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A Home Income Portal Infrastructure Resource.

6. 5. 2008

A Home Income Portal Infrastructure Resource.

A Dynamic Exchange Ratio creates a Traffic Surge between all Participating Webmasters.

Your exchange ratio is recalculated every hour for every member.

Exchange ratio at ourlinkexchange.com is based on the Quality of traffic you send.

The more clicks you send, the higher your exchange ratio is.

Member, whose click through ratio is highest, gets 100% exchange ratio.

  • Free Google Adword Traffic to your Website
  • Simple coding and no need to have a banner image.
  • Flexible and very generous exchange ratio
  • Allows to integrate links into your site and make them look just like the rest of your page.
  • You can target your link and choose what links to display on your Web site.
  • You can purchase additional credits.

Here are Some Valuable Strategies you can use to boost your Traffic Generation  ..

1) Link to several Link Exchange Networks to develop several Traffic  Hubs to Your Website.

Define a Niche for your Website, or  the category  of sites with which you want to trade links.

These sites are normally in your website's category of interest, or sites that you feel your visitors might find interesting.

If you are at the beginning of promoting your site and want to see results soon, exchange links with Link Exchange Networks.

The Reciprocal Links you setup with Link Exchange Networks are Infrastructure to your Marketing efforts, and will provide a steady stream of Traffic. Never be disappointed, if Traffic is not instantaneous, just be satisfied that your Website is now drawing exposure from several sources and you have a long term Traffic Generation Strategy.

If another webmaster asks you to exchange link, give him an answer. If you deny, explain why. If you like the content of that web site then add the link. Every link is useful.

Prefer text links rather than graphics as this would be more search engine friendly. If you want to make your site more impressive and satisfy your partner, add a graphic link too, but don’t overdo it.

Exchange as many links as you can. Don’t be afraid to swap links with competitor websites. This is not going to hurt your business. World wide web is a huge area. Internet has space for everyone.

The Link Exchange Network, like ourlinkexchange.com centralizes this effort and create the Central Hub that Traffic Flows between Participating Websites.

Free   google adwords. marketing team using google adwords to drive traffic for every franchise owner  Traffic is Flowing  Through This Website

This is the Landing page of Thousands of Google Adword Traffic each and every day. We welcome you to ourlinkexchange network, and be ready to receive  a Torrential Traffic Surge between thousands of participating websites across the internet and Google Adwords.

This is a Free Traffic Generating Resource provided to all Participating  Webmasters, with the singular objective of delivering constant traffic to your website 24 hours a day.

Advertising is the life blood of any business, no matter how big or how small.

No advertising usually means No Business.

Reciprocal links with Link Exchange Networks are one of the most common and most effective forms of website promotion. When sites trade links, they both benefit by sharing some traffic directly and getting noticed more favourably by the search engines.

  WOW !!,

After linking with you, it took a few weeks - then my Website Exploded. I woke up one morning, and my paypal account was jammed with orders.

I went from a few dollars a month, to over a thousand a day in Sales. I now see traffic coming from all over the internet, like my website suddenly got located on a busy freeway, and I became one of the Pit Stop. Thank You for placing me in front of this busy highway of traffic.  This Traffic Hub is Solid Gold to me.

Martin Fields

The quality and quantity of reciprocal links with other web sites allows you to increase your link popularity.

Increasing your link popularity will drive more traffic to your web site as more visitors will click through to your web site and better search engine ranking will result bringing more targeted traffic.

With the increasing competition, getting a good ranking in the search engines is important. If you really want a high rank position with the search engines and more traffic to your web site, you need to work out a focused linking strategy to establish reciprocal links with other web sites.

I know that exchanging links is not simple and take time, but is the best time investment you will ever do. The basic concept is simple - you link my site, I'll link yours and we'll both get an increase in traffic.

You can also setup your links at these very important resources to dramatically increase both your exposure and your Traffic.

The Link Machine at The Home Income Portal 



Through a Link Exchange Network, you immediately receive a flow of  Targeted Traffic, while you improve search engine ranking and develop your Traffic Stream that generates more traffic to your web site.

Reciprocal Links through a Link Exchange Network, will deliver the most effective Back Linking Strategy while developing your Search Engine Strategy for Higher Page Rank.

