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25. 11. 2010

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Vzor ikony


I'd be skeptical too but you can't ignore the fact that...


Here's Documented Proof:

Dear Internet Marketer,

You see those fancy graphs above?

It shows how much traffic is flowing around social media sites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, and Technorati.

Imagine that ... an estimated total of 44 million a DAY between MySpace and Facebook alone.

And to think so many of these sites were started by college kids in their dorm rooms.

You've heard the stories about how these sites are worth billions. It's mind boggling.

Some folks say they're worth more (amazingly) ...and some say it's just hype.

Smart folks like you and me say ..

Who Cares? They're Practically Spewing Money Like A Texas Oil Well And All We Gotta Do Is Stand Under The "Money Gusher" And Hold Out A Bucket!

OK - I couldn't resist that little piece of silly copywriting but it's damn near true!

Here's why.

Think of this.

148 million people enter what I call the Web 2.0 Universe every day. I'm talking about sites like MySpace, YouTube, and all the other giants out there.

And get this - Brad and I have made fortunes from getting just a teeny tiny fraction of that traffic. I mean, compared to these guys, we're just little ants ...you know? Our best days are only around 8000 visitors ...peanuts for a giant like YouTube. But we still pull in $17,000 per day (and that's our niche sites - we're not including StomperNet or FreeIQ.)


And that's what these so-called "Web 2.0 Gurus" don't understand.

See, there's no money for you in the traffic going to YouTube.

And there's no money in the traffic going to MySpace.

In fact, there's no money at all in the traffic going to these Web 2.0 sites.

(Yes. You read that correctly. NO MONEY.)



See, it wouldn't matter if these sites got NINE BILLION TRILLION visitors a day. (Is that even a real number?)


DUH! Right?

More targeted traffic means more profit.

But most people think the big traffic comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and so forth.

...So that's where they focus.

And if that's where you're getting your traffic then you've probably noticed that these guys are getting harder to deal with by the minute.

I mean ...Google Slap? Helllooooo? Not only is it harder to get ranked but now they're making it hard to even BUY traffic!

And it's only going to get worse.

But here's the good news.

SEARCH ENGINES SUCK (And we oughta know!)

At least in terms of traffic.

Let me prove it.

Let's get completely clear here – forget everything else for a minute, let's just look at pure traffic. On this graph you can see that Facebook gets almost as much traffic as Google:

And look at that trend! It's pretty obvious where Facebook will be in another year. Just a few months ago my 79 year-old father-in-law asked me about Facebook, and why his Wall Street Journal seemed so excited about Facebook.

I showed him that graph up above and he instantly understood. It's plain as day when you see where the traffic is going.

OK, let's move on... here's a graph of MySpace compared to Google:

Once again, here's another Social Media site that has just as much traffic as Google.

Most people are shocked when they see those graphs... but you haven't seen anything yet. Take a look at YouTube vs Google:

Yup, your eyes are seeing that right... YouTube has DOUBLE the traffic of Google. And one again, look at that graph – and imagine where it will be in another year.

The numbers don't lie:

Social media giant Facebook is currently ADDING a million 25+ (non-student) adults per week to their rosters - that's 52 million new users a year...

YouTube.com gets over 50 million unique visitors per month... over half a billion a year...

MySpace.com sees over 49 million unique visitors each month - over 1.6 million a day...

Those numbers are CRAZY!

And new social sites of all kinds are popping up each day... social networks... social bookmarking pages... user generated content sites... video sharing... photo sharing... blogging... virtual worlds... and more are all growing at an explosive rate... we have more than 1,920 sites in our SMARTS database.

"But Aren't These Social Media Sites Just For Kids?"

Maybe two years ago, but now these sites are crammed with professionals with all kinds of disposable income (who are comfortable buying things online) - look at who is signing onto these social sites, for example...

62% of MySpace visitors are older than 25 (40% are 35+), and 83% are making over $30,000 a year... and 19% are making $100,000 and up...

Facebook.com, is a little younger since it started with college students - but that's changing in a hurry - 46% are over 25 and 34% are 35+... but they've got deep pockets - 88% make more than $30,000... and 23% make $100,000 or more...

To put that into perspective... that means 880,000 twenty-somethings who make over $30,000 a year are joining Facebook.com this year ...

That's over $42,500,000,000... 42.5 BILLION DOLLARS of new spending power flowing into Facebook.com alone -- EVERY WEEK!

And that's just counting the users who make a 30 grand a year... (and remember we're just counting Facebook here, not those other 1,919 social media sites)...

The traffic is there... the prospects are there... they have the money... now all that's left is to figure out how turn that "potential" into actual growth and increased profits for YOUR business...

So Why Am I Telling You All This?

At this point you might be wondering... what does any of that have to do with me? Why should I care?

After all, those people aren't going to come and spend $42.5 billion on your site, right?

Well, here's the IMPORTANT part – right now you can pull huge streams of targeted traffic from those social media sites... for free or almost-free.

It's like the Wild West all over again, and you have the biggest herd of cattle AND the biggest gun.

