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26. 8. 2008


Price increases to $97 in
00 Days, 10 Hours, 47 Minutes, 11 Seconds.

Create An Automated Money
On eBay Using This Powerful
Yet Incredibly Easy To Use Software!

Auction Acrobat is not just a software but an automated sales machine that delivers CD/DVD's, build a buyer list, and much much more... Now you can make long term residual income on eBay without selling!

Full Disclosure: To use this software - you do not need any PHP knowledge, you do not need a product of your own, you do not need a mailing list, you don't even need a functioning website. All you need is a simple webhost to build an unstoppable automated income stream on eBay. Setup once, sell forever. Guaranteed! Special discount here.

Auction Acrobat Seamlessly Integrates With:


eBay can make you money... loads of it!

In the next few minutes you will learn about a shocking new tool that will change the way you think about eBay forever. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, and how you carry out your day to day business online.

If you thought eBay was only for work-at-home moms, hobby-seekers or garage-sale junkies who are just looking to make a penny here and there...

You were wrong!

Read the next few words very carefully...

Over 70,000 new 'buyers' join eBay every single day!

eBay has an existing customer base of 240 Million users looking to buy information/goods from YOU!

There are over 700,000 users making a living on eBay. Most, from the comfort of their home!

1/3 of all U.S. Internet users visit eBay at least once a month.

Bottom line, if you were ignoring eBay can't any longer!

With the right system in place you can use eBay to generate Automated Income Streams with little or no effort! If you are interested in running a successful eBay business on autopilot, you are in the right place at the right time!

The time to take advantage is NOW...

With your permission, in the next few minutes, I'd like to introduce you to a brand new automated income stream that is proven to work and make even the non-marketing savvy newbie users maximum profits with less effort using the revolutionary Auction Acrobat Software!

Only a select group of underground marketers had access to this incredibly powerful software ...until now!

This software will give you an opportunity to

Legally and ethically exploit the HOT unknown niches of eBay that you never knew existed!
Deliver CD/DVD's on complete autopilot. 100% Automation. The software will do all the work for you!
Make consistent income on complete autopilot. This system is proven to work again and again!
Churn out highly profitable buyer leads that will keep buying from you month after month, for years to come...
Make money without selling, this secret inbuilt feature will make you money without lifting a finger. Now eBay will indirectly 'pay' all your PayPal and listing fees!

Get Your Hands On This Powerful Software Tool Now

This 'Software Breakthrough' Can Now Work Long Hours For You!

"Built by Marketers for Marketers"

We have done the hard work for you. We created this software keeping marketers in mind. We understand that you are sick and tired of information overload.

There is NO 100 page manual here, there is NO get-rich-quick scheme... Virtually every working formula required to make money on eBay is compiled into one powerful software that delivers physical CD/DVD's to your customers on complete autopilot.

You don’t need to know a thing about eBay to make money from this software. This software works for anyone, even those who’ve never setup a website or sold a single product before now.
No decision-making or intense thinking is required from you... Ever! It is extremely easy to set up this software, once setup the system is as easy as "copy and paste."
Once you’re up to speed, the whole process could take as little as 30 minutes per day or less. I like to make my money, and then enjoy my life… so you certainly don’t need to be in front of your computer for long stretches of the day.
You won't have to bury yourself in training materials for months, before you start. Remember, the beauty of this unique software is its devastating simplicity. It could well start generating income for you within a few days...

eBay digital ban hit me hard...But not anymore!

Hi Paul,

I've been a long-time newsletter reader of yours. As you already know, the eBay digital ban hit us all very hard. I had an $2,000/month income stream that completely vanished the next day...

Not anymore! In fact, I am currently pricing all my physical CD/DVD infoproducts at 50% higher prices and getting the same amount of purchases and it's completely automated!

Thanks Paul, you rock! This software comes at the right time for all eBay sellers!

Benjamin Roth


You must be thinking... "sounds nice, but..." am I right?

I can show you my PayPal account with MONEY Proof but proof can be easily manipulated and people have lost trust in them. So, here are some live examples that CD/DVD products SELL!

Who wouldn't want to set up profit pulling auctions like these and make sales every single day on complete auto-pilot? I certainly would!

Note: As you can see in the picture above you may charge as much as $12 to $18 for shipping for every CD/DVD you sell on eBay!

