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1. 9. 2010



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At Twitter, one thing that drives us is our desire to make a lasting impact as a company. Being a force for good is at the heart of that mission. Looking outside the walls of Twitter HQ we see lots of good stuff happening all the time, which invokes an incredible sense of hope that keeps us going.

The open exchange of information is just beginning to become an everyday part of how the world communicates. As folks like you spread positive knowledge through the platform, we'll be collecting it and highlighting good social movements that you might want to get involved in. So drop in every once in a while to see what's happening.

Thanks, @ev & @biz

Disaster in the Gulf Listen, learn, and lend a tweet to help

How Are We Helping Now?

Tweets around the CNN oil spill fundraiser where people are sharing ideas to help right now.

An Ecosystem of Giving

Highlighting a campaign you can participate in right now to spread awareness for a good cause.

How You Can Help

@bing will donate $10 per Retweet up to $100,000 to support efforts of @nature_org, @NWF, and @live_united in the gulf.

Help Us End Malaria

World Malaria Day is April 25th. Donate $10 with just one Tweet to save a life by providing much needed mosquito nets.

Learn More

Help Haiti Now

The world came together to rebuild Haiti after a devastating earthquake. The conversation still lives on here.

Visit Hope for Haiti

Want to be featured?

If you're a non-profit organization who wants to use Twitter, read our case studies to learn tips from those already successfully using Twitter to make a difference.

Tweet for Good

Interested in our Tweet for Good program? We're looking for great non-profit organizations that could benefit from a special version of our new Promoted Tweets program. Send in your information and we'll get back to you when we're able to share more.


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