Let's face it, things were a lot easier if you started your business back in the "old days". If you created your web site back in 1998 or 1999, there was a lot less competition. Getting a good ranking in the search engines was child's play. You could buy clicks on the pay-per-click engines for a nickel or sometimes even a penny. Affiliates were begging to promote your products.

Well, this may sound crazy, but those days are back again...

Back To The Future...

Let's get this straight – Web 2.0 truly IS a revolution. If you doubt me, just go walk into any Starbucks (or any coffee shop that has wireless). Walk around and look at what people are doing on their notebooks and MacBooks.

I'll bet you see the same thing I do – AT LEAST half of the people will be on YouTube or MySpace or Facebook.

But let me tell you who probably is NOT on those sites – your competition. For some reason, most businesses have been VERY slow to catch on to this revolution. And that means OPPORTUNITY for you. Big traffic, lots of buyers with disposable income... and not a lot of competition.

That's why I'm saying it's like 1998 all over agin. And the only difference is the opportunities are even bigger and easier than back in the old days – because there are tens of millions more people online.

Do you see where I'm going here?

The Social Media sites are just waiting for you... they're practically begging for you to show up and claim your spot.

Bottom line - driving traffic and building your business hasn't been this easy for at least ten years.

It is brain-dead simple to grab a big tasty piece of that traffic... because you'll have hardly any competition at all!

But you have to jump on this now, because the door is hanging wide open for now... but you know as well as I do that it's going to get slammed shut soon. The people who are already in will be set.

The people who are still out in the cold... well, they're going to be out in the cold looking in, wishing they had joined the party.

Social Marketing will make you money in not just one, but FOUR important ways

No. 1: Search Engine Domination: When you start social marketing the right way, the search engines will suck up to you like nobody's business. Until you've actually seen how this work, it's just plain hard to believe. Shocking really. You'll start to see multiple rankings, yes 2, 3, even 8 or more placements... higher up in the first page for your most profitable keywords.

Which means you're going to be seeing double... triple... even quadruple the traffic from better search engine rankings alone.

No. 2: Social Networking Builds DIRECT Traffic and Buzz: Viral marketing is more powerful now than ever, because more people are spending ore time talking to each other online than ever before.

When you discover how to post profiles and pages on social networking sites that people love to read... that build raving fans... and establish you as an expert and thought leader in your particular industry... your traffic and viral marketing buzz is going to shoot through the everlovin' roof!

No. 3: Better Converting Traffic: Because you're going to be doing social marketing the RIGHT way... not by using spammy, black-hat methods that will only get people HATING your business... you'll be developing a relationship with your prospects BEFORE THEY EVEN HIT YOUR SITE.

They'll have read your posts... seen your profiles... listened to your valuable information... and instead of being a noisy, annoying marketer - you'll be seen as a trusted advisor, a valuable friend who they'd line up to buy from.

You know what? All that new traffic you're getting will be highly responsive and hungry to buy from you... that means more sales and more money in your pocket.

No. 4: Income From The Social Media Sites: OK, up above I said there was no money on those sites. I was a bit over-excited up there. The reality is that you CAN make some money directly on those sites. This is a relatively small chunk of revenue right now... but it's going to grow. Some of the social sites you're using will actually pay you a percentage of the money they make from the advertising they're running on your pages.

There you have it - four ways that Web 2.0 is going to put cash in your pocket.

Let's get down to brass tacks here - lots of people say you can't make money from these Web 2.0 and Social Media sites. And you know what? Back in 1997 or so, there were lots of people (probably most people) saying you couldn't make money on the Internet.

Well DUH!?!

Guess what - they were wrong in 1997, and they're wrong now.

Life and Death 2.0

OK, up to now I've been trying to be a "kindler gentler" kind of guy...

I've shown you how this Social Marketing opportunity is simply HUGE... how the traffic completely dwarfs Google and is growing larger every day. And how EASY it is to use the social media sites to get big traffic – directly from the sites and also by improving your search rankings in Google.

But here's the flip side... sooner or later your competition will figure this stuff out. And it's definitely going to get a lot tougher then.

The Wild West didn't last forever, and it's a lot harder to get a good search engine ranking today than it was in 1998... and in another 12 to 18 months it's going to be a lot harder to carve out your territory (and stake your claim on the Social Marketing landscape.

I've shown you the charts - Web 2.0 is obviously where the entire market is going. You can either get there first and thrive... or you can sit this one out – and hope you survive.

What If You Could "Own" EVERY Listing On The First EIGHT Pages Of Google?

OK, if you've been watching our "Going Natural 2.0" videos, then you saw this one happen right in front of your eyes.

Before we published those videos, if you did a search on "Going Natural 2.0" you would have gotten a bunch of listings for some hair care products.

But within days of releasing our videos, we owned every listing in the first eight pages on Google. In other words, we got the first 80 listings! You can check this out for yourself.

(It actually happened in MINUTES - I just said "days" up there because I was worried it would be too hard to believe.)

And we did that without ANY link-building or any other SEO.

Now that's definitely a long-tail term... but you gotta admit – 80 listings is pretty insane.

