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20. 12. 2008




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Independent Profit Center
Independent Profit Center

Brought To You By: Michal Kidziński        

Your Income Starts Today With The IPC Program!
See Why We Can Change Your Income And Change Your Life!

Tired Of Being Constatly In Debt?

Are You Tired Of Being Constantly In Debt?

Does Work Leave You Stressed And Broke?

How Often Does Your Job Stress You Out?

When Was Your Last Vacation?

When Was Your Last Vacation?

Are You Able To Do The Things You Want?

Be Able To Do The Things You Want!

Do You Travel In Style?

Would You Like To Travel In Style?

And See Things That Most People Never Will?

Be Able To See Things Most People Never Will!

Would You Like To Be Driving A Luxury Car?

Would You Like To Be Driving A Luxury Car?

Or Be Able To Build Your Dream Home?

Would You Like To Be Able To Build Your Dream Home?

Why You Can Achieve Your Dreams!
Seven day Caribbean Cruise for 2 with airfare: $2,850.00
Estimated mortgage pmt on a $300,000 home: $2,050.00
Buying A $35,000 car with good credit, estimated pmt: $580.00
Buying A $35,000 car with bad credit, estimated pmt: $790.00
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An average household's monthly bills: $3,200.00
You Can Achieve your Dreams

When Was The Last Time You Made $8,000.00 A Month From Home?
The difference with The IPC Program is that we have designed this business to work for YOU no matter who you are or what your situation is. We do not just provide you with a program, we provide you with a real business - A business that is affordable, profitable and works immediately.
A business where regular people just like you as shown below have not only become successful online, but have also changed their income and their lives. Where do you want to be in life a year from now? If you want something better, then The IPC Program can provide you exactly what you are looking for in a proven business that doesn't cost thousands to get into.
Rodge Mamauag - Elk Grove, CA

"Just wanted to spend a minute to say thanks for creating such an awesome system. I'm actually in profit mode! I got set up last Friday afternoon, got my first $200 sale Saturday afternoon, another $200 sale on Sunday, another $200 on Tuesday, and I just got off the phone with someone who said she's purchasing Thursday morning."
"The site truly sells itself like you said it would, my conversion rate has been unbelievable and I can truly say that this is my very own internet marketing business. That's huge to me. Thanks for passing on the blessings!"
Verified Testimonial        
John Spohr - Glen Carbon, IL

"IPC is awesome! This is so much better than the big ticket programs. I had no life because I was working day and night marketing it, attending training calls, and supporting my team."
"IPC has changed all that. Now I work 2 hours or less daily. No more long training calls. No more heavy demand to support a team. No more ridiculously high monthly fees. No more long working hours. The IPC program structure, training videos, IPC provided customer support, and affordable price add up to "WINNER". I'm glad I joined and hope everyone enjoys as much success as I am!"
        Verified Testimonial
Gary Brennan - St. Petersburg, FL

"This system really works! Wow! It's AMAZING, within just 3 hours of after following the easy step by step training videos and completely setting up my website, I made my 1st sale!! I am very excited about this fantastic system and best of all, it was all automated and I got PAID instantly."
Verified Testimonial        
Lenni Hill - San Pedro, CA

"I had to write and say a thank you to Dan Miller for all the help and support he has given to me when I joined Independent Profit Center. No one on any program (and I have joined several) has ever returned any of my calls for help except Dan. Quite frankly I was astounded to receive so much help as I didn't understand everything. Dan not only called me after his normal hours he devotes his time to taking calls, but his concern to make sure that I was setting up my web page correctly was something I had never experienced. He is not only a computer whiz but has a personality I wish everyone I dealt with online had. I can't give him enough praise and thanks for everything he has done to see that I am successful. I'm sure It will be thanks to him."
        Verified Testimonial
Glenn Darling - Sidney, BC Canada

"Sharing the Independent Profit Center concept has allowed me to experience several very special natural highs. The kind that make you feel good all over. Here is just one of them. A gentlemen by the name of Farhad boarded the IPC train a few days ago via my website."
"A few hours after setting up his account he just about fell over. He found that he had an email alert and that he had just received a payment for his first IPC sale. Sweet deal or what? Nice going Farhad. It makes me proud to be a part of the IPC team."
Verified Testimonial        
Marc Jackson - Alpharetta, GA

"Dan Miller and his IPC Program are both outstanding and have exceeded my expectations. I made my first sale within 24 hours of my initial purchase and now am consistently making 1 to 3 sales per day. I have mostly focused on a small amount of marketing and advertising at this point and am expecting that with some additional effort, I can easily achieve up to 10 sales per day. Extremely fired up and excited about this business. Thanks Dan!"
        Verified Testimonial
With The IPC Program you will soon learn that achieving a large income online is not that difficult to do. Our program is not involved with MLM or some other type of 2-up affiliate program at all. This is a real business you can start right from your own home regardless of your experience!
Unlike other business models you do not pass-up or split any sales with anyone, you make $200.00 profit in your pocket right from the start for each and every sale you make. You are set-up with everything you need and we show you exactly what to do step by step!
This Is Not MLM Or Any Other Type Of Affiliate Program!
This Is Your Very Own Real Business!
We Set You Up Completely And Show You How To Start Making Sales Your Very First Day!
You Keep 100% Of Every Single Sale!
Would You Like Your Account To Look Like This!
AlertPay - $3,000 In One Day!
A Business Anyone Can Afford To Start!

Become successful online even with little or no experience!
See exactly what we do and how we can change your income!
Be earning an actual income online in less than a day!
Have cash deposits in your account in as little as 24 hours!
No Other System Even Compares!
If you're ready to start earning a serious income and want to learn more, just fill in your info below and click "Show Me More". Your privacy is greatly respected and your information will never be shared - it remains confidential.
Enter Your Info Below To Get Started!
Enter Your Info Below To Get Started!
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Enter Your Info Above To Get Started!
Our Business Model Is Proven And Allows You To Plug-In Immediately.
A System That Is 98% Automated And Works For You 24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week.
A System That Instantly Deposits Cash Directly Into Your Account!
A Business That CAN Give You A Large And Realistic Income While Working From Home!

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