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18. 4. 2008



Wu Ti Source Tea
And then Maryha Lost 37 Pounds FAST
with the Help of the Wu-Yi Weight Loss System!

That’s right, just like many of our customers who have lost weight, I will show you exactly how this 400 year old Chinese slimming secret can help you to reach your weight loss goals - starting today.

Our FREE Trial Customer Appreciation Week will come to a close at 11:59 PM on Feb. 10/2008. Simply check to see if you qualify to receive one of our remaining Free Trial Packages at the end of this page! For a limited time only.

From the desk of Jesse Williams,
Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Guru

Dear Struggling Dieter,

If you’ve tried diet after diet after diet after diet and still been unable to lose weight, it’s probably NOT YOUR FAULT. If you’ve tried everything you hear about on TV and read in magazines but haven’t been able to make it work, or your weight goes up and down like a yo-yo as a result of the different diets and pills you’ve used, here is what I am writing to tell you.....

They do this in two different ways. First of all, they sell us millions and millions of dollars worth of prescription drugs, pills, diets, meal replacement shakes, etc. that are almost worthless. What’s more, they attempt to keep us from finding out about effective, cheap ways to lose weight... without spending a lot of money.

So if you’ve been whipping yourself for being lazy or not having enough will power or anything of the sort then you can give yourself a break. That doesn’t mean you should just shrug it off and roll over in defeat, justifying your weight by saying ‘it runs in the family’ or you are ‘big boned.’ I promise YOU CAN LAUGH AT WEIGHT PROBLEMS and enjoy the sort of beautiful, slim, stunning body you’ve always wanted... if you follow my simple system.

What is this system? Well, you may have seen it on AOL.com. Or perhaps you’ve heard about it on CNN’s website, or from countless magazine articles.

Believe me, if you want to get healthy and lose weight, skyrocket your energy and get back into your favorite jeans, this 400 year old weight loss secret from China is the way to do it:

  • Without starvation
  • Without pills
  • Without impossible diets
  • Without low energy
  • Without gadgets or joining expensive "programs".
  • Without leaving the privacy of your home.

And best of all, you’ll lose weight without spending hardly any money. However, before I go into that let me expose the reason why the odds have been stacked against you until now. Then I will introduce you to the 400 year old secret behind why Chinese men and women stay so slim.

If you are truly serious about losing weight, you will be extremely pleased you took the time to read all this information (even though some of it is kind of boring, scientific proof).

Firstly, let’s look at the world of fashion; it would absolutely crumble if everyone was thin and beautiful. There would be no one to buy the magazines and expensive, "stylish" clothing in a continuous, desperate attempt to live up to the standards set out there by these media moguls, because we would all be living on a relatively level playing field in the first place.

The fast food and restaurant industry make a killing each year not by promoting foods that help keep us healthy or of a healthy weight, because our minds do not CRAVE these kinds of foods.

Nearly the entire time it has taken to program us genetically as a species throughout evolution, we have NOT had an abundance of food. It was only within the last few thousand short years that we human beings figured out how to produce enough food that we no longer had to be hunters and gatherers, but rather farmers and herders.

That being said, it was those of our ancestors who carried the gene to crave fatty, oily foods that ate more fatty, oily foods; and thus were better prepared to survive the long cold winters and to pass on that trait. Hundreds of thousands of generations later, we still carry that "fat-craving" gene - every single one of us.

And the money barons at the top of the food service industry are very aware of this fact. They capitalize on it - on you - on a daily basis. And unless you know what’s going on, you can’t resist it. The trait resides deep within your DNA, and if you can’t consciously identify it as being the culprit and antagonist to your weight loss endeavors, you will never overcome it.

That’s why we built this site, to expose to you what has been at the core of your weight issues for your whole life, and to provide you with an effective solution to conquer it - without spending hardly any money or jeopardizing your health.

Wu-Yi Tea
“Since I have been drinking the tea for 1 month
I've dropped 15 pounds...”*

Click on the play button below to listen to Linda's testimonial now.