Bottom Line: This Web 2.0 Stuff Is The Fastest Way To The Top Of Google

There is nothing - nothing - that will get you to the top of Google and the other search engines the way these Web 2.0 sites will - but ONLY if you know how to use them properly.

Google Sandbox? What a joke... you will laugh in its face. You'll get rankings in hours (maybe even minutes). Forget waiting around for weeks or months. We proved that with our Going Natural listings, and that wasn't dumb luck - we did it hundreds of other times before that.

But that's a pretty obscure "long-tail" search term, right? You're probably wondering if it works for highly competitive search terms. Well did an exhaustive study of highly competitive seach terms... and it turns out Social Media works just as good for those terms as well.

For example, the term "beautiful girls", which Wordtracker says gets searched for over 366,000 times per month. Eight out of the top ten results on Google are for social media sites.

But let's get to something that's REALLY important...

Will It Work For You And YOUR Search Terms?

Let me give you the short answer - YES!!

In fact, it probably already IS working for your terms. If you go look at some of the top terms that you're trying to get ranked for, it's VERY likely that some of the top rankings are for Social Media sites.

In other words, some of your competitors are already probably there. Not to worry, we can show you how to knock them out and OWN those rankings.

Trust me on this... we've done all kinds of secret-ninja mad-scientist testing in our Stomper Labs on super-competitive MONEY KEYWORDS - we actually tested just over 5,000 of these keywords where webmasters are locked in mortal combat for top rankings. And these are the kinds of keywords that lock webmasters in mortal combat for top rankings.

(To show you just how competitive these words are, if you advertised on them in Google Adwords, they would cost you an average of a dollar PER CLICK.)

In any case, we took that list of words and ran multiple searches across all of the search engines for each of those Money Keywords.

What was the result? Social Marketing ROCKS the Organic Search Engines. 18% of ALL of the FIRST PAGE Search Results for those 5,000 Money Keywords were from SOCIAL MEDIA SITES. Rock on version 2.0, baby.

A Huge Freakin' Asterisk...

OK, this is important. I don't want to have you coming back and saying I didn't warn you... so LISTEN UP:

If you don't know what you're doing, you can REALLY screw this stuff up. This is the deal... your reputation has never been more important than it is now – because in the new Web 2.0 world, everyone is a publisher. And if you screw up, the entire world will hear about it.

Actually, the world will tell each other about it, and then spend a few more days dissecting your fall from grace and dancing on your virtual grave.

Take my word on this... as I watched the deep underground research in the Stompernet labs over the last six months, I've gotta admit we pushed the envelope a few times. Hey, it was all for the sake of research... and we took more than a few arrows in the back.

Getting your Social Marketing logins cancelled and your site blackballed is NOT very pleasant. Believe me. But what really hurts is the damage to your reputation in the marketplace. And that damage can last for YEARS.

Of course, our research was deep undercover and only using test sites, so it didn't hurt too badly.

So that's the scary part.

But it's just like anywhere else, if you keep your nose clean and treat people well... then other people will fall all over themselves to help you out. That's when Social Marketing really comes into it's own. And that's where you want to be...

After Six Months In The Stomper Labs...

I've been watching all this Social Media stuff for a while - dabbling here and there, experiencing a few successes and failures. Then a little over six months ago I decided to turn one of my mad-scientist types loose in the Stomper Labs.

That mad-scientist is Don Crowther. Maybe you don't know Don... but he's one of my top StomperNet professors, and he's been fighting it out in the Internet Marketing trenches since 1996. He wrote one of the first Pay-Per-Click guidebooks, and he's been at the frontlines of the search engine wars since the 90's.

But the REAL reason I wanted to have him leading our Social Media research was because he REALLY is a mad-scientist. It's built into his core DNA. Don can't help it.

But there's one more reason that Don was perfect for the job. He's a natural born teacher. He's great at making complex stuff super-brain-dead simple to understand.

I only had one problem...

Don Crowther: a reluctant "guru"...

It turns out that Don has been avoiding the spotlight for a long time. He never set out to be some "big-name guru". He's always kept a low profile and focused on three things: his research, his own sites, and his clients' sites.

But after 6+ months of Social Media research, well it was obvious we couldn't keep this stuff to ourselves. It was simply too big... too important.

So I made Don a "Mafia Deal"... a deal he just couldn't refuse. I'm not going to give any details here... but let's just say it was a sweet deal. And next thing you know, we were brainstorming on a coaching program for all this stuff - we're calling it the SMARTS Coaching Program...

stands for Social MARketing Traffic System.

Here's some of the stuff we're going to cover...

Social Media Immediate Start: How to use the power of social media to build your traffic... explode your sales... and dominate the search engine rankings

Relationship Building On Steroids: How to develop relationships with customers so they trust and respect you on the social networks

Search Engine Hostile-Takeover: How to road-block the search engine rankings by owning 2-10 listings on the first page for the keywords you select (this alone will double... triple... even quadruple your traffic—and simultaneously turn your website into a money-machine!)