Your reciprocal link request is more likely to be taken seriously if you have your own domain! Some webmasters may not even wish to trade reciprocal links with websites with URLs based on other providers' domains, fearing the sites are not high quality. If you are serious about your website, consider getting your own domain. It costs some money, but the cash spent is well worth it when you realize how much better your website will be perceived in the eyes of your visitors. Never forget … The traffic that reciprocal links generate is FREE!!!


Former House and Motel Cleaner now earns 82k a Month using a Fully Automated and Turnkey Home Income Portal Franchise









This is Something You are Going to Want to Know

The reason YOU get this income month after month is because all your earnings are accumulated through Recurring Memberships. Every Month your Customers renew their membership by paying you.

All YOUR Customers are YOURS for LIFE, so the money keeps adding up every day, with every new member YOU get, until it gets so very big, YOU SUDDENENLY REALIZE - YOU ARE RICH.


grandpa, went to live there, used his computer to build an income over 80,000 a monthMy Grandpa

You see, my Grandpa (bless his kind heart) had a computer that was connected to the internet. Between breast feeding and diaper changes, I started going online to pass the time.

My Husband  became a real online entrepreneur, and he was going to make us rich. We lived every night with Huge, Gigantic Dreams that bust every morning as the plight of our reality hit home with the rising sun.

After all his dreams of getting rich maxed out our credit cards, God in his infinite wisdom guided my Hand, and my Mouse in a direction that forever changed our lives. This you will want to hear, it is the most incredible and Life Changing Guidance that can be used by anyone to attract and achieve life sustaining wealth.

Hello Everybody,

I can recommend The Home Income Portal. as your way to Earn a Living. There is nothing like it. I work in construction, and hurt my back. Since I could not go back to work, I turned to the internet to feed my family.

I tried everything, even had my Paypal account frozen from another business. So, when I discovered the Home Income Portal, I was already out of pocket, and into my savings to keep my nose above all my growing debt. Gosh, my debt was growing faster than my ability to earn an income. I took a few yard jobs, but that was not enough.

My Portal was a Life Saver, I am now certain that there is only one way to get a stable and secure income. Build recurring income from subscriptions every day, and very soon it grows. I make a sale once and I am paid Forever.

Now, week after week I can depend on $5,000 and more, (never less) a week and I never have to lift a hammer again, or hide from Workmen Comp. and stand in line for a small check. I am no longer a Number that is called from a Line, but a Real Person.

Get a Home Income Portal, It will save your Life. It did mine, and I am no computer genius.


Bruce Contador


I am a newbie both on the computer and on the internet. Therefore my experience in changing our lives by earning more than $82K ( thousand) dollars a month online is not based on any expertise or online experience on my part. Like most of us who work very hard to make ends meet, every dollar is precious. With a baby to care for, I am a very thrifty and realistic person. My Husband is the Almighty Businessman Dreamer. He was going to make us RICH.

I know that 80k a month sounds like a lot of money, but let me tell you - anything is possible with the Home Income Franchise. After I started with it, my Grandfather opened up his own Home Income Portal,  just to add some more income to his veteran and social security pension and he is now very successful with his Home Income Portal Franchise, earning more than 62K each and every month.

Your Home Computer is a Portal to a World of 100 Million people or more hungry to pay you  night and day.

It is all automated, and even when your Computer Income Portal at Home is shut off, the money continues to pour in to your paypal, safepay and alertpay account.

When you turn it back on, you surf over to your Paypal, Safepay and Alertpay account and transfer it all to your Bank Account. It really is that simple.

My Brand New Car

    After my friends realized that I am no longer destitute, ( Ha.. Ha .. its not that easy to miss...).

my new red car, I love it, it sits in my driveway and I admire itWhen you are so poor for so long, every bone in your body ache to spend, spend, spend.

When I go to the Mall, my eyes get blurry, tears sprang into them, and I had to try out my brand new, "ACTIVATED" credit card. I don't know about you, but when I get my hands on some money, it was time to splurge a little, I lied - A LOT. ... Showing off now ...

Here is my Brand New Red Chariot. It purrs on the road, and everyone, everyone loves it. It sits on my driveway like a beacon of  Wealth. I can sit for hours admiring it.

