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18. 5. 2012


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1. 4. 2008




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motive, x-prize foundation, x-prize, progressive automotive x-prize, 10 million dollars, 100mpge, fuel efficient, competition prize

There is nothing like a little competition to inspire everyone to design better and greener. At least that is the theory behind the Progressive Automotive X-prize, which aims to create incentives to promote innovative thinking in the different industries. Well, now the X-prize has set their sights on the automotive industry, by announcing a 10 million dollar prize for whoever can design and bring to market a 100mpge vehicle. Doesn’t sound like much, but already 60 different teams have signed up for the competition!


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Retrofitting our Skyscrapers For Food and Power

News Channel: TreeHugger
2008-03-23_090444-Treehugger-skyscraper-additions.jpg Nicolai Ouroussoff writes about all the new glass towers architects are designing in New York these days; they are lovely things, but what will power them or feed their occupants in years to come? Green roofs won't do it, they are too small. Daekwon Park has a great idea, seen in the 2008 Evolo skyscraper competition: a way to reunite the isolated city blocks and insert a multi-layer network of public sp...

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Volkswagen's TDI Hybrid- The Prius Killer?

News Channel: Inhabitat

Volkswagen hybrid, VW hybrid, VW TDI Golf, Golf TDI Hybrid, hybrid car, volkswagen, vw golf, vw, hybrid, prius killer, prius-killer, fuel efficient vehicle, green cars, eco cars, hybrid automobile

Some car manufacturers, like Toyota and their uber-trendy Prius, are cranking out new models that represent the hybrid car of the future. Others, like Volkswagen, are working with what they’ve got, making their existing cars cleaner and greener. Volkswagen has just recently unveiled a TDI hybrid version of their cute and sporty Golf model that can achieve 83mpg. Will this be the one to de-throne the Prius"



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NAUTILUS Eco-Friendly Flat-Pack Hanging Lamp

News Channel: Inhabitat

Nautilus, Unless, New Zealand, Rebecca Asquith, flat-pack, waste reduction, energy efficiency, GECA (Good Environment Choice Australia, nautilus1.jpg

This eco-chic hanging lamp is more than an expression of good taste. Aptly named the Nautilus, the design recently emerged from the hands of Rebecca Asquith of the sustainability-driven New Zealand outlet Unless. This whimsical fixture illuminates interiors with style and an awareness of how good design can coexist with principles of good environmental stewardship.

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