Why Social Media Sites Get Better Search Engine Rankings and how to capitalize on this and make sure that the pages they list are yours

Never Battle Spam-Filters Again! How to send out new product announcements, sale notifications, newsletters, and videos directly to the social network profiles of your customers so you totally bypass email spam filters—and send your open-rates through the everlovin' roof!

Develop a Massive Army of Unpaid Employees: How to get your information read not only by those who consider you their friend, but by thousands, even tens of thousands of other people who are friends of your friends

Take Over Facebook: How to get hundreds of thousands people to voluntarily run your ad on their Facebook profiles, generating clicks to your website, at absolutely no cost to you!

Video Marketing 101: How to use online videos to generate thousands of exposures to your sales message every day

Rise To The Top Of The Search Engines When We Show You how to use social bookmarking to generate thousands of keyword-targeted incoming deep links to your sites

Cash in On YouTube when you discover how to get them to pay you money for the privilege of showing your videos on their site (which will build even more buzz for you and drive more traffic and sales!)

The upcoming video revolution - getting your videos to appear on other people's sites, at no cost to you, (and better yet, making you money every time it's shown)

Social Marketing Techniques To Avoid At ALL Costs: How to avoid the danger of getting your site banned from Google because of spamming the search engines using risky social marketing techniques

Be Seen As An Expert Website By Search Engines when we show you 100+ places where you can list your pages that will give you valid incoming links

Harness The Power of Blogs when we show you how to get traffic from other people's blogs

How To Get Instant Indexing In Google and other major search engines using social media sites, without having to wait for months to get them out of "the sandbox"

Do you know about this powerhouse secret site? 8% of all searches on Google have one specific site in the #1 spot in their listings and 2% more have that site listed in spot #1 on page 2. What that site is, and how to make sure that your products are the ones featured in those results

Profit without ever selling anything: How to use social media sites to generate nice sized monthly paychecks, even if nobody ever clicks on a link to your site

Digg 101: The real power of Digg – (no, it's NOT getting listed on Digg's first page)

The "Digg effect" redefined – what getting listed on Digg's first page really does for you (hint, it has nothing to do with the traffic flood that shuts down your server for a few hours)

Technorati 101: The power of Technorati's Authority score and how to boost yours so that you can rise to the top of Technorati's search results

Get Your Blog Listed on Technorati every time without fail: How to make sure that every post you make on your blog actually gets listed on Technorati (most don't)

Your Videos Won't Market For You If People Can't See Them! Exactly what settings to use when saving your videos to achieve the best possible appearance on video sites

Article Marketing On Steroids: How to shift your article marketing programs from article sites (most of which are now worthless for search engine purposes) onto social media sites to skyrocket your search engine rankings and click-through traffic

How To Leverage Social Media: How to combine different social media strategies to ensure that 1+1 truly gets the results of 30

Eliminate Advertising Guesswork and Get Real Results: How to effectively advertise on social media sites

Better Than PPC? How to get demographically and behaviorally-targeted ad clicks for a fraction of the cost of obtaining traffic from Google and Yahoo

Use Howard Stern's Secret For Success: How to use the power of podcasting (like your own personal radio show) to generate a huge, growing audience of people that watch every video and audio you produce—and scramble to buy your products and services.

Personal Blog Secrets: How to effectively use your blogs to kick your social marketing success to an even higher level

Become a Blogging Celebrity: How to get selected as a guest blogger on other people's blogs, turning their readers into your own

Why You Need To Get a Virtual Life! How to build a presence in the virtual worlds like Second life, to build traffic and interaction

Mobile Phone Money Magic: How to capitalize on the skyrocketing usage of mobile phones to drive traffic and sales

Do You Know These Photo Marketing Secrets? How to use photo sharing sites to position your company and send people to your sites

Get More Done In Less Time With Web 2.0: How to substantially increase your productivity with web 2.0 tools

Get Social Media Friends To Streamline and Improve Your Business: How to use the members of your social community to improve the products you sell, the services you provide, the design of your website, the creation of your advertising, even to come up with the next big thing you should be selling

Make Your Site Social Media Savvy: How to add social media elements to your own sites to increase interaction, loyalty and conversion

Make Your Brand a House-hold Name in your market when we show you how to build your brand using social media

Protect Your Good-Name: How to protect yourself against negative conversation on the social media sites (if you're not using social marketing it's a sure bet your competitors and people who just don't like you for whatever reason ARE—find out what you can do to keep bad word-of-mouth from spreading!)

How to track your reputation on social media sites – you'll know everything anyone is saying about you, so you can protect your hard-earned reputation online (no news spreads as fast as bad news!)

Why it's absolutely vital that you have an active, contributing presence on the key social media sites – and what you should get started on first.