I have had a wonderful experience with Wu-Yi. Everything that was promised I am experiencing: more energy, glowing skin and have lost weight.
I am 54 year old grandmother and am in good shape, but lacked the energy or motivation to push myself in my career or in my already intense morning weight workouts. Wanting to drop about 10+ pound, I have not had any success. A girlfriend at work mentioned your tea and I bought some right away. Since I have been drinking the tea for 1 month, I've dropped 15 pounds... even though I am strong and always had excellent muscle tone.. now it is showing!!!
- Linda M.Hashi
Lawndale, CA
*Results not typical. All individuals used Wu-Yi Tea with diet and exercise. Individuals have been remunerated.

Loose Weight

That’s right, either you begin to achieve your goals successfully, or your money back. The only string attached to this deal is the strong faith that our system will produce significant results for you. You came here today looking for a solution to lose weight, and that’s exactly what we’re going to deliver to your doorstep. Guaranteed.

Drop 33 Pound Fast

How would you like to reduce pounds of stubborn body fat in 30 short days by simply following a proven system that has an amazing fat-burning secret at its core?

It’s called Wu-Yi tea. Authentic Wu-Yi is only found on Mt. Wu Yi Shan where we have staked our own private tea estate. Accept no cheap imitations.

How your tea is produced is too important a matter for you to take for granted. It is the crux of the whole question of what you get for your money. And there is a vital difference in the harvesting processes of different Wu-Yi tea. What you really get for your money is determined by where a tea is grown and how it is harvested. Don’t forget that.

Our tea is sourced from Mt. Wu Yi Shan: the most fertile and mineral-rich land you’ll find anywhere in China. Our experienced tea director visits the mountain on an annual basis in order to select the yield of the highest standard. The goodness of Wu-Yi is due largely to the 17-point quality test he conducts on them before harvesting.

And yet the reason why we are widely known as the supreme supplier of Wu-YI tea is as a result of the purity gained throughout the production process.

Purity is not so conspicuous as some qualities in Wu-Yi tea, yet it is very expensive. That is why it is rare. Our Wu-Yi tea is produced, without regard to expense, according to six centuries of continual testing of this unique harvesting method...
Step 1
The production of delicious Wu-Yi tea is conducted by our trained craftsmen who respect a time-honoured tradition which is always carefully followed. They are picked in units consisting of one bud and three leaves, generally early in the morning. Immediately upon plucking, the leaves are exposed to the sun to dry and age in direct mountain-side sun light for a determined period of time, depending on the season.
Step 2
Once the leaves are dry, they are gently shaken into bamboo baskets to lightly tenderize the outer edges (this is the secret to our distinct, robust flavor). Then the leaves are spread out on hand-woven Chinese drying mats, where they are left to cure for up to 72 hours.
Note: Some companies try to cut this timely method out of the production method by fire-drying their leaves. We take the exact opposite approach, because we know the extra time we take in producing our premium Wu-Yi tea is a small price to pay for our worldwide reputation as the purest supplier of Wu-Yi tea.
Step 3
Following this, the leaves are moved indoors to promote fermentation. The most critical part in the production process is when to stop fermentation. Our tea director has over 37 years of experience, and knows exactly when to halt the fermenting process to ensure the most potent and palatable Wu-Yi tea available.
 Step 4
The leaves are then hand-rubbed to break them at the molecular level. Not only does this generate a tasteful aroma and flavour, it helps to release the fat-burning catechins and enzymes so your body is able to absorb them more quickly and easily. (another critical step that is often neglected at many other tea plants, which significantly hinders the weight loss effects). Now, the tea particles are then sorted through and another quality check is performed by our tea director, where only a certain percentage of the harvest leaves are included in our premium weight loss formula.



We are one of the ONLY companies from the west to own a piece of Mt. Wu Yi Shan, and one of the ONLY distributors to supply AUTHENTIC Wu-Yi tea. Do not be fooled by companies trying to sell you cheap imitations of our Wu-Yi Weight Loss Tea, and only trust those who can proudly display the Wu-Yi seal of authenticity.

I’m Ready to Slim Down Now!

Name: Jason Walsh
Occupation : Personal Trainer

If you’ve watched MTV News or Entertainment Tonight lately, you’ll know that celebrity trainer Jason Walsh (who has trained the likes of Jessica Biel, Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Garner) now recommends Wu-Yi tea to all of his clients.

