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Two Top Marketers Reveal: How To Drive Thousands (Or Even Millions) Of Visitors To Your Sites With Free Safelist Advertising...


"Are YOU Getting Results From Your Safelist Advertising Efforts alexander? ...Or Are You Getting Nothing More Than An Inbox Full Of Junk?"

Safelist Advertising DOES Work...
But Only When Done The RIGHT Way!

The Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide - Discover The Little Known Secrets Of Generating Free Leads And Traffic From Safelists!

Michael Cobb and Soren Jordansen lead you step-by-step through the Insider Techniques To Effective Safelist Advertising.


December 28, 2007

A Limited Time Offer From: Michael Cobb & Soren Jordansen

To: Anyone who is not already getting excellent results from safelist advertising...

Dear alexander,

As you may or may not already be aware, Soren and I have both used safelists in our advertising since we first got started in internet marketing. Safelist advertising has always been very effective for us both and has played a vital role in our rise to successful, full time internet marketers.

A lot of people have asked us how we get those results from safelists, and that has resulted in a number of guides and countless hours (particularly by Soren) spent in conference rooms and forums trying to teach people how to duplicate our results.

Soren was at such a conference the other day and Jon Olson aka "The Traffic Exchange Guy " proclaimed him the King of Safelists.

That made us think that the King would need to have his own ebook, hence we put our sizeable safelist experience together and came up with the Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide.

This first draft of this book was actually written around 6 months ago. That draft, we decided, was simply filled with useless ramblings about the history of safelists and it made for a very boring read. So we deleted it all and started over.

What you need and want alexander, is a simple, practicle and to the point guide filled with steps you can start implementing right away.


Inside this eBook, you'll learn:

How to set up your email accounts before joining safelists.
The most important key points to successful safelist advertising.
What is ad-tracking and why is it so important when advertising to safelists?
Everything you need to know about what type of ads generate the best results.
The secret to increasing clickthroughs from Safelist ads.
How to build your own viral advertising machine using Safelists.
Explained: Credit Based versus Non-Credit Based Safelists.
The secret of subject lines: Learn what makes people open, read, and respond to your safelist emails.
The "Coca-Cola" way of thinking and how it applies to effective Safelist advertising.
What you should absolutely NOT do when posting to safelists.
The power of "Name Branding" and why it is so important when using safelists.
You don't want to miss this: Step-by-step Video Instructions for joining and setting up your Safelist advertising machine!


Look what others have been saying about the Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide!

"There is a lot more than just one tip jam packed into this book!"

I am a huge believer in free traffic resources. I have made my living in the them and have seen the growth of many different forms of free advertising sources. Safelists, being one of the oldest have always had a special place in this business.

After reading Michael and Soren's e-book, I have a brand new appreciation for safelist advertising. Just one of the tips you will learn in this book can turn your profit pulling e-mails into very successful campaigns. And there is a lot more than just one tip jam packed into this book!

Jon Olson


"This is a must have.."

This is a must have if you are going to use safelists for your promotions. The time you save alone is worth more than the cost. You guys are really overdelivering on this.

Mike Paetzold


"I have converted and you will too!"

As someone who had truly disregarded safelists, I must admit that the simplistic tactics and advice that these two offer, quickly made me rethink my stance! I am certain this will pertain to anyone. I have converted and you will too!


John Guanzon


"My response rates have increased dramatically"

At last! A simple to use, clearly explained, step by step guide to using safelists from people who really know what they're talkng about. Since I started using these techniques my response rates have increased dramatically. This guide works because it's done right! Thanks guys.

Paul Kinder


" Finally someone tells it like it is!"

I've owned a safelist since December 2001 and have seen a lot of changes over the years, and credit based safelists are absolutely the best thing to hit the online marketing arena in a long time.

Michael and Soren's e-book is easy to understand, has great video tutorials to show you exactly hot to maximise your safelist advertising, well worth the small asking price. And they ALSO grant you access to their 100% Affiliate Program!

This is truly a win-win situation for everyone as this is a much needed resource for ALL online marketers - kudos to Soren and Michael, your ebook is a winner, just wish I would have finished my ebook sooner, you guys really nailed it!!