Become a Rock-Star in Your Niche, Complete With Groupies! How to generate a group of raving fans on social media sites who defend you, recommend your products and services, and act as incredibly valuable unpaid employees

Become a Movie Star and Watch Your Profits Soar! How to promote your online videos to generate huge viewership and conversation

Have Prospects Market Your Business For You Using Videos! How to get other people to create and post videos that build your business

Social Media Tools That Build Your Business For You: How to use the power of plugins and apps to skyrocket your traffic

StumbleUpon Secrets: How to use StumbleUpon to generate a consistent, self-generating stream of traffic to your site

How to use cutout pages to protect your money sites from negative consequences of social media marketing

Don't Want To Do All The Work Yourself? How to leverage your time by outsourcing key social media projects

Unleash the Power of Wiki! How to increase your presence on Wikipedia and other powerful wiki-based sites

Do You Know About These Two Social Media Powerhouses? Two of the most effective social media sites aren't considered to be social media sites by most people – but they are, they've got huge search engine rankings, and you can learn how to use their success to build your business

The Secret Seven: The seven sites you've never heard of that have incredible search engine rankings, and how you can put your content on those sites to drive traffic to your own

Plus much, MUCH MORE!

Here are the specifics of what you'll be receiving:

The SMARTS Social MARketing Traffic Strategies 10 Week Coaching Program

This is your special invitation to let Don take you by the hand and show you every facet of social marketing and the key strategies and techniques you need to get more traffic... build buzz and word of mouth about your business... close more sales... and make powerhouse profits.

You'll get to learn from our hundreds of hours of experimentation, our successes, AND our mistakes.

And you'll get simple step-by-step instructions on different strategies to profit from the new age of Web 2.0 and social media.

Here's the way the program will work:

Every Monday morning Don will release a set of online videos on our special "members only" website.

Each week we will study the keys to success in a specific category of social media with a series of different videos, each covering a specific strategy (some might give a big picture strategy, some will be extremely specific).

Along with the videos will be a set of optional assignments.  I did say "optional"... but Don's going to be encouraging you to complete them while the information is fresh in your brain – that's the way you will get the best results. Of course, we can all get busy at times, so if you just have too much going on... well, we've got your back.

Then midweek, we'll have a conference call where we delve even deeper on that week's topic, and Don will answer your questions. The beauty of these calls is that you learn both from your questions AND the questions from the other coaching students. These calls will be scheduled for 90 minutes, but Don will basically stick around until we're done with all of the questions.

Of course, all calls will be recorded, so if you can't make one, you can still catch up. Plus, you'll be able to submit questions via email in advance just in case you can't be on the call.

But that's not all... you will also have an online community forum – you can ask questions, get answers, share experiences, request feedback, and share your insights with the group. Since we've already been sharing many of these videos with the StomperNet members, many of those forums are already populated with lots of good questions and answers, so there's ALREADY a big knowledge base just waiting for you.

We also have some more surprises... like calls with some of the top experts in the world on specific areas of Social Marketing. We're still finalizing the details of who those calls will be with, but I can guarantee, we've got some very "big" names lined up.

Plus, Don will be making videos every day. So, if questions can best be answered in video or audio form, then he'll record one and post it to the site quickly. Don's going to be there as your coach and mentor. If it takes another video to really crystallize a lesson... then he'll will make a  video for that lesson. It's that simple.

The Best Part Is, That's Not All... Check Out This Killer Software We're Giving You!

Social Marketing Power Catalog:
You get our complete list of 1,850+ social media sites, searchable and sortable on multiple different key diagnostics (traffic, PR, Alexa and Compete rankings, demographics), site description, commentary on effectiveness for social marketing, tags, categorizations, and search engine power rating.

Plus, this catalog will not go out of date... in fact it'll only get better... we've built the catalog with a social element so members can alter descriptions, rate sites, comment, and add sites to the list. That means the list gets better and better as time goes by, and only SMARTS members get access!

The SMARTS Social Bookmarking Tool:
Now you can automate the most tedious elements of Social Marketing. And the best part is that this tool uses SMARTS "best practices" to protect your sites and accounts and keep you from being labeled a spammer.

And there's one more killer tool that's so powerful that we don't want to share it publicly.

And then there's our You've Got Friends system... but I'll explain more about that in a minute.

So those are the major pieces... there will be more coming on top of all that, but you get the idea.

Now here are the week by week contents...

Week 1: Overview of Social Marketing

  • You'll learn to see the underlying structure behind the seemingly chaotic network of social media sites – and how to STRATEGICALLY target it to drive the maximum traffic to your site

  • You'll get a Social Media "Mind-Meld" so you will AUTOMATICALLY avoid the landmines that can destroy reputations in the Web 2.0 world

  • You'll know the 5 key strategies that will drive ALL your Social Marketing successes... and will drive nearly unlimited free traffic to your sites (not to mention getting you an almost instant boost in the search engines)

Week 2: Using Content Sharing Sites To Build Traffic, Rankings and Incoming Links

  • You'll find out how to instantly dominate the search engines by owning multiple first page search engine listings, driving traffic to your pages, and more importantly, preventing your competition from even appearing

  • You'll understand which content sharing sites work to drive traffic to your websites and which ones don't, multiplying your efficiency and generating huge results for every piece of content you share

  • You'll breathe new life into the old articles, emails, blog posts and comments that have uselessly clogged up your hard drive and web servers in the past, by repositioning them onto sites that generate huge levels of traffic and great search engine positioning