I never, never let my Hubby drive it. He can wash it, admire it, sit in it, but never drive my precious, precious red chariot. I love it, Love it. This is my First Car, and I will Love it forever.

Hi Doug,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for helping me put all the pieces together for my Home Income Portal.

 At First it was totally confusing, and I was completely overwhelmed. But once you get going,  I now understand that you just have to update  it once and never have to touch it again.

I’m currently setting up a few more affiliate income streams in the owners lounge, and expect them to do quite well.

There is simply nothing like  simply updating my profile, and in a few seconds after that I already had a few subscription sales for Traffic Magnet.

I am truly Amazed that there is an online business in which all my Customers Pay me Directly. No Bother, No Fuss.  After that, I am on Retail on the Internet. 

This is my third month, and I already have 2 months of growth and recurring Subscriptions, Unbelievable, $3,000 a week in recurring sales, and growing every day. All this from zero income everywhere.

I must say Doug, thanks for helping me save my marriage, my hubby was against this idea, and was ready to leave home for good, but now he cannot wait to get on the computer and count our money with me.

He just quit his job as District Operations Manager, and we look after our family Full Time.


Thanks again Doug 

Michelle La Croix

my home- I moved from my grandpa home to this new house. I bought it cashMy Home

My friend also got their own Home Income Portal, and in the first few days they buzzed my ears with questions, questions, questions. But after they realized how easy it was to operate their Home Income Portal,  they just started to amass their income from their Home. This is contagious, it is viral, and you will never, never look at your computer the same way again. You can only see it as a Home Income Portal.


The Home Income Portal Freedom. There is Nothing Like it.

Also, there are Affiliate Accounts that are also all setup for you that is like secret little places to stuff cash into. The official computer talk for this is Multiple Streams of Income. What you do is, You surf over to google adsense, clickbank, amazon, pageswirl, webdawg, traffic swarm and login to your Members Area there, it is all stuffed with cash.

You simply wait for these companies to mail you a check or you can set it up for them to wire it into your bank account. So, if the amount is over $5,000, I have them wire it, otherwise I wait for the check.

Now, I am not saying that you are going to make 60k or 80k,  it might be more or it might be less. But just the fact that you can turn your home computer into a Portal for Income is exciting, and terribly profitable.

My Vacation


And a Vacation ... Ummmm,

Finally, we were able to go on A  S-I-X W-E-E-K-S  V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, Rum, Sand and Salt Water.

You know the freedom, sitting at sunset, watching a Huge ball of fire sinking into the water. my six week vacation with my familyHuge Ball Of Fire sinking into the water.

The smell of water, suntan oil, heat and the feeling of peace of mind, and  the sheer exhilaration (wow!!, see that, a word a day pays off)  of  Total Freedom.

All this while, my Home Income Portal (shut Off) at home (hic!! hic!! ... of course), but my Handy, Dandy Notebook computer stashed in our Suite, we did all our Money Transfers from there.

Extraordinary Income For Ordinary People.



I am physically challenged, so I spend most of my day on the Computer. I operate many businesses and The Home Income Portal is the one that I use for a stable and secure income.

I do not need help or a Team, since I can do it all, Yet  the Home Income Portal is the only business I own that I can depend on getting 100K or more every month. It keeps me in the money and in the game.

Thank You Very Much

Jeremy Burnns

There are several good reasons why anyone can turn their Home Computer into a Automated Money Machine.

You do not need to be Computer Smart, or know anything about Marketing or Business,  

In fact it is better if you are dumb like me and Grandpa, so that it is easier to complete your Startup Profile and get your Home Income Portal generating income from your Home Computer.


 The Worst Day of my Life is Retirement, nothing to do, a worthless watch and a lifetime wasted, cleaning everybodys garbage. I am a sanitary engineer, worked all my life, brought up 5 children, and have 3 Grandchildren. Then I eat Dog Food to make ends meet. Some Mornings I do not want to wake up. My old company cannot even remember what I look like after 40 years of labour there.

It was after my friend came to my room and forced me to join him in a partnership for a Home Income Portal that there was a spark of Hope. Then it all went downhill. This dumb idea did nothing for me, I could not work the mouse, The Location bar was a mystery and I could never Log in. It was a Total Disaster. Then I pay and Pay and Nothing Happened.

