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The United States Mint

The Statue of Liberty adorns the reverse side of the $1 Coin.


Sure, they were Founding Fathers. But what else do Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison have in common? Thanks to the United States Mint, they're back in action.

The United States is honoring our Nation's Presidents and helping the country by issuing circulating $1 Coins featuring the Presidents' images in the order that they served. Not only are these real coins, but they also represent real change. That's because $1 Coins are 100% recyclable and last for decades. Using $1 Coins could save our country billions of dollars.

And make no mistake: These Presidents are ready for action. Use them everywhere you spend cash—from vending machines and toll booths, to trains and retailers.

100% RECYCLABLE A pie chart shows that the $1 Coin is made from 100% recyclable metals.

The lifespan of the $1 Coin in circulation is estimated at about 30 years. In reality, most coins last even longer. Talk about stretching your dollar. Even if they are eventually taken out of circulation, all of the materials in the $1 Coin can be melted down and used again for new coins or other products.

88.5% Copper 6% Zinc 2% Nickel 3.5% Manganese
A green-striped change purse represents the government savings of the $1 Coin. GOVERNMENT SAVINGS

In his 1961 inaugural address John F. Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country." Now, generations later, you could make a difference simply by using the $1 Coin and helping our country save billions of dollars.

A stack of $1 Coins featuring the Statue of Liberty on the reverse side. HOW TO GET THE $1 COIN

When was the last time you had lunch with a President?

Check your pockets the next time you get change. Maybe you just did. And with four new $1 Coins released every year, you'll be dining with the commander-in-chief even more. That's because the $1 Coins were minted for the masses and you can use them virtually anywhere.




Find out more about $1 Coins and discover when your favorite President will be released to the public.


Use The $1 Coin Anywhere

A jet airplane flies through the air.

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