  • You'll multiply the effectiveness of your article marketing campaigns by shifting your marketing efforts. You'll move from tired old article directories that long ago fell out favor with the search engines, into hot new content sharing sites that are both loved by the search engines and frequented by your target market

  • You'll learn techniques to supercharge your content sharing efforts by harnessing the immense power of the community to drive your content to higher positions within the content sharing site rankings, to get others develop content in your behalf, and to enable you to own even more search engine real estate

Weeks 3 and 4:

  • You'll understand how to capitalize on the huge flood of social networking traffic and position yourself and your business as the ONLY possible source for the products and services you sell

  • You'll build a huge network of friends and develop relationships with tens of thousands of your targeted customers, building trust and acceptance of you and your company

  • You'll know how to walk the fine line between networking and selling, and will be able to operate with ease and confidence in a world that can be deadly for the reputations of those who don't understand where that line lies

  • You'll know how to use the incredible power of groups to easily find and influence huge groups of your target customers to buy FROM you and ONLY from you

  • You'll learn how to go beyond your network of friends to build relationships with and influence thousands of people who otherwise would have no clue who you are

  • You'll gain a solid understanding of Widgets and Apps, see how they can be used to crush your competition and bring traffic flooding into your own sites

  • You'll understand which networks to focus on to best serve your business's needs worldwide, spiking your income by tapping into millions of customers in other countries you have no way to reach otherwise

  • You'll identify and develop positioning within the vertical social networks, which though they may have smaller memberships, could be teeming with hungry customer for your particular business

Week 5: Using Social Bookmarking To Build Traffic and Search Engine Positioning

  • You'll discover the incredible power of social bookmarking to move your site higher in the search engines AND to generate traffic to your site directly from the bookmarking sites

  • You'll know which sites achieve first page rankings on their own, which ones contribute their incoming link values to your sites and which ones aren't worth the electrons they're built on

  • You'll learn how to use the bookmarking services to spike your traffic without abusing them and getting shut down for spamming

  • You'll learn how to capitalize on the real Digg effect – exactly what to do to get thousands of bloggers to write about you

  • You'll discover which bookmarking site REALLY gets the best search engine rankings (hint, we haven't even talked about it yet in the video or this report), how it doesn't work the way everyone thinks it works, and how to tap into it's huge ranking power so that your pages rocket to the top of the listings

  • You'll have revealed to you the very best bookmarking tool available anywhere, enabling you to automate the process of ethical bookmarking, getting you the incredible results without the risk

  • You'll learn the killer technique that we've been using for the last 6 months that only a few dozen people in the entire world know about – a technique that generates all the advantages of social bookmarking, while protecting your site and giving you points for contributing value to the bookmarking space

  • You'll learn the REAL power of social bookmarking, which increases the effectiveness of everything you do in your Social Marketing and SEO efforts

Week 6: Powering Up Your Promotions Through Online Video

  • You'll discover what's REALLY driving the online video juggernaut, and how to tweak your videos to get in front of that overwhelming stream of daily traffic

  • You'll learn the 4 different kinds of successful online videos, how to use each of those types to build an integrated promotion that sends people flooding to your site

  • You'll find out multiple techniques that get people to visit your site from the online video hosting sites, ensuring that your video isn't just another piece of entertainment, but rather a traffic driving machine!

  • You'll learn how to get your video higher in the rankings at YouTube and the other video sites so that your video is the one that gets seen when people search for videos on those sites

  • You'll learn how to create personalized players to pull in videos from YouTube, enabling you to give people an improved viewing experience on your site, while still building play counts on YouTube

  • You'll discover which video sharing sites are best for generating traffic, which are best for getting multiple search engine rankings, and which are best for getting visitors to your site (hint, the lists are NOT the same and the names that are missing from each list are revealing.) This will enable you to tailor your video distribution depending on your specific objective

  • You'll learn how to get free play statistics and revenues from videos that play on video sharing sites

  • You'll find out how to get other people to embed your videos on their site, giving you more exposure, implied endorsement, and increased revenues

  • You'll discover the best ways to combine video with other Social Marketing techniques to spike the traffic, revenues and effectiveness from each

Week 7: Blogging, and How To Utilize Blogs In A Strategic Social Marketing Campaign

  • You'll learn how social marketing morphs the world of blogging from the tired old style to a being a powerful new chainsaw in your Social Marketing tool chest, driving traffic, rankings, and the ability to gain immediate search engine placements with unprecedented ease

  • You'll learn how to use each of the key elements of blogging in the new Social Marketing world, like post URLs, pinging, comments, audio, video, headlines, and categorization to kick the ranking power of your blogs to totally new levels

  • You'll discover how to utilize the power of your community to spread news through their blogs, to comment on yours, and to supercharge your blogging efforts

  • You'll identify potential guest blogging partners, and set up arrangements to spread your message on their blog

  • You'll harness the power of podcasting to gain tons of additional attention, audience members, and loyal customers

