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More than 160 Drills and Practices by Goalkeepers for Goalkeepers

21. 4. 2008


With so many players to coach, are you paying enough attention to your goalkeeper? Now there's help...

More than 160 Drills and Practices by Goalkeepers for Goalkeepers

From Alex Welsh, goalkeeping coach with Arsenal FC and coach educator for the English FA.

Dear Coach,

Do you give as much attention to your goalkeepers as you would like? The reality is that it's normally only professional clubs who have the luxury of dedicated goalkeeping coaching.

"Over the years Alex Welsh has helped numerous goalkeepers at all levels. This is a must see for every goalkeeper and coach."

Lee Mullin, Manchester City FC Academy Goalkeeping Coach

I often meet coaches of grassroots teams who feel that goalkeeping is a major gap in their coaching coverage. For most coaches this is inavoidable. You have upwards of 15 players to work with and possibly only yourself and one assistant to do it all.

And here's another scenario many of you will be familiar with. Your team plays really well throughout the pitch. They can pass and move and have a couple of great goalscorers. And you have a brave and willing goalkeeper at the back doing his best. But his lack of technical knowledge and GK-specific coaching means that he is exposed in certain situations, often costing the team points.

"A fantastic set of training ideas with many great pointers documented in tremendous depth."

Neil Rudd, Head Goalkeeping Coach, Carlisle United FC Centre of Excellence

He puts his body on the line for the sake of the team time and time again, yet when he makes a mistake he really stands out. This just isn't fair because the rest of the team get constant coaching in the core skills that they need to do their job, yet the poor goalkeeper is often left to make it up as he goes along.

The fact is that unless you were a goalkeeper yourself in your playing days, with the best will in the world you won't have the background to be able to coach your goalkeepers in the way that they deserve.

Here's the answer...

The Soccer Goalkeeping DVD is my new DVD created for busy coaches who need some help in providing their goalkeepers with the skills and techniques that they need to keep a clean sheet for their team.

Topics covered include:
  • positioning
  • one-on-one situations
  • dealing with high crosses
  • coping with backpasses
  • improvising saves from deflections
  • organisation at set pieces
  • saving penalties
  • building confidence

"Alex's work at Arsenal speaks volumes - a great goalkeeping coach who has put together an inspirational set of drills that can be adapted for any level of 'keeper."

Paul Bell, Selsport Goalkeeping Products Manager


Click to play a sample from the DVD.

Please note that the actual DVD
picture quality is much higher.

The Soccer Goalkeeping DVD is a set of three discs. You can buy any one DVD which covers the area you are most interested in, or you can buy the full set at a discount of £8.98.

The contents of each volume are:

Volume 1

Session 1 - Ball familiarity
Session 2 - Getting the basics right
Session 3 - Shot stopping
Session 4 - Positioning

Volume 2

Session 5 - Saving on the move
Session 6 - The imperfect world
Session 7 - On the move situations
Session 8 - Reaction saves

Volume 3

Session 9 - Dealing with crosses
Session 10 - Distribution
Session 11 - The back pass
Session 12 - Goalkeeper fitness

Each DVD is expertly produced and directed to maximise the learning process. We've gone to great lengths to make sure that the point of each exercise is clear to both the coach and the player.

The practices are filmed from a number of angles and I've provided a clear and concise commentary so that you'll be in no doubt about what you are looking for from your goalkeeper.

The art of successful goalkeeping depends on sound basic techniques and efficient decision making. The Soccer Goalkeeping DVD set identifies the major components that form the essential skills of any goalkeeper and provides tried and tested practices and training drills to help improve match performance.

About me

So who am I, and why am I qualified to give you advice?

My name is Alex Welsh. I'm a former professional goalkeeper with Peterborough United, and I spent the majority of my playing career in senior non-league. I hold the UEFA A Coaching Licence and the UEFA A Goalkeeping Coaching Licence. I'm also a Lead FA Tutor, FA Coaching Diploma holder, an External verifier for 1st4sport qualifications and a fully qualified teacher.

My coaching experience includes first team goalkeeping coach at Wimbledon, Brentford and Leyton Orient and I have been a coach at Arsenal FC Academy since 1993. I have also coached England Youth (Under 19) players and England Women’s goalkeepers.

I've written two books on goalkeeping and produced a series of instructional DVDs. I've also been instrumental in devising courses for coaches in collaboration with The English FA, including:
- FA Junior Team Managers
- FA Teaching Certificate Key Stage 2, 3 and 4
- Top Sport Football
- FA Goalkeeping Coaching Certificate
- FA Goalkeeping Coaching Licence
- Effective Football Club Administration

Other posts I have held include FA County Coaching Representative for the London FA (1988 - 2000) and Chair of the Greater London Local Football Partnership (2001 - 2005). I am currently Chairman of the London Football Coaches Association.

Dramatically improve your GK's performance

The coaching guidance within The Soccer Goalkeeping DVD is suitable for goalkeepers of any age. It is designed to help you coach their core goalkeeping skills... the skills they will use throughout their playing "careers", whether that's simply for the season ahead or through adulthood.

Each session is easy to follow and set up. You won't need any specialist equipment (other than a goalkeeper, a goal, a ball and maybe a couple of players). This will leave you more time to practise with the other players in your squad.

The Soccer Goalkeeping DVD
is a career's worth of goalkeeping coaching in one package:

  • Contains all the training sessions you need to develop your goalkeepers' core skills today and for years to come.
  • Includes clear instructions and commentary so that everyone knows what they're doing.
  • Points out common errors and shows you how to deal with them.
  • Will keep your preparation time for sessions to a minimum.

Which leaves you time to go out and enjoy the training session with all your players in the knowledge that you've done the best you can for your goalkeeper!

With best wishes

Alex Welsh

Money Back Guarantee

You may cancel your order within 30 days for a full money-back refund.

Simply post your DVD back to us at the address below with a note explaining that you wish to cancel.

P.S. Remember, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You are completely protected by our money back guarantee. This means if you are not satisfied with the DVDs you can cancel your order within 30-days and claim all your money back.

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