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Making long URLs usable! More than 71 million of them. Over 1.9 billion hits/month.

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Enter another long URL to make tiny:





(And YES There is catch! - It's strictly only available to the first 50,37 17 remaining applicants)

Dear Loyal Subscriber,

Frank Kern's a weirdo, make no mistake about it...

He's definitely one of the most unique characters you will EVER meet.

But's he one weirdo you want to listen to when it comes to making FAST, RAPID money online.

BecauseI've never seen ANYONE do it so many times on a repeat basis.

In fact I've been shown first hand so many " dumb niches" that Frank is generating up to $40,000 a month using his Mass Control System.

Seriously we chat on the phone while he dissects these various niches giving me website links show casing each "Mass Control" tactic.

I'm left thinking... "I've been marketing for 8 years on the Internet and how the he&* can I not know this stuff".

It's that good, that powerful and most important it's EASY to implement with quick results

But the bottom line is this.

It doesn't matter if it makes Frank money...

It doesn'teven matter if it makes me money...

What DOES matter is the fact YOU can pick up the system and start making money the second you get Mass Control


For those of you that have known me for any length in time, understand the lengths I go to to OVERDELIVER on every product I recommend.

But when something REALLY special like "Mass Control" that will change peoples lives comes along I get super excited and want to add my own VALUE into the package.

Make sense right?

I've been preparing this bonus package for over 2 1/2 months and just about managed to pull it off.. (with Frank's help - you'll see why below).

It's like nothing you will have ever seen before...

"Announcing the Andrew Fox Mass Control Bonus Buster Package - It's Original, Powerful and Better Than Anything Ever Before."

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Bonus Buster #1 - Resale Rights to Andrew Fox's brand new interview with Frank Kern on his $906,387.23 Clickbank account - (Value $4,995)

Frank Kern

Andrew Fox

I've been able to "cash in" a few favors Frank owed me over the years and pulled off this incredible interview.

Frank might be known as the guy who helped created $23.4 million in "launches" last year.

But he's got another dirty little secret not many of you know about....

Click below to listen to a 5 minute preview


Frank pulls in nearly a million bucks a year through Clickbank..

With ZERO affiliates!

And this is how he does it...

The 2 weird*FEAR* based reasons why Frank DOES NOT use affiliates on Clickbank
Why understanding parrots how to talk helped Frank develop his multimillionaire niche system
I ask the #1 question. Frank how did you REALLY generate $731,000 NET PROFIT from Clickbank last year?
How Frank managed to help his then 'clueless' cousin to NET over $1 millon last year
Promoting Affiliate products? Send to squeeze page or direct sales page. The answer lies in here
How Frank has mastered video, audio and emails to EXTERMINATE the competition
The top 2 PPC search engines responsible for Frank's niche traffic
The "reverse" Christmas gift theory that sparked one of the laws of product launches.
Franks *PERSONAL* method for creating content for his niche products (I've been wanting to ask this for years)
The top 2 FREE resources for generating HIGH QUALITY audio content

This interview includes PDF transcripts and the professionallyrecorded MP3 audio file.

But here's the real lure of the bonus that makes it's totally un missable.

You get EXCLUSIVE resale rights to the whole package meaning you can sell it and pocket every penny.

Just think how "HOT" the name Frank Kern will be after the Mass Control Launch?

My advice is get this and starting selling it on Clickbank immediately... there is super profits to be made.

Bonus Buster #2 - A Copy Of My Future Mastermind Sessions Held On My Yacht In An Un disclosed Secret Location - (Value $1497)



If you've been a subscriber of mine for any amount of time you will know my love of "fancy toys" like Ferrari's and yachts.

But I also love to SHARE with people

I genuinely mean that from the bottom of my heart.

And I love to help out when I can.

This year I will be flying some customers out to my yacht and paying for all expenses.

Some experts like Chris & Ken (DayJobKiller) will be on board to provide "marketing firepower" and critiqueand construct these customers websites.

Instant profitable websites!

Every moment will be recorded on high quality camera.

I will send a copy of these DVD's straight to your door at no expense to you.

(AND out of the 50 people who buy Mass Control. I will pick one of you to come on board - sound fair?)

Bonus Buster #3 - A Lifetime Membership to my new "Affiliate X Factor" Personal Coaching Club - (Value $2997)

I've been keeping this under wraps for a long time. Only a few very close friends have known about this.

If you read my most recent special PDF report you will have gotten a taster of what this is about.

After years in the making I've FOUND the missing "X Factor" in affiliatemarketing.

And here's documented PROOF

In just 3 of my affiliate promotions I've generated 6 figure sales every time using the "X Factor"

- $101,395.28- promoting Google cash Detective

- $134,217.50 - promoting Marketing Main Event 3

- $109,281.78- promoting Stomper SMARTS course

Newbies and experts alive are SCREAMING to find out how.

Well I'm finally spilling the beans.

This killer "insider" members club will include full motion video dissections of how to...

- Hand Craft a MAMMOTH "Affiliate Promotion" from start to finish
- How to almost guarantee every affiliate product you promote is a home run (defined as $100,000+ in sales)
- Pre launch squeeze page templates including video tutorials of what to insert and where to drive conversion rates through the roof
- Where to use audio and video to CRUSH other affiliates into oblivion.
- The sad truth why some affiliates (like myself) are taking 90% of commissions available and how to use my subversive tactics to 'hit them where it hurts'.
- How to battle 30+ employee corporations with HUGE mailing lists and go head to head in affiliate competitions (I love this bit)

This is just a "tiny" fraction of what you will learn.

It's affiliate domination like you have never seen before.

Lifetime access to the first 50 people - need I say more?

Bonus Buster #4 - Exclusive Resale License to "Marketing Quickies" CD ROM . (Value $998)

My #1 Best Selling Resell product of all time.

A Double CD ROM Tutorial showing the top "Marketing Quickies" to explode your business through the roof

Included In This Exclusive Resale LicenseAre The Following Marketing Tools.

- The $5,000 sales letter written Lee Benson (Lee used to write for He doesn't even offer copyrighting services any more for ANY price. Click here to view it (opens in a new window)

- Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Ad Copy

- Email Promotional Copy

- Joint Venture Letters To Gain partners

-5 KILLER Following Letters To Close sales faster.

"Here's Step By Step Instructions To Ensure You Are One Of the Lucky 50 To Receive My MASSIVE $10,486.01 BONUS Package at Noon EST, Friday 1st February"

Only for the 50,37 17 remaining applicants)

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Option 2: First 50 Customers get it free

Step One:

Order through my recommendation below when the website goes live at 12 Noon EST, Friday 1st February. Make sure you don't delay as only the *first 50 customers* will get the bonus package free

Step Two:

Immediately email my head of support, Stuart at Send him your receipt and put in the subject line "Stuart - I've made MC 50!".

Step Three:

Stuart will then verify your order and send you the private link for all the bonuses.

Remember only 50 people receive this bonus and it is going to sell out at LIGHTNING speed.

Be ready for Friday 1st February!

Take Care,

Andrew Fox









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