  • You'll learn how to use the combination of your blogs and comments on the blogs of others to get the attention and respect of your industry leaders, leading to JV's, reputation building, and the skyrocketing of your career

Week 8: Effectively Using Photo Sharing, Virtual Worlds, Mobile Services, Advertising, and Web 2.0 Productivity Tools

  • You will learn which photo sharing sites are valuable, which can drive tons of traffic to your site, and how to prevent getting your photo sharing site membership shut down for promoting

  • You will discover the incredible power of virtual worlds, how they work, and how to effectively position yourself within those worlds and promote your business without getting tagged

  • You'll find out which virtual worlds drive business, and which are a total time and resource suck

  • You'll gain insight into the world of mobile services, its power, and how to effectively utilize this budding tool to drive amazing levels of traffic to your site and company, even if you're not running a local pizza joint

  • You'll learn how to use and buy advertising on social media sites, when it's appropriate to utilize advertising, and where and when you should avoid it like the plague

  • You'll get exposed to the best productivity and community sourcing tools available that are specifically designed to use social media and online tools to cut your costs, work virtually, and spike your productivity in ways never before possible

Week 9: Creating Link Bait and adding social media elements to your own sites

  • You'll discover the key principles of link bait, what it is, what makes it work, and the huge potential of viral marketing to surge your traffic and leave you scrambling to get additional bandwidth

  • You'll see, weigh in on, and learn the key elements to success from amazing viral campaigns of the past

  • You'll identify opportunities to add social media elements to your own sites to build community, increase stickiness, and greatly increase your sales and customer loyalty

  • You'll find off-the-shelf software that aids in the creation of social media, and the strengths and weaknesses of each

Week 10: Bringing it all together

  • You'll get insights into how to combine the social media tools in new and different ways to accelerate your success in traffic building and search engine domination

  • You'll learn how to defend and build your brand online, using Social Marketing as the core that will protect and increase your marketing effectiveness

  • You'll choose which strategies are most likely to work for your business long term and encapsulate them into a written Social Marketing plan, ready to be handed to your team for continued implementation

  • You'll build a stable of short-term opportunities to use for promotions, launches, and specials when time is of the essence and long-term effectiveness is a lower priority

  • You'll solidify your relationships with other coaching team members to build future opportunities and exchange ideas

OK, I'm on a roll here - but I'm not done yet...

But there's one more thing that's one of the most powerful elements of this whole program.

That's our "You've Got Friends" program.

Let me explain... were you ever the "new kid" in school?

It's not a comfortable feeling - you show up for school and everyone knows everyone else, but you don't know anyone. You're the outsider.

Maybe you didn't experience that in school, but I'm sure you've felt it other times. Maybe you were the new person at work, or you walked into a party and didn't know anyone.

I don't know about you, but when I'm in those situations... it just takes one or two friends, and then all of a sudden things get a whole lot easier. But finding those first few friends has never been easy for me.

Well, social media can be the same way.

If you don't have any friends on Facebook, if you don't have any buddies to give you Diggs, if your MySpace page looks like a ghost town... well, then you lose most of the power of social marketing.

But we've got your back...

As part of our SMARTS Coaching Program we have a special "You've Got Friends" component that will give you instant traction in your social marketing campaign.

This isn't going to be some bogus black-hat technique. We are going to use the community power of SMARTS, and create your web of friends, links, and bookmarks - right inside the Coaching Program.

Presto... you've got friends. You've got a network.

The bottom line... you are not alone. You've got instant traction on all those Social Marketing sites that we're going to be teaching you how to use. You've got friends.

Here's the deal... the last thing we would ever do is just teach you some theory. This Coaching Program is all about you actually creating an effective, integrated Social Marketing campaign. One that is driving traffic and enhancing your reputation before the program is even half over.

And to do that, we've eliminated every possible roadblock. We don't want you to be "the new kid" at school. That's not going to happen to you - because "You've Got Friends".

And you actually get a lot more than I've listed... because we keep adding to the Coaching Program. Seriously, we've even added stuff since I started writing this letter.

But I know there's one big questions on your mind... what's this program going to cost? Am I going to take both of your arms and legs... or maybe just one of each?

Well relax, because...

I'm Worried That I Priced This Too Low!

If you were to hire Don as a consultant for your business you'd pay at least $650.00 per hour... plus a generous percentage of the gross revenues he helps to create for your company.

But because of the way we've structured this program, you won't have to pay nearly that much.

The price to enroll in the SMARTS Coaching Program is cheap, too cheap. Let me tell you why - since this is the first StomperNet University program we have EVER offered, we decided we needed to make a HUGE impact right out of the gate.

And the best way we could think of to do that would be to completely eliminate price as a factor. Now you know that StomperNet is priced at $797 per month. And we have TONS of members who have stuck with us since the beginning, way back in October, 2006.

But we aren't going to charge anything like that for the SMARTS Coaching Progam.

In fact, it's just $297 per month for five months (and you can get an extra discount AND get some sweet bonuses if you take our one-pay option). That comes out to less than ten bucks a day... which is what, something like two lattes at Starbucks?