Long before I became a trainer and avid nutritionist I was interested in the effects, both positive and negative that food had on the body. This interest led me to the University of North Carolina to study nutrition and physiology and gain a better understanding of the effects one had on the other. While at UNC, one area that peaked my interest was the topic of antioxidants and the role they played in scavenging free radicals and lowering inflammatory responses produced during and after training.

Effective training is a balance of stressing the body and then giving the body the tools (nutrients, antioxidants etc,) it needs to recover and repair from those imposed stresses. As a trainer, I help my clients achieve their goals with specific metabolic training, and as a nutritionist, I recommend an array of natural organic foods especially those high in antioxidants to combat free radicals and inflammation produced from training.

Tea, specifically Wu-Yi, has been one of my “secret” tools (nutrients, antioxidants etc.) in helping my clients achieve their training goals. High amounts of polyphenols, found in Wu-Yi, help mobilize fatty acids, aiding in better body composition, and catechins act synergistically to aid as a potent antioxidant.

Wu-Yi tea has become one of my top recommended supplements because of its many potential benefits for the body, especially the ability to speed fat metabolism. Wu-Yi has my stamp of approval and I believe that it can aid anyone looking to improve his or her health through proper nutrition and training.

- Jason Walsh

*Individual has been renumerated.


Lose Weight

Also included exclusively in our system is the "Wu-Yi 12 Week Weight Loss Success Guide". This fantastic little manual is jam-packed with nothing but the most powerful weight loss tips and secrets known today (a TON of digging and research went into this – and all the "fluff" has been cut out).

(Please Click On Questions Below For Answers)
How often should I drink Wu-Yi?
How long will a box of Wu-Yi last me?
Will Wu-Yi work even if I don't change my diet or exercise habits?
Will Wu-Yi react with my other prescription drugs?
How safe is Wu-Yi tea?
What is your guarantee in case it doesn't work?
What is your shipping policy?
When will my order be shipped?
Do you ship outside the U.S.A?


Guarantee Guarantee


Listen: Up until now, most weight loss products have been, at best, disappointing, at worst, outright frauds. And even though all the facts and case studies on this page speak for themselves, the reality is if you’re like most people I know you’ve probably been disappointed and victimized by fad diets, cheap drugstore pills, meal replacement shakes, diet experts and diet books in the past. So I can understand if you’re still skeptical.

That’s why, if you qualify, I’M NOT GOING TO ASK YOU TO PAY FOR IT until you’ve had the chance to put it to the test for yourself and see with your own eyes what it can do for you.

In my opinion, you can’t possibly understand just what it’s like to…

- Look in that dressing room mirror and not recognize the person staring back at you.
- Go to a party confident, secure and outgoing knowing your new body looks great.
- Or jump into a swimsuit you once thought you’d never fit into

… until you’ve lost weight through the Wu-Yi Weight Loss System with Wu-Yi slimming tea at its core. And I don’t think you should have to decide anything until you first see for yourself what a difference this amazing tea can make to your life. So, I want you to let me take the risk for a change.

That’s right!

Everybody else says “Buy from me. Give us your money.” I’m saying, do the opposite. Let me allow you to evaluate the results before you invest a cent.


As you’ve seen from the real-life examples and documented research on this page, many people believe Wu-Yi Weight Loss System is the most powerful fat fighting formula in the entire world. It is effective. My family uses it. My friends use it. And this slimming secret has been used in China for over 400 years.

However, I am not making this risk-free trial available to everyone. Why? Because this is the time of year when stock is running low, and I want to make sure that only those who will reap the greatest benefit from our Wu-Yi Tea and this incredible weight loss system receive the remaining stock.

First Name:
Current Weight: lbs.
Goal Weight: lbs.
Height: ft.  in.
Gender: Male
Year Born:

We value your privacy.
All information is 100% secure.

Well after my divorce I decided that I needed to do something for myself. I gave WU-YI tea a try and lost 24 pounds! I no longer need these size 12 pants. I am now happily wearing a size 6. I'm actually thinner than I was in high school and I feel great.

Thanks WU-YI!

Allison Blackwood

Results not typical. All individuals used Wu-Yi Tea and followed the Wu-Yi System to maintain proper diet and exercise. Individuals have been remunerated.

Centered around Wu-Yi, our premium Chinese Slimming Tea, the Wu-Yi Weight Loss System provides the latest nutrition and activity guidelines for fast weight loss.