Al Borchers
SafeListWorld Prox


"I love the step-by-step instructions..."

Coming from someone who has used safelists successfully for several years, I can truly say that the information found in your report is going to really be beneficial for those who want to take some massive action in their email marketing campaigns. I love the step-by-step instructions you offer, and the other golden nuggets I found throughout your guide far exceeds the cost you are charging for this. I commend you both on a job well done. You've definately overdelivered.

Jennifer Herold


"He is the epitome of Safelists..."

According to Soren, the author, who I know AND respect (he is one of my BEST affiliates and JV partners in marketing, great guy), he is the epitome of Safelists... the person who built an empire for fre.e. It is quite a tribute to his Safe List techniques that his list of leads is so darn large!


Todd Gross


"This eBook and included set of videos is just like getting an instant Ph.D. in Safelist advertising!"

Soren and Michael,

I honestly don't know why you guys are selling this information for so little. Really, it doesn't make sense because you've clearly spilled a lot of really EFFECTIVE secrets about safelist advertising that are absorbed and used very easily.

In fact, I've been using safelists for years myself, but after only 10 minutes with your eBook, I've picked up at least 3 great tips to make my next campaigns even more effective!

Safelists really can be free advertising at it's best. Your instructions in this course enable anyone to take FULL advantage of this method.

Great Job!

Luke W Parker



"This guide will TURBO CHARGE any safelist marketing campaign... A MUST
HAVE for the serious safelist marketer."




Tracker Mo (Marige O'Brien)



By Now You're Probably Wondering:
"How Much Is This Great Information Going To Cost Me?"

Our ebook, "The Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide" is just one click away. (It's 100% downloadable, so you can be devouring the secrets inside in just minutes from now.)

How much is your time worth alexander
? $50/hour? $25/hour? This ebook will save you countless hours of work figuring these techniques out on your own and possibly help you save a fortune on advertising. 

But all the secrets in The Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide are yours for
only $47 dollars.


Dear alexander - We are so excited about the launch of our first "official" co-authored e-book, we have decided to practically give the product away temporarily for a crazy-low special price of just:


Not only are we giving you this opportunity to secure your copy for a ridiculous $47 $7, if you order today we will ALSO grant you access to our 100% Affiliate Program!

You will get you your own, unique url to refer others to this valuable internet marketer's resource, and whenever anyone purchases the Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide through YOUR referral url, YOU will get paid the entire $47 $7 directly to YOUR Paypal account.

Yes alexander, you can turn around and resell this report immediately using the link we give you and start earning 100% into your Paypal account right away!

No complicated customizing and uploading a resellers website to your own domain, and no waiting to get paid! Your customers will pay you instantly, while we handle the download, maintenance and customer support!

It doesn't get any easier than this!

Yes Michael & Soren!

I Want Instant Access To The Ultimate Safelist Survival Ebook For Only $47 (Special Offer Only $7!)

I Also Understand That I Will Be Covered By Your 100% 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Click Below to Order for Just...


The good news is that you can try out this material 100% risk free.  You risk nothing with our iron-clad 90-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

We are so confident that you'll find this eBook both thoroughly researched and extremely useful that we're willing to put our money where our mouths are.

90-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your success in using Ultimate Safelist Survival is completely guaranteed.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied you can simply ask for a refund and you'll get one...No questions asked. 

You have a full 90 days to decide whether this information is for you. 

Order now, download the eBook and enjoy this great educational read.  Have fun watching all of the instructional videos we've linked to in this eBook and then decide if it's for you. 

If it isn't, you can get a prompt and courteous refund, and you've lost nothing.

Is that fair or what? That means you can try out all the information at our risk, while you see if it will work for you or not.

Look at it this way alexander-- $47 $7 is really a teeny-tiny risk when you consider what a huge marketing advantage you can gain from using these powerful promotion techniques.

When you think about how competitive online marketing is, you'll realize that you really can't afford not to invest in this information.  Just click here to order now and you can download the report immediately, even if it is 2 A.M.

If you are not already getting results from Safelist Advertising, get ready to learn a new and exciting promotion technique!


To Your Success alexander!

Michael Cobb &  Soren Jordansen



Questions? Comments? Need support?
support @

© Copyright 2007







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