the same day that the Sedgefield Ball Game takes place. It's obviously impossible to complete three different events in three different locations on the same day within two years!!

    So I will keep Mardi Gras for some time in the future. After all, I do still want to have some goals left after all this is over.

    But everything else is progressing well, if a little slowly. There is now a map of my planned first trip on the "Where (Map)" page. This is of course subject to change, and I am hoping to get a more integrated, interactive map on the page fairly soon.

    One of the next tasks is to add the calendar, and make "The Plan" page a bit more organised.

    I am trying to add more detail and background to each of the individual goals too, and have added a few more videos and web page links to a few of them. I hope to get something written about all of the goals individually over the rest of this week.

    This goals stuff is very challenging, and I haven't even started yet!
  • Bulletin Boards now open for business.

    Jul 5, 2008

    The Bulletin Boards are now ready to use. Mel, my web designer has worked long and hard today to get them ready, and my allotted task was to provide coffee as and when required, and do all the repetitive copy and paste work!

    So you can now go to the Bulletin Board section, register using whatever username you like, and join in.

    The first section details my list of 100 goals, split into a separate topic for each goal. Put anything you like in these. Have you already done this, and if so, what was it like? Can you offer any help or advice? Do you want to join in when I do this?

    When it is all working properly, the last comment in each individual goal will appear at the bottom of that goal's details section in the website, along with any website links, sponsor details and video clips. For an example, see:
    Goal: Christ of the Deep.

    The second section is for you to add your own lists of goals. It doesn't have to be 100 different things, just as many as you want. Ask for comments and feedback on them from others, and see what other people are trying to achieve.

    You can also suggest goals for other people. For example, do you live somewhere spectacular, have you done something amazing, or been somewhere that others should add to their list?

    There is also a section here for telling your own stories of achievement. What was the most amazing thing you ever did? What are you most proud of achieving? What have you done that might inspire others? Share your stories here.

    The third section is where you can help each other to achieve. It would be great if this could become a forum for global goal assistance. What do you need help or advice with? What can you offer? Do you want to volunteer to help with somebody else's project? it is much easier to achieve if everybody helps each other.

    The fourth section is where you can give details on helpful resources. What books have you read, fiction or non-fiction, that may inspire others. Inspirational poetry? Movies, DVDs and websites? Share your findings and sources of inspiration.

    The final section is a general forum for anything else that does not fit into the other sections.

    Take a look, see what you think, and join in and have fun. See you there.
  • Get involved - "Add 5"

    Jul 4, 2008

    I think one of the most exciting things about this 100goals project is the opportunity to meet so many other people around the world, and to share the fun of making achievements with other like-minded individuals.

    I really like the idea of others joining in with this in whatever way they feel like, whether it be joining me to do a bungee jump or celebrate at a festival, offering some sort of help or support, sharing some of their own goals and achievements, or helping me set a couple of my own goals.

    At the moment I have a page called "Add 5", where I explain that I have set myself 95 goals, and am open to suggestions for a further 5 goals to add to the list, to complete my 100.

    And suggestions are flooding in, there are some great ideas there. I have listed alot of the on the "Add 5" page, and am adding more daily as they come in.

    My plan is to keep gathering suggestions until next Sunday, 13th July, then pick a list of 20 or so from those suggestions, and put it to the vote, allowing you to pick the final five to add to my list.

    You can send suggestions via the "Contact Me" page. (Please select the "Add 5" option for the subject field, it makes sorting my email so much easier!) You can follow the progress of the suggestions list, and vote from 13th July onwards at the "Add 5" page.

    My next job is to get the Bulletin Board forums pages sorted out and opened up. In there you will be able to add your own lists of goals, ask for advice and information, offer each other help or support, share your success stories, and much more.

    How exciting this is all turning out to be!
  • Planning nightmares.....

    Jul 3, 2008

    When I first came up with the idea for ALife4Sale, I thought it would be pretty easy. Put a website together, make a press release, do a bit of a blog, run the eBay sale, done! But as I often do, I had underestimated the amount of work involved. I also grossly underestimated the amount of worldwide interest that it would create, and the time that that would all involve too.

    At work my phone never stopped, and eventually my boss told me to take a couple of weeks off to deal with the publicity, because I wasn't getting too much work done while I was there!

    And now that I have started this new venture, I think I may have made the same mistake in underestimating the effort and time that it will involve. Emails are already flooding in to the new website, and I haven't yet dealt with all the emails from the end of the ALife4Sale project. The planning of the new project, and the logistics of it all, is a huge undertaking.

    But it's also very exciting, and I do love a challenge. Just to give you some sort of idea, here are a couple of pictures of the office area of my house at the moment, as I just get started on the outline plan of how I might make all of this come to life:-

    click to see larger picture click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

    You can see a bit more about how the plan is coming together at "The Plan" page.
  • Website updates, and a BIG "Thank You".