"...it is 100 times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times better than vitamin E..."

Free Yourself, Love Shopping for your Sexy New Shape
Are you tired of wearing dark, loose fitting clothes? Quit hiding!!! It's time to reinvent your wardrobe. Wu-Yi Tea along with a balanced diet and exercise will help you drop the pounds fast! Now it's RISK FREE with our 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

"...After much apprehension, I met with my first trainer... We changed my diet--which included Wu-Yi Tea and increased my workout routines a bit and I (along with the support of my husband, friends, and family) began my 12 week journey... ...When the competition date came, I weighed 110 pounds (from 176) and was only 7% body fat... my competition suits fit perfectly! Thanks Wu-Yi for helping me achieve my fitness goals!!!!"
                   - Tanya Braa

Results not typical. All individuals used Wu-Yi Tea and followed the Wu-Yi System to maintain proper diet and exercise. Individuals have been remunerated.

Feel Energized!!
Life isn't about being Alive -It's About Living!!! Start Living your best life today

Results not typical. All individuals used Wu-Yi Tea and followed the Wu-Yi System to maintain proper diet and exercise. Individuals have been remunerated.


Which Weight Loss
Drink Do You Want?
Wu-Yi has...Slim-Fast has...
0 Calories220 Calories
0 Carbs3g Carbs
0 Fat4g Fat

3 Delicious New Ways to Enjoy Wu-Yi Tea

Wu-Yi Spiced Up

Add 4 cloves and 4 allspice, and a Wu-Yi teabag to boiling water. Allow to steep until desired strength is reached. Serve with lemon slices, honey, and a cinnamon stick. This is a wonderful savory twist on the original.

Wu-Yi Fruity Explosion Pops

Brew regular Wu-Yi. Cool. Then add chopped fresh fruit or drained canned fruit and sweetener to taste. Then pour into popsicle molds and freeze. These tasty frozen treats are perfect for a hot day. A refreshing way to enjoy Wu-Yi and get part of your recommended daily fruit serving.

Wu-Yi Fizzy Delight (Shaken, not Stirred)

Brew Wu-Yi 2x regular strength. Cool. Place 1 part carbonated water, 1 part of your favorite 100% fruit juice to 1 part tea in a cocktail shaker. Add crushed ice. Shake. Serve in a margarita glass and garnish with a slice of pineapple. This drink looks so fabulous. You would never guess it's healthy.


Results not typical. All individuals used Wu-Yi Tea and followed the Wu-Yi System to maintain proper diet and exercise. Individuals have been remunerated.



Results not typical. All individuals used Wu-Yi Tea and followed the Wu-Yi System to maintain proper diet and exercise. Individuals have been remunerated.


Results not typical. All individuals used Wu-Yi Tea and followed the Wu-Yi System to maintain proper diet and exercise. Individuals have been remunerated.

Wu-Yi  Tea



Results not typical. All individuals used Wu-Yi Tea with diet and exercise. Individuals have been remunerated.


Don’t forget, we are one of the only suppliers of Wu-Yi, our premium oolong slimming tea.

Since there has been a rapid growth in the popularity of our Authentic Wu-Yi tea, you may find many cheap, low quality brands of slimming teas available. DO NOT get fooled by these SCAMS, as they do not at all compare to our superior Wu-Yi tea.

Just remember, we feel so strongly about our tea, that once you receive the tea we offer a 60 day full money back guarantee.


P.S. One more thing – it’s important. Because of our very limited remaining quantities, we are only allowing those customers who qualify above to have access to our remaining free trials. Please, be honest!

If you do qualify, you will not pay one cent for your full month’s supply of our premium slimming Wu-Yi tea unless you are certain that you are 100% happy with it. This is the final day this will be available, so please take advantage of this offer while it is still available.

Simply Apply For The Free Trial Above, and You Will Immediately Have Your
Qualification Evaluated.

Note: This limited-time offer expires 72 hours from 11:59 PM on Feb 07th, at which time this Important Notice along with the Free Trial option will disappear, and the tea will again be fixed at full price.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As individuals differ, their results will differ, even when following the same method. Disclaimer: Consult a physician before starting any weight loss program. Individuals have been remunerated. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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