And if you add up what this program will mean to your bottom line - this year and well into the future, well it could easily be thousands... hundreds of thousands... maybe even millions!

This is literally a dimes-to-dollars type of decision. You invest dimes and you get out dollars.

Just to Sweeten The Deal - Here Is A
Crazy FAST MOVER Bonus...

OK, given the crazy-low price for SMARTS, I really don't need to do this. But I guess I like to see a big feeding-frenzy as much as the next guy, so I put together a crazy extra bonus for you... but you have to act quickly...

If you sign up by Friday, January 18th at 2:00pm Eastern time, you will get the recordings of the Video Creation Webinar Series with Andy Jenkins - if you saw any of our Going Natural 2.0 videos, you saw some of my crazy video skillz. I'm trying not to boast too much, but one thing I do know is video production. As you could probably tell from the GN 2.0 videos, I really enjoy making those videos. And when you have fun creating videos, your viewers will have even more fun watching them. I'm going to teach you the basics and beyond, including my choices in gear, and all those little tips that can transform a good video into a great one! It's the standard that I call StomperStyle. (Value = $891.00 - Yours FREE)

Read Carefully: We Just Added
The SMARTS Instant Grad School

So what happens AFTER we wrap up SMARTS? What happens AFTER the 10 weeks turns you into a complete Social Marketing pro?

Well, this is what our original plan was... we created an ADDITIONAL super-advanced program that we called SMARTS "Instant Grad School". This would be an additional two weeks at the end of SMARTS that teaches super-advanced NINJA level stuff. This is the material that will take you to a true MASTERY level of Social Marketing, even beyond our SMARTS program.

And we planned on offering it for $497.00 to our SMARTS members just before SMARTS wrapped up.

But after seeing the "instant community" that is already building among our new SMARTS members... well, we must be getting soft in our old age... because we have decided to add in the Instant Grad School at no extra charge.

READ THIS CAREFULLY: this means that everyone who joins SMARTS by Friday, January 18th at 2:00pm Eastern will get the Instant Grad School for free. And anyone who already joined SMARTS before this announcement will also get it for free.

You don't have to do anything extra to get this extra bonus. Just be sure to join SMARTS by Friday, January 18th at 2:00pm Eastern.

Guarantee: The 45-Day "FREE LOOK"

Listen, if you're not completely ecstatic about the SMARTS Coaching Program, then I just can't get your money back into your wallet fast enough. So you have a full 45 days (that will get your through more than half the training and you'll have tried out a majority of the strategies) to see if SMARTS is going to work for you. If you determine that it isn't, just let me know and I 'll gladly refund your money. No hassles. No hard feelings.

I don't know how I can make this any more risk-free of an offer for you.

Basically, I want this to be a no-brainer decision for you. Because this is one decision that you do NOT want to put off!

You know, I'm just like you... I hate to make decisions. Decisions aren't fun. I get that. But the reality is that this Coaching Program is limited in more ways than one...

First, we have a very limited number of spots. Due to the very nature of the program, we have to limit our students. We're going to be answering questions and interacting live on the calls and webinars, so we obviously can't leave the program open-ended. We haven't made a final decision on exactly how many students we will take yet... but we'll have a number in place shortly after we go live. We're still testing out our teaching platform. The bottom line is that this looks like a lock to sell out.

And second, our first class is merely days away... we are about to fire this thing up, and even if there are still spots available... once the program starts then we HAVE to shut the doors

Bottom line, if you want in on this coaching program you're going to have to act now.

OK, now it's up to you... I know I've thrown a lot at you. And I know I've covered a lot of ground...

I've shown you the incredible power and potential of social media sites like Facebook and MySpace...

I've shown you all kinds of proof about this TIDAL WAVE of high-converting traffic. You've seen how you can use double... triple... even quadruple your traffic and your sales and completely dominate the search engines...

I've shown you why your competitors are already starting to take advantage of social media...

And then I even invited you to let me coach you as a part of my exclusive 10-week SMARTS Coaching Program...

The money you stand to earn by becoming a social marketing master is staggering... and for as little as $9.90 per day. But the bottom line for you has to be whether this investment – in BOTH time AND money is going to be worth it to you.

All I have to say is getting started today may just turn out to be the best return on investment you'll ever see in your business. Just look at those graphs up at the top of this letter. Just think if you could have locked in a top spot on Google when they were just starting out.

And please remember — you have absolutely nothing to lose by accepting this generous offer. You're completely protected by our 45-day FREE LOOK guarantee.

I urge you... join us today... completely risk-free. Just click the order link below and you'll be good to go.

You'll be taking your first step towards more success today.

Step One... choose your plan:

Yours for Social Marketing Mastery,
Andy Jenkins

P.S. Even if you JUST add up the time Don's going to spend coaching you (and leaving out the software, the "You've Got Friends" component, the forum, and everything else), you’re getting over $16,250 in value... for just $9.90 per day. Crazy!

But don’t forget we're almost sure to run out of spots fast... and with our 45 day "free look" - this one is a no-brainer, so get started today.


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