NEWS FLASH! It costs ONLY $1.75 to create, burn, package and ship the item to your customers doorstep using the Auction Acrobat software along with Kunaki services. Since shipping is paid for by your customers anyway, that $1.75/per item is your 'hard-cost' and you only pay it if you sell your product! No monthly fees, No minimums to pay, or Hidden fees.

Bottom line = more money in your pocket!

You do not have to touch a single button once everything is set up. Auction Acrobat does everything from take orders, saving the customer information on your server, sending the customer email and name to your autoresponder and kunaki will create, burn, package and ship the CD/DVD to your customers doorstep.

It is 100% Automated!

Check out the copies of the order confirmation emails I receive in my inbox every single day! This further proves that there is demand for these products...

You can replicate this success and make money with little or no effort using the powerful Auction Acrobat software! Get it now...

You should have already made your decision by now... Auction Acrobat can truly make you consistent income on complete autopilot. If you are still in a dilemma read ahead...

" Ten Reasons Why Auction Acrobat Can Help Your eBay Business "

Aside from the fact that you don't need a product of your own or the fact that you don't need any marketing skills to sell on eBay, here is what makes Auction Acrobat revolutionary...

Works in every country that eBay supports - No more restrictions! Sell where you want, when you want. Do you have a CD/DVD product targeted to a specific country's audience? No problem, list and receive payments within minutes...
Sell physical CD/DVD's on autopilot - Physical products can be homestudy courses, public domain material, tutorial videos, software, infoproducts with resale rights and other information products.
The software setup takes less than 5 minutes and there are a maximum of four lines of PHP code to edit. We have designed the script keeping the newbie users in mind.
Capture buyer’s physical address if you are interested in direct mail marketing - This is a great way to build a loyal high-end customer base. Currently, this is the hottest communication medium that the million dollar businesses are using.
Capture buyer’s email and add it to your auto-responder or use in a safe way you wish for future promotions - this can be the real cash cow!
100% Compatible With Aweber and GetResponse - there are no forms to fill, no code to edit. All the leads will be automatically added to your autoresponder!
Sell unlimited CD/DVD products on eBay- You can add as many products as you wish within minutes. No more testing, tweaking or other mundane tasks. (Setup once - sell forever!)
Allows MULTIPLE product purchases on eBay through one auction listing - Sell multiple items and pay less for shipping in kunaki (special multiple item discounts). Now, you can offer shipping discounts and destroy your competition!
100% integration with PayPal for your convenience and easy payment options using eBay. eBay swears by PayPal and why wouldn’t it? It bought it after all!

    Point. Click. Deliver. It's That's Easy!

Easy 4 Step Easy Installation Process

One of the greatest problems with software products is that they are designed by geeky programmers who will only go as far as to make the software work. But remember, we are marketers, we are interested in making money not wasting time figuring out code. This software achieves just that.


Warning: Advanced Acrobatic Features Ahead!

If you have tried selling on eBay or have an existing eBay business, you know that it is a competitive but very profitable marketplace where the more 'up to speed' you are with things, the more successful you generally are.

A fair warning here, these are advanced features. You don't even need them to have success with this software, but these were requested by the "elite" eBay sellers because we wanted to make the most money possible using this software. We just didn't do a software that is "half-baked" and sell you a "better" version on the back-end. This is a complete software.

Some amazing advanced features of Auction Acrobat are:

Supports Multiple eBay Accounts - Literally setup multiple eBay accounts with multiple auctions and you don’t need another install, it is all done in a single install.

Adds the first name AND last name of the buyer even if it is a PayPal Business account to your Aweber/GetResponse campaign automatically.
Adds the “primary” PayPal email address (the one that is checked the most, this is usually the support email) to your Autoresponder automatically! - personal note: this is the most responsive list and the open rates are amazing!
Supports almost every eBay country.
Supports any currency.
The software is setup in such a way that even if eBay changes something, it still functions flawlessly! No more "short-term" solutions that work for a while and stop working when you most need them!
You can finally upsell your customers immediately after purchase! (The time they are most responsive to your emails and offer)
New Addition: brand new tutorial videos that show how to profit from this software using 3 awesome built-in marketing features of the software. You literally may never have to worry about paying for your eBay and PayPal fees ever again because these 3 features make you enough profits to offset these costs

If you've been dreaming of finally "going for it", and changing your life accordingly... this is probably one opportunity you should jump on, right now. I hope your marketing efforts are working out for you. I know they're already working out great for those folks who've
been listening to me...