    Jul 4, 2008

    Last night I finally found some time to sit down and make a proper start on getting the website knocked into some sort of shape. Assisted again by my brilliant web-designer Mel, we got some more of the functionality working, and put alot more detail into some of the pages.

    I have now written some details for the "Help Out" page, the "Join In" page, and have started to work on an outline plan for "The Plan" page. Mel worked on all sorts of behind the scenes issues and functionality, and there are a few new features that will help out.

    First of all there is now the opportunity to subscribe to this blog, either by email, or by RSS feed, see the links at the top of the page. I am going to try to maintain a daily blog as I prepare for departure on my trip, and from then on will then try to update as often as possible.

    On the "Contact Me" page there are now a few subject options to pick from if you are sending me an email, which is already proving to be a great help in sorting and replying to emails. Once again, I have been amazed and very flattered at the amount of email I am receiving, just in the first couple of days since beginning this project. I will try to get around to responding to them all in due course, but please bear with me, as I have been innundated. I am reading them all, and flagging messages left, right and centre to reply to. Thanks for your patience. Thanks to all for your "Add 5" suggestions, your hints and tips, and your general good wishes. And huge, HUGE thanks to all who have made such kind offers to assist with this whole crazy thing.

    It is all very exciting, and a bit overwhelming, and at times I wonder what on earth I am doing. Maybe it would just be simpler to go back to work in the mines, and stay within my comfort zone? But I know I can't do that, I would regret it forever. And I also know that when I do step out next month and make a start I will wonder what I was worried about, and will have the most amazing adventure.

    Finally, I would like to make special mention of my good friend Evan White, over in LA. Alot of people have asked how the whole ALife4Sale project got so much publicity. I think in part the answer lies in the fact that the whole thing just seemed to resonate with people, many of whom have gone through similar life-experiences. But in the background Evan assisted with all sorts of web publicity. His area of expertise is in quirky web-based projects, and if you have got something unusual going on, I can't think of a better person to ask for advice.

    See you soon Evan, looking forward to that skydive buddy.

    Jul 1, 2008

    Wow. I only first mentioned this idea just over a day or so ago, and I have been amazed by the response. Today is the 1st July, and so seems like as good a day as any to begin the new blog for my new project. So from today onwards, the new blog will be at:

    I will continue to copy the blogs I write into the ALife4Sale blog for the rest of July, as some of it will be updates of the sale, and details of my departure date, but once I set off, this will be the only blog from then on.

    So first, let me write a bit of an introduction about this for those who are new to this website, and fill you in on a little background.

    My name is Ian Usher, and back in March 2008 I launched my website My plan was to sell pretty much everything I had, in one single big auction on eBay, and then be able to move on into the future, unencumbered by things from the past. There is much more on the reasons and the thinking behind this idea at the ALife4Sale website itself.

    I knew I needed to get publicity for the fact that I was holding this auction, and a friend wrote a press release in the UK, and my old hometown newspaper, The Northern Echo, ran a story. Within two days my life was turned upside down, as newspapers, press agencies, TV shows, documentary makers and many more started contacting me from all over the world. Things went pretty crazy for a couple of weeks, but in terms of publicity, I could not have hoped for a better start!

    Over the next 100 days, as I counted down to the start of the auction, I did a daily blog, filled with stuff about the auction, and other random thoughts. During this time I did not really know what the future held for me, and simply had some vague thoughts of future adventures.

    But as the auction approached, prompted by some questions from followers of my project, a new plan crystallised, and the idea for developed.

    I made a start on the website, but kept plans pretty quiet, as the auction needed to be a success before I could even consider trying to accomplish my 100 goals.

    So on Sunday 22nd June the auction started, and ended just two days ago on Sunday 29th June. The final bid was a bit disappointing, coming in at AU$399,300, which was a bit less than I had hoped for, but is still enough to commit to selling, and setting off on my new adventure.

    So I am now in the process of trying to get the sale sorted out, and finalised as soon as I can, and hope to be doing as I said I would, walking out the door with just my wallet and passport, by the end of July at the latest.

    And then the journey begins....

    I am doing some serious planning today, and will be trying to get the website sorted out a little more over the coming days. I am receiving an overwhelming amount of email, offering good wishes, and making suggestions for what could be added to the list (as I am offering the chance for you to choose and vote for 5 of the goals as yet undecided). For more info on this, see the "Add 5" section of the website.

    So once again, thanks to all for your interest, your messages of support on the GuestBook, and for your emails suggesting new adventures that I might add to my list. Apologies if I do not get back to you, there are already so many emails, and I am pretty busy still with interviews after the end of the auction. I am trying to read them all however, and I will give you some idea of the suggestions coming in, in tomorrow's blog.

    Back to some website preparation now.... View older posts at         Subscribe         Subscribe by Email

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.."

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