I had a team assigned to us, and still nothing. I was very, very close to giving it all up.It was then my friend and I finally found our way into the Owners Lounge, got my Profile updated and still nothing.

Six months ago, sales started coming in day after day, It was the Most Exciting day of my LIFE. Every month I can depend on 14,000 or more, and I have money like a Gentleman.

Imagine, 82 years old and newly married. I live in Florida, Play Cards and have a Beautiful Life Companion. Yep!!, I married my friend.


Stanley McFarlane

 The Greatest thing about The Home Income Portal is - you can Get Started right away, even if its 3 a.m in the Morning. It is all Automated for your convenience, and the very second that you Login to The Owners Lounge and update your Profile, click update, The Home Income Portal is Live on The Internet and all your Customers will start buying from you directly.

Yes, it begins instantly to generate sales and build your income,  turning your Home Computer into a Virtual Portal for Income. There is no waiting around for this or that. It is this precise feature that saved me and my whole family. Let me give you an example of this Powerful Home Income Generator ..



Why YOU may be The Next Millionaire ...  This is going to drive you nuts.



You reached this Website with my story (most likely)   from

google adwords. marketing team using google adwords to drive traffic for every franchise owner 

I agreed to have this Website use my story to generate sales and income for all Active and Participating Franchise Website Owners.

This is Something You are Going to Want to Know

SSH!! - The Big Secret

Automated Random Rotation.

The Home Income Portal people have Veteran Marketing Teams competing on Google Adwords to reach Hundreds of Millions of people all over the World to generate income for you. They are doing the Advertising and Promotions at this time for you through Google Adwords.

There are more than 3 Million Websites like this one, (and similar  to this one) all over the internet on Multiple Networks, delivering customers to all Home Income Portal Franchise Owners. Yet, if you click through to Join The Home Income Portal,  you are going to Join through the next Franchise Owner Home Income Portal Owner Website that is on the ...

The Home Income Portal gave me Full Independence, its not just money but the Help I need on a day to day basis. Since I stay home a lot, (most of the day) I use my computer a lot.

I have tried every type of business on the internet, and this is the only one for me.It is not fancy that suck up my money with razzle, dazzle, but a down to earth business with the perfect idea.

It is for someone like me, who enjoy running things, and building an income. Since all my Customers Pay me Direct, I can really make this work for me. Also, I build my income, so every new subscriber pays me month after month, this way I stack it all up like a Money Tree that bears fruit every day.

After my first 3,000 a day, I stopped counting. I bought a SUV fitted for me to drive, a Fully constructed home that lets me roam about in my wheel chair, and a Husband that understand my Special needs.

Life is Full, and my Home Income Portal keeps it all together

Thanks for such a Brilliant Idea


Julie Henderson


Automated Random Rotation.

Therefore every New Subscriber joining the Home Income Portal Franchise as a "New Subscriber", is doing so from a  Franchise Owner Website on Rotation. That new Franchise Owner simply goes on Rotation, waiting his/her turn for the next person to subscribe from a Home Income Portal.

Every Franchise Owner is Automatically Generating Sales and Building Income from This Website you are now reading.

 If you already subscribed and you are a New Franchise Owner of a Home Income Portal and your Profile is updated to pay you directly, then you are on Rotation for New Subscribers delivered through google adwords. marketing team using google adwords to drive traffic for every franchise ownerThe Google Adwords System and you are on the ...

Automated Random Rotation

to start building and Accumulating Your Share of RECURRING INCOME.

Since your Customers Pay you Directly, they are Stuffing Cash into your Home Computer - Even while its shut off.

Everyone knows that Google Adwords produces Results and making Money with Google Adwords is a Billion Dollar Game.

Get Your Home Income Portal Here


They are not going to do this for very long, because it is very, very expensive to advertise through Google Adwords.

This Google Adwords campaign consists of 200 Adwords Campaign Ads that is rotating throughout the entire Google Network, triggered by more that a Million Search terms and Phrases.

Some of the Bids are 6.00 and 12.00 per click.

So, if you have not yet subscribed for your Home Income Portal as a Franchise Owner, I urgently urge you to do so Now before it is too late.