Auction Acrobat Is Unique and Nothing Like You Have Ever Seen Before!

100% Secure Interface!

We have custom built Auction Acrobat to suit the needs of newbies and advanced ebay users alike. Auction Acrobat has some unique features that will make it extremely easy and flexible for you to customize your auctions exactly the way you want it!

Sell multiple items through one auction listing - example: When someone buys two, three or more items from a single auction, the order is sent to kunaki as “one sale.” This way the vendor receives a special discount from Kunaki on the shipping price = more profits in your pocket!

Ability to use special “wild card” characters in the eBay auction title - for example you may use '*', '#' or anything you can think of without any problem = more flexibility and freedom to sell your product the way you like.
Logs all the customer order information in one file - no more scrambling and searching hundreds of text files = easy access to all information, saves time and effort.
Fraud Protection - Sometimes, when automation is in place, some buyers will ‘commit to buy’ your product but will not pay for it and once your product is shipped, it will cause all kinds of problems. So, we incorporated a neat feature where the product gets shipped only if you receive the full payment to your PayPal account.
Put your complete eBay business on autopilot - with Auction Acrobat, you can make sales even when you are not at home, even if your internet connection goes down!

"...Your software makes selling digital goods on CD as simple as selling eBooks..."

-Jim Cockrum

Top selling author
and eBay expert

Hey Paul -

Digital goods on eBay just got automatic again! Thanks buddy!

I have to admit I was sad when eBay made us stop selling digital goods. I don't want to spend my days putting labels on CD's and shipping them out in little padded envelopes. That stinks.

Your software makes selling digital goods on CD as simple as selling eBooks used to be. AWESOME!

Also - tell your customers that I know for a fact that a CD or DVD buyer is a FAR BETTER LEAD than an ebook buyer! It's a proven fact.



You Are Sitting On a Gold Mine ...

The posibilites are truely endless! Now you can completely automate your eBay business and generate consistent income streams with little or no effort on your part.

You can try Auction Acrobat Risk Free for 60 Days!

The truth of the matter is . . . You can do exactly what everyone else is doing and get the same kind of mediocre results they are getting on eBay...


You can use the incredibly powerful Auction Acrobat software to build a business model that will make you money not only in the "shot-term" but will work for you and keep churning out great results for you "long term."

It all starts here .... order now and take your eBay business to new heights!

Download The Auction Acrobat Software With Lifetime Updates, Help Videos and Unadvertised
Now . . .

YES Paul, Please Give Me Instant Access To The Auction Acrobat Software and All The Unadvertised Bonuses Now!

For $127 $97 $87. . .
(This early-bird offer of $77 expires soon)

Only $77

(One-time payment only)

Order With Confidence. Auction Acrobat Comes With FULL 60 Day
No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Note: DO NOT hit the "BACK" or "CLOSE" button after you pay for the item. You will be redirected to the secure member's area!

In the right hands, Auction Acrobat is extremely powerful! Whether it is in your hands or your competitor's hands will decide the fate of your business.

Auction Acrobat not only puts your business on complete autopilot but also builds you a brand name and a buyer list that can make you a lot of of money in the long term. Plus, some awesome inbuilt features of Auction Acrobat will convert your existing buyers in to "repeat buyers."

With virtually little or no effort you can create autopilot residual income streams. Get it now...

To Your Online Success,

Paul Ponna
Author and Internet Entrepreneur

P.S. With Auction Acrobat, you can make hundreds of dollars and build a highly-profitable buyer list by just selling resale rights, PLR, public domain, and other information products on complete autopilot. You will never have to sweat creating your own product!


P.P.S. Still here? In case you're still on the fence about this, I'm giving you a full 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. That's how confident I am that Auction Acrobat will take your business to the next level! so what are you waiting for... order today!

"...After a long time, I can finally say
I made a purchase I'm very proud of..."

Hi there,

I just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know that I'm very impressed by this software.

Over the past couple of months, there have been many "breakthrough" software products released. But with Auction Acrobat I am amazed at the simplicity of the software.

I am no expert in computers but this software is easy to use and has a ton of great features! definately a great buy.

Anna Maria

P.S. Thanks for the help videos and awesome bonuses in the members area.



Auction Acrobat is completely compatible with all operating systems and works on all PHP interfaces!



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