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Southern Migration Swimsuit


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The Geometrics Of Brilliance

Light enters your Diamond Nexus Labs creation through the 33 facets of the crown. Instantly it is mirrored by the 25 precisely positioned facets in the pavilion. In a symphony of perfect harmony, light explodes from your gemstone in a frenzy of extraordinary brilliance, dispersion and scintillating radiance that can be seen across a room. It is a glorious demonstration of your taste and style… It is Diamond Nexus...

Welcome To
Diamond Nexus Labs

Diamond Nexus Labs gemstones are the most perfect man-made diamond clones ever created.

Diamond Nexus Labs lab-created diamond simulants cut glass, they refract light into perfect "hearts and arrows", and they have superlative fire and brilliance. They closely match the optical and physical properties of extremely expensive "flawless" mined diamonds as their clarity and color are perfect on their respective scales. In almost all measurable tests, our lab created, man-made diamond simulants match or are superior to natural diamonds.

In fact, Diamond Nexus gems are so close to natural diamonds that most gemologists require scientific testing equipment to tell the difference. Yet, for all their glittering beauty, Diamond Nexus Labs gemstones cost a fraction of what mined diamonds do, allowing you to own magnificent fine jewelry at a fair and realistic price.

We invite you to learn more about lab-created diamonds in general and the Diamond Nexus Labs breakthrough in our Information And Education Center. Here you can learn everything you need to know about Diamond Nexus Labs; not only the science and technical specifications of our creations, but also the history and story of man-made diamonds, as well as information about our settings, custom jewelry, our beautiful presentation boxes, our free shipping, our 100% Triple Guarantees and much more.

Our customers tend to be intelligent and discerning people. After you have completed your research, we further invite you to explore the hundreds of fine jewelry items adorned with radiant Diamond Nexus Labs diamond alternatives at our Online Store.


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