Get behind this page to participate in the hundreds of millions of traffic that Google delivers through their system, and enjoy the blessing that Google and The Home Income Portal will bestow to your Home through your Home Computer. Let me explain this further, it is terribly important that you grasp what is happening here, and why this

As you may as well know,..

Google Adwords = Success

this is a given, so Get a Home Income Portal before its too late. If you wait, bookmark this page and come back at a later date, be warned - This campaign to get behind this page may already be stopped. So, if you are still undecided, Do It Anyway.

You arrived  here for a Purpose, Fullfil it...

Get Your Home Income Portal Here

Get your Home Computer on The Automated Rotation and take Advantage of The Current Multi Marketing and Promotional Campaign that is unleashed to drive Sales and Income directly  to your Home Computer.

Can you see now,  it is not an accident or coincidence that you arrived at this website. The invisible hand is guiding you to urgently turn your home computer into a Home Income Portal.

Get Your Home Income Portal Here

YOUR Financial Success is our

 #1 Priority

Start Right Now and Get Your Home Income Portal and get The Most Explosive Features For Your online Business.

Your Home Income Portal is built on 5 Domains. A Powerful Automated Tool to Independent Traffic Streams from 5 Independent Buying Pool Sources to rapidly gain more customers Worldwide.

Customers delivered automatically to your Home Income Portal front door from pay per click engines, like Google Adsense, Yahoo and Enhance.

Satellite Portals on 91 Domains Actively Selling to Customers For You night and Day. All this implemented for you behind the scenes.

Entire Home Income Portal completely Optimized on Micro-Niche to Dominate in The Search Engines.

Thousands of Article embed pages are implemented searching the Internet 24/7 For Hungry and "Ready to Buy" Customers to deliver to your Home Income Portal to Generate Sales and Income For You.

Built In Google Adsense Network to Build Your Adsense Income Internetwide.

Full Network of Marketing Resources To Deliver Traffic 24/7, 365 Days A Year

In House Banner Exchange Network To Deliver Laser Targeted Traffic to Each And Every Home Income Portal.

In House Traffic Exchange Network To Build and Expand The Traffic Reach Of Every Home Income Portal .

Equipped with a $100,000 Library Shelf of Reseller and PLR Products you can sell anywhere including ebay, and new Products are added everyday. (see below for a small example)

In-House Resources For Your Business Social Community Network.

Blogs, Blogs, Blogs, Millions Of Posts, Fresh Posts on Wordpress Platforms on a Multi Domain Environment Selling Your Products and Services to build Your Recurring Income.

Full Google Adword Training in the Owners Lounge. The Ultimate Guide that will have you Making Money This very moment.

Seamless Integration with Affiliate Products like clickbank and Amazon to build for You Multiple Streams of Income.

Live Real Time Update. One Stop Update. Complete your Owner Profile in the Owners Lounge and your Retail online Business is instantly updated Live. Your Customers Start Buying From You.

Host your Ready to-do online Business Website.

Handle all Maintenance and Support entirely on a Subscription Basis. Nothing on the Internet compares to Your Home Income Portal Franchise Website

All your Customers receive Full Customer Support from a central Support Department. You invest more of your time building your online business.

Install and Host your (completely designed and ready to do business on the internet ) Franchise Website on our network of servers.

Unlimited Bandwidth, No Fuss, No Worry Hosting Solutions for Your online Business.

Immediate Products and Services provided, no need to develop and build a product or service for sale.

All Products and Services are Yours, and Your Home Income Portal is Fully Equipped to Retail them to a Billion People and More Worldwide.

This is Your online Business. Your Customer Pay You Directly  The Full Retail Price.

Total Integrity Affiliate Program,  managed by an independent third party ccBill. They pay you directly for every new Home Income Portal Subscriber you refer.

This You are Going To Want to Know About

When you click to subscribe here, you will Land on a Franchise Website that is on Rotation, and they will get you as a recurring customer. Each Person that clicks to subscribe will become the Customer on Rotation.

Behind this page is a Fully Automated Rotation of Home Income Portal  Franchise Websites. As Traffic Swarm to this page, (and over 3,000 similar pages like this) all over the internet and subscribe for their Home Income Portal or other Products and Services from the Portal -

Franchise Website Owners are Accumulating their Membership Subscriptions and building their Recurring Income from the streams of Traffic coming from Google Adwords.

