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PeelAway Ad

4. 11. 2008


Join Thousands of Happy Customers and...

"Increase Your Online Income
By Up To 150% By Placing A Simple
PeelAway Ad™ On Your Site!!!"


People Are Sick To Death Of Ads
That Interrupt Their Experience!

Advertising Is Supposed To Make You More Money - Not Scare Customers Away, Right?!? Right!! -- Well, Welcome To The Ultimate,
Non Intrusive, Cutting-Edge, Most Incredible Advertising
Method Available Today...


From: Harris Fellman and Richard Osterude
Date:  Monday, November 03, 2008

Dear Online Marketer,


Welcome to the original PeelAwayAds.com. We have just released Version 3.0 with many amazing new features based on customer feedback designed to make you more money. Now let me ask you a question:

Have you ever wished that.....

"Visitors Are Actually Excited To See Your Ads!"

Consumers are exposed to hundreds maybe even thousands of commercial messages per day in one form or another -- from the boring, copy-laden radio commercial to the easily skimmed, forgettable newspaper ad, to the billboard on the side of the bus to the logo on the side of the building and finally to those annoying Pop-Ups you see on every other website!


Research from the University of Washington conducted in 1999 stats: “The average American is exposed to 500 to 1,000 commercial messages a day . That's anywhere from 182,500 to 365,000 commercial messages that a person will view this year alone.” And that was way back in 1999!!! Today, some sources claim as high as 3,000 commercial messages a day which is over 1 million per year. It's no wonder that people have become "Banner Blind" and constantly block or exit from Pop-ups with their itchy trigger finger.


So, isn't there something better? Something that is not at all intrusive yet more effective. A type of advertisement that makes your customers WANT to see it, instead of running away?


YES! Finally There Is! It's a New Breed of Ads that's not only pleasing to the eye, but also incredibly effective in drawing in your customer's attention, causing them to click, and most importantly getting more of them to reach for their wallets because they're actually interacting with your ads now instead of running from them.


In the months since PeelAway Ads™ was released, we've had countless customers raving about how easy it was to install and how quickly they began seeing an increase of their income.



Dear Richard and Harris,

I've been around a while and Market IM and Brick and Mortar Company Ads. I usually don't even purchase products any more without a poll from at least 100 of my
subscribers. I put 100 on this page- and got an overwhelming 98 out of... to buy!

I knew it when I saw it anyway as this is the answer to pop up piss offs, and ads not being seen by blockers. I love
this one and I already know the conversions will be great! If you have to modify the testimonial feel free but I say what I think. I don't Fluff, and I don't Hype much- even WHEN somethings good. This deserves a Lot of Both! Job

Robert Hamborg
Pinkham Communications
Helena, Montana



>> Get PeelAwayAds v3 NOW! <<

Here's How It Works.


The customer sees a small animated "peel" on the top right corner of a page.



Once he or she passes his mouse over it the Web site"Peels Away" to show the Ad.





Here's Yet Another Example of Existing High Tech Expensive Ads






BUT...These Non Intrusive, Super Effective ads have been available only to Big Corporations with deep advertising pockets...


Until The Original PeelAwayAds.com!


And Now We are proud to present:




Peel Away Ads™ v 3.0! The perfect way to get that extra attention without the complaints of your customer. Peel Away Ads are a proprietary technology that display a small animated "Peel" also know as "Curl" or "Dog Ears" on your Web site on the Top Right Corner (see on our right corner). If a Web site visitor moves the mouse over the Peel Away Ad it smoothly opens with a peel-off animation.

>> Get PeelAwayAds v3 NOW! <<

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