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Automated Software Program,

22. 7. 2008

After 5 years, I'm going to break my silence and reveal my fully automated
software that generates $500 in profit for me everyday
... So now you can...

Go Ahead...

"Plug Into This 100% Automated Software Program,
Sit Back While It Makes Money For You...
All By Itself In Just 10 Minutes..."

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From: Michael Vincent
Creator, Automatic Forex Cash System

My wife Sandy didn't want me to write this letter.

She says I'm bragging, and the whole reason behind this is to boast.

So now I'm typing furiously before she wakes up and makes me go to bed.

You see, I think it's important to get this message out. I know there are tons of people who dream about generating five figures a month in the Forex market, but are scared to get going.

I almost was too. That is, until I stumbled upon a highly guarded secret. One that ensures you Forex success and...

No Experience Required! This Simple Cash Generating System works for ANYONE - no matter age, sex, education, skill or background. Only requires ten minutes per week of your time (perfect if you work a 9-5 job)...
Designed to Run Unattended! This is the easiest way ever to make damn good money from the internet every single month – No technical headaches to deal with or websites to worry about. So easy-to-use that even if you've never heard the word “Forex” before in your life... you'll still be on your way to forex success in 5 minutes or less...
Costs NOTHING To run  – other than a connection to the internet this System won’t cost you a dime to set up & operate.
Lightning Fast Results – Follow this easy, step by step formula in just a couple of hours from the comfort of your own home & get results (= money in the bank) in just 2 weeks… or less!

Check Out These Testimonials...

(Click the play button to start the video)

Damien O Neill, Ireland - "Automatic Forex Cash is amazing!"

And the best part is...

The Less Time You Have... The Better.

What I'm going to share with you was designed for the busy person.

Someone who has a lot going on and no time to be glued to the computer all day, but still wants a piece of the huge Forex pie.

When I started, I was working my 9-5. I probably still would be, too, if Sandy didn't want to take so many vacations. So I must figure out a way to make her happy.

I truly believe the System I'm about to give you actually works better for people who have no time... or are just lazy like me.

See, while other people are staring at the computer screens, changing their minds over and over... and causing “paralysis by analysis”... all you have to do is show up ten minutes a week.

I know it's contrary to everything you've heard before, but...

(Click the play button to start the video)

Sandy E., Ohio - "I have $220s flying in left and right"

Forex Doesn't Have To Be Overwhelming!

Most people make it far too hard on themselves... and that's why 99% of them fail.

There's simply no need to get caught up in the hoopla... glued to your computer monitor all day, scrutinizing charts and trying to figure out how to analyze the market.

And it's just pointless to teach yourself anything technical.

There's no need to master your “gut instinct”, go through learning curves, or spend time trying to learn worthless discretionary Systems.

It's all a big waste of time.

Do you want to know the trick to earning consistent income on autopilot with Forex?

(Click the play button to start the video)

Peter from Estonia - "It made me over $430 dollars already!"

I Hope You're Listening Closely...
Here Comes The Secret

What it comes down to is that the most successful Forex Systems are 100% mechanical.

Completely automated, no thinking allowed.

Trust me, I learned this the hard way. In my 5+ years with Forex, I fell into the same traps time and time again.

I spent years working like a crazed bulldog... researching and testing different trading indicators, methods, strategies, and techniques.

I had my share of heartache... fists pounding against my computer desk... and emotion-based decisions that cost me thousands.

And I came to the same conclusion that you'd come to, too:

All you need is a proven, logical, and scientifically sound formula that has been working exceptionally well (and will continue to do so).

Once I really “got” this, I was able to change everything. And with my team of highly talented programmers, I created a piece of software that took out the judgment and replaced it with proven, steadfast formulas.

And forex cash was there for the taking.

Now, I'm not going to sit here and fill you up with false promises... swearing up and down that you'll make millions overnight. I just won't.

But this automated System has been...

Proven To Generate Up To $1200
On A Single Trade.

So how much is it possible for YOU to make?

Well, you can do the math from there.

If you want to take control of your life and are willing to invest just a minute per week... you'll have the chance to earn a near-effortless and autopilot income.

You can search high and low – I assure you that you'll never find a more profitable income opportunity in today's marketplace.