Day after Day, as their customers grow, so will their income. This is the way you build to 82k a month in recurring income. It simply grows and grows, relentlessly marching ahead to build you a Millionaire Income.

Behind This page is where you want to be, and grab your share of  recurring income, as Google Adwords stream Traffic through to build your Income.

Get Your Home Income Portal Here

Starting A business online is not easy, and we have lost our shirts more than once.

Today, we play, we go on vacations, we have all the time in the world for our family. The smell of a newly built home is the Most Wonderful Feeling in the World, and I will cherish it to my old age.

The Luckiest day of all our online adventures was at a my sisters birthday party, and hearing her story with a Home Income Portal.

We stayed over at her home, because we needed to hear more. Since we were maxed out, she lent us the money (she had plenty, believe me), $ 36.00 to get started.

That was how our adventure started, the cheapest business I ever got involved in. But I met a lot of people with the same experiences, so I wrote to them, and what do you know ?

It is 4 years now, and we are having a Great Life. We have accumulated over 3,000 subscriptions, all recurring every month, so every day - we have money !!.

We earn from our online business $700,000 to $800,000 a year and it grows by itself. I am still part of our group, and together (all 12 Wise People) gross in excess of 4 Million Dollars combined.


Donna and Mark

While you are reading this, a hundred thousand people are also reading this with you from all over the World, and They are Subscribing For Their Own Home Income Portal.  

they Want To go on The Automated Rotation (right Here) and Grab their Share Of The new Home Income Portal Subscribers and The New Customers Streaming through  Here to start building their Recurring Income Right Now.

At this very moment, you are missing out on their Subscription and their Purchases.

The quicker you get Your Home Income Portal on The Automated Rotation Schedule, the Quicker you too can start on your Road to Financial Success through your Home Income Portal.

subscribe now 


I am a Home Income Portal Owner, and I am very Happy with it. I live on a pension and my Home Income Portal Income. I am no longer an old woman, but a very loved lady.

All it takes for all your Children to Love and Appreciate you, is have more than 21k in income every month.

I am not cynical, but have walked the road from old woman to lady. It takes a House, A Car, A Chauffeur and a Cook. Then your Grown children will visit and love you to death.


Grace Bingham

It is now your Decision - Rich or Poor ?

Get Your Home Income Portal Here

Are you ready to plug your Computer into The Home Income Generator ?

Plug It In Here

These Are All Your inventory products That will be makingyou Tons of Money Night and Day.


Equipped with a $100,000 Library Shelf of Reseller and PLR Products you can sell anywhere including ebay, and growing everyday. (This is only a Small small  Sample)


Software & Scripts


File Size

Redirect It Pro

2.95 MB

Context Ad Generator

132 KB

Digital Product Management System

327 KB

Website Fire


Right Click Income

73.64 MB

You Cant Block This

6.29 MB

Traffic Converter Pro

564 KB

Site Comments Pro

123 KB

Shareware Creator

10.54 MB

Intelligent 404

156 KB

Eprofit Generator

5.68 MB

Conversion Equalizer

6.82 MB

Blogging Ninja

1.90 MB

Simple Form Builder

171 KB

My Viral Lottery

368 KB

Affiliate Postcard Generator

265 KB

Data Manager PRO

35.67 MB

Friendly Tube

24.75 MB

ClickGate PRO

4.91 MB

Video Web Wizard.zip

10.55 MB

Word To Webpage

1.61 MB

Second Chance Profits

174 KB

Local Keywords Gold

1.85 MB

Keyword Cash Generator

3.09 MB

PDF ProfitLock

19.63 MB

Squeeze Your Way To Wealth

6.40 MB


399 KB

Feedback Analyzer PRO

58.35 MB

PR Backlinks Generator

522 KB

Site Page Tracker

13.90 MB


2.10 MB

KaleidoSite PRO

14.20 MB

Sales Page Rapid Fire

1.54 MB

Tip Article Creator

1.33 MB

Content Magnet - Article Extractor

1.25 MB

Keyword Niche Power

6.94 MB

Mailing List Manager

552 KB

PDF Labelling And Stamper

13.92 MB

Software Index

372 KB

Sonic Opt-In

1.87 MB

Podcast Creator & Text To Speech Converter

4.12 MB

Site Wizard PRO & Easy WYSIWYG HTML Editor

18.29 MB

Download Site Creator

860 KB

Ebiz Gallery PRO

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Idea Bucket

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Keyword Swipe

20.42 MB

Instant Blog And Ping

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The Affiliate Marketers Tool Kit

