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Explode Your MiniSite Profits

27. 6. 2008


Explode Your MiniSite Profits


If you’ve watched the free videos in my MiniSite Profits Exposed course, you already understand the profit potential of minisites.

I’ve been in business online for quite a while now, and minisites are still a fantastic, simple way to make money online.

But how can you leverage your minisite work to pile up even more money? It’s not hard to set up a minisite (actually, it’s pretty easy once you know what to do), but it’s smart business to make your efforts pay off in more than one way. Let me lay out a simple scenario to illustrate the point.

Say you set up a minisite to promote your own ebook. That’s a good strategy.

Now, where is your traffic coming from? Speaking in pretty general terms, there are two ways to get traffic to any website:

  1. You can use various strategies to get free traffic
  2. You can pay for traffic using something like Google’s AdWords program

Free traffic is great, and I highly recommend trying to get some. I even give you some tips in MiniSite Profits Exposed (and more in the advanced videos).

But don’t ignore that second option. AdWords is one of the fastest ways to get laser targeted traffic for your minisite. And actually, you’ll want to use it in two ways.

First, you want to get traffic to your minisite to sell your product. Hey, that’s why you put the site up in the first place! AdWords is a great way to get that traffic fast.

Second, you want to get traffic to your minisite to buy other people’s products. Don’t let that confuse you. I’ll explain.

In MiniSite Profits Exposed, I mentioned promoting affiliate products to the email list you build at your minisite. That’s very smart, and I’d be proud of you for doing it.

But there’s no reason you can go outside your list and get even more affiliate sales. Your minisite gives you a perfect platform to do it.

The first step is to track down hot products to promote. One of the easiest places to find those is ClickBank.

The ClickBank marketplace is easy to search, and you can promote any product there for free. All you need is a ClickBank ID, which is easy to sign up for and costs nothing to get.

You’ll have to research the products, of course, and find some that target your niche well. And you’ll want to focus on ones that are currently selling well for existing affiliates. No sense in trying to blaze a new trail. Find some that already are making money for people, and take your slice of that pie.

Once you know what to promote, you’ll have a do a little “tech stuff”. It’s not a crazy amount, and you don’t have to be a genius, but you’ll have to complete some technical tasks before you’re ready to promote.

You’ll need to set up a directory (a folder) at your site that contains a special type of page. That page might be:

  • A review page of an affiliate product with your opinion of it, and your affiliate link at the bottom to send a reader to the product sales page. By the way, if you have a good review page template to use, that’s the fast track to making lots of money with your minisite as an affiliate.
  • A case study page that tells people about your experience with the affiliate product, with your affiliate link at the bottom.
  • A sign-up page with an email address capture form that sends people through your affiliate link to the product sales page.
  • A “pre-sell” page for the affiliate product that aims to warm up a prospect and make him more likely to buy when he clicks your affiliate link to get to the product sales page.

Writing these pages yourself will take some copywriting skill, and you’ll have to be able to set up an HTML page on your own.

If you don’t want to mess with any of that, you can outsource the work to a freelancer at or someplace similar. That will cost you a modest amount of money, but it might be worth it to you to save the time and to get a solid page that should perform well.

Beyond the actual landing page you’ll need to create for an affiliate product, be sure that you have a system set up to track your affiliate results. That will tell you which products are making you the best profit so you can focus your efforts on them.

You’ll want to track how much time visitors spend on your landing page, how many click through to the affiliate product sales page, and so on. Statistics from your minisite web host should help you here.

Okay, but how do you get traffic to that page at your minisite? 


As you know, AdWords lets you write your own ads that direct people who click to your site. What you have to do is first, get them to notice your ad, and second, get them to click it.

One of the best tactics is to name the product directory with the keyword you want to target…which might be the affiliate product name itself.

Then when you write your AdWords ad, you can use that keyword in the ad in a very important place. The key place to use it is in your display URL, which is the last line of your ad. It shows up as green text.

If you use your keyword there, it’s very likely to help what Google calls the quality score for your ad. That will get you better ad position, which will probably get you more (and better) clicks.

And don’t forget to track how your AdWords ad performs. If you’re not careful, you can lose your shirt by buying lots of clicks and not getting affiliate sales from them.

One of the best ways to track this is to set up ClickBank tracking IDs for each keyword you target with your AdWords ad. Those IDs show up at the end of your ClickBank hoplink (your affiliate link).

When somebody buys an affiliate product through your link, ClickBank will tell you which tracking ID got the sale. That tells you which keyword got them to buy.

That information will help you know which clicks on your ad are paying off, and which aren’t. That protects you from buying clicks without any reward.

That’s a very simple strategy for taking a minisite you’ve already created and increasing your income from it. And you have to do barely any work to make it happen.

I’ll be the first to say that anything you haven’t done before presents a learning curve. That’s unavoidable. But the learning curve for this one isn’t impossible for a novice to climb. The best part is the reward for the effort you’ll put in.

I’ve been doing this for several years now, and it’s one of the reasons I bring in four figures a month pretty regularly from ClickBank products with several of my minisites. It’s a simple technique that I’ve proven to work. Now you can use it yourself.

Remember, minisites are assets for your business. You should squeeze as much profit out of them as you can. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

About the Author

Michael Rasmussen is a successful Internet Marketing Consultant and author of many top-selling eBooks. Michael has been marketing online since the early days and he knows what it takes to make money and succeed online. Stop by his Web site and subscribe to his Free monthly newsletter full strategies and techniques for successful web site promotions that can help YOU! Go to

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