I can't stress enough... what most people fail to understand is that trading is not gambling when you have a 100% automated software that does everything FOR you.

You don't need to get worked up, agonize over every little trade, or endure heartache. There's no grueling over charts...

All you have to do is log on for ten minutes a week...

...and you're DONE.

You can concentrate on other things while the System makes you more and more money.

So let me tell you more about what I created...

I call it "Automatic Forex Cash"

It's truly an incredible software. Here's the specs:

It's shockingly simple. It takes 15 minutes at most for the average trader to create an account, understand the process, and apply.

Mind-boggingly easy. It's easily and quickly understood by anybody from newbie to veteran.

Easy to install. Easy to use. It takes at most 5 minutes to get the software up and running.

It can't get angry or greedy... so it allows YOU to operate at 100% efficiency

You can start with as little as $50 USD on a real account or experiment on a demo account without risking any real money until you're comfortable.

It works with absolutely any forex broker.

It applies to each and every currency pair and any financial market.

Reliable and consistent.

It can be tested without having to risk any trading capital!

Can be used anywhere at any time because the market is always open!

Now listen. I know you might be wary. You might even be thinking, “Too good to be true.”

So now...

I Propose You Take A Challenge.

I was just like you. Scared to get into forex, worried about wasting money...

So I'm going to challenge you. Try out Automatic Forex Cash. Download it and have it ready to go within less than 5 minutes (even if you have no experience).

Set up a demo account if you want to play around... or just start trading.

If for some reason you don't profit, send in your trading screenshot and I'll refund you straight away. No questions asked.

Honestly, I don't want your money if you're not generating massive results from my software.

Now I'll bet you're wondering...

“ What's The Bottom Line? ”

First, let me ask you a question.

How much is potentially generating thousands a week with ten minutes of your time worth to you?

Even if you only generated $500 a week, would a one-time fee of $500 be worth it to you (considering you'll be making the $500 over and over...)

Or what about if I only asked for half a week's profit of $250? Remember, I'm lowballing here...

But I'm not going to charge $500 or $250. In fact, Automatic Forex Cash System is only a one-time investment of $97.

That's it.

One-time payment, but you'll generate earnings over and over.

I should warn you though, that's...

For The First 500 People Only!

After that, the price shoots up.

So I highly suggest you act now while the opportunity is on the table.

But don't say YES right now...

Just Say 'Maybe' And Try It
Without Any Risk For 56 Days...

The Automatic Forex Cash System comes with an unconditional 56 day money back guarantee.

That means you can try it out for 2 full months. If for some reason you're not completely thrilled, you can get your money back immediately. No questions asked.

There's no sneaky gimmicks or fine print to that offer – it's an unconditional 56 day money back guarantee.

So, here's what you need to do now...

All you have to do is click the secure "Order" button below.

And enter your credit cards details. But remember you've got full 8 weeks to evaluate this System, with my risk-free trial.

That means... You have 8 weeks to test this System 100% risk free.. And in those 8 weeks, you’ll be able to put what I have described to work and make money for YOU.

If you don’t start earning at least your investment back, then I insist you email me for a full refund. (Contact page at the bottom).

Which means, if I’m wrong about all of this... You’ve lost just a few minutes of your time.

But what if I’m right....

Click here to reserve your spot...

Automatic Forex Cash System
Risk-Free Acceptance Form

Yes, I want to generate a near-effortless income spending just ten minutes a week...

Yes, I want to earn huge profits with your “no-judgment needed” System...

Yes,  I want to make winning trades with this consistently profitable, proven System...

On that basis, I'd love to get a copy of this powerful System now before it's too late...

Click here to grab "Automatic Forex Cash" now...


Order online safely and securely.
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used

To autopilot income,

P.S. - Remember the challenge. This is fully guaranteed and you are risking absolutely nothing. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that I'm going to hand you over, no-questions-asked, 100% of your money if you decide for any reason that you're not thrilled. I am assuming all the risk.

Click Here To Enroll Now...

- Please remember that the price is going up very quickly. After 500 people purchase, the price will automatically shoot up.

Click Here To Reserve Your Copy At The Discounted Launch Price...


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