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Blog Link Generator

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Ad Tracking Pro

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Free List PRO

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Article Submitter

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Audio Niche Automator

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The Sales Letter Creator

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Email Format PRO

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Content Scrubber

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Your Very Own Article Directory

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Article Page Machine

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Your Own Instant Ebay Info Store

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Easy Ezine Machine

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Fly-In-Ads Creator

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Pay Per Click Search Engine Generator

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Impact Pop-Up

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CB Ads Genie

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Page Rank Explorer

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Install Wizard PRO

3.51 MB

These Are All Your inventory products That will be makingyou Tons of Money Night and Day

Hey there Dudes and Duddets,

Jake the flake here,

So if you see my Face, then you in the Right Place. So listen up here, turn down the radio, turn off the TV, so you can hear me.

Read aloud, yep, that's talking. Do Not Wait, Plug in, get involved and Start your own Home Income Portal. Pay with CCBILL, that is how you are going to get paid every week.

OK, I am a PHD in Software Engineering, and I paid for it all with my Home Income Portal. It is the coolest thing on the internet. I can make software, I know the computer like every capacitor in it. I understand molecules and atoms, but I Do Not Know Business. I invest, BAM !! - I lose.

So listen from Jake the Geek, it cost me over $125,000 to go to school, and I paid for it easy. Income steady from my portal, every day, every week, every year.

I lived in my own house, had it all Furnished, 3 Notebooks, every room wired with a Computer and my own Computer Room. I walk in, there is my 52 LCD on the wall, Full Size Monitor.

Everything I need, all paid For. Mine Yep!!, Never worked a day in my Life. I am researching artificial intelligence FULL TIME. One day, Jake the Flake will be a Billionaire from my Research, but For now, I pull down a cool 2 Million a year from My Home Income Portal, and the Sandy Beach is Just Outside my Back Door.


Don't Wait !!, Don't Walk, Run you hear

Jake Cohen Soft Eng.



Equipped with a $100,000 Library Shelf of Reseller and PLR Products you can sell anywhere including ebay, and growing everyday. (This is only a Small small  Sample)


Audio & Video Products

ProductFile Size
Classified Marketing Secrets 48.80 MB
Instant Blog Cash 25.04 MB
Tiger Foreclosures 81.05 MB
Web Video Tactics 99.14 MB
Product Domination 98.86 MB
Craigslist Marketer Pros 73.27 MB
Niche Blog Affiliate Profits 44.58 MB
My List Profits 35.70 MB
Cashing In On Craigslist 33.10 MB
Action Blueprint 29.77 MB
10 YouTube Marketing Video Tutorials341.66 MB
Cash On Demand33.97 MB
The Adsense Secret That Everyone Forgot About24.08 MB
Instant Audio Creator20.54 MB
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I am a work at home mom. Forget the Hype, it is not easy to be a working single mother. Had too many diaper days with no money. Their Father donated his plentiful sperms, but never any money to go along with the results.

Yep, got my belly swollen 3 times, and two girls and a boy popped out. Each time was supposed to be different - but on the third fertilized sperm, I got serious. I needed to look after things. That night, he went to get his SH### together. I suppose he did. I never saw him again.

Eviction Notice at the door, my sperm donator gone, and I have 3 crying, hungry babies to feed and care for ...

I grabbed his computer, Yep !! - The SH###T bought computer, no Formula. and was about to throw it out the window, something inside stopped me. Did you know, it was working, so that is how I survived. Dreaming online of The Good Life.

Yep, I am a Home Income Portal Owner for years now, and with my income close to a Million a Year, I can Afford my Lifestyle. I never saw my Sperm Donator, but I have his computer framed and mounted on the wall as my Trophy, and yes - You are going to LOVE this ...

I had a custum made blow up of him in my relax room. Everytime I need to unwind, I would punch him a few times, but he always come back up for more. It is my Life Challenge to Punch him so much, he will Go Down and Stay Down.


Cheryl Baptiste











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