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14. 11. 2007
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“Our mission is to improve business performance by connecting knowledge to the work people do.”
FOCUS Learning Corporation

provides specialized software tools and services that performance-driven organizations use to build and implement sustainable workforce training systems.

VISION Developer is a unique training system development platform with built-in Instructional Systems Development (ISD) tools that facilitate the establishment of a performance-based data foundation and integrated learning content objects.

VISION Learning Station is a specialized web-based learning delivery program that connects to the data foundation to generate personalized learning and performance support solutions on demand.
Customer Spotlight
The National Academy for Nuclear Training, which operates under the auspices of INPO (Institute for Power Operations), embodies the U.S. commercial nuclear utility industry's commitment to high quality training and professionalism.
The Academy integrates the training-related efforts of nuclear utilities, the independent National Nuclear Accrediting Board and INPO's training activities.
In 2006, VISION was implemented by INPO for its NANTeL program. NANTel -- National Academy for Nuclear Training e-Learning -- is a national Web-based system that provides standardized, generic training for the supplemental workforce of domestic nuclear power plants. Training topics will initially include plant access, radiation worker, and human performance tools. INPO and the National Academy for Nuclear Training manage and operate the system for the U.S. nuclear industry.
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NANTel Tops 21,000 Exams in a Month
On-Line Testing Demonstration

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