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20. 4. 2011

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Thank You for the prize money and credits. I've been advertising for almost a year and have never won anything from anyone till now.I HAVE ONLY BEEN ADVERTISING with you for a very short time and have won $10. Wow. Thank you Bill.

Ethel Haney

Welcome to FreeTrafficLotto!

FTL is a FREE Manual Traffic Exchange completely unlike any other. FTL has combined the effectiveness of Traffic Exchanges with the excitement of Lotto Games.

After you surf 8 Pages, you will receive a FREE Lotto Ticket. Use the QuickPick or select your favorite numbers. Then, keep right on surfing. Earn another FREE Lotto Ticket after every 8 pages surfed. There is no limit to the number of Lotto Tickets that you can earn.

Lotto Drawings are held every Saturday, and the winning numbers are drawn by the Indiana Hoosier Pick 6/48. Match 2 or more numbers to win. If you pick all 6 numbers correctly, you will receive $200.00 in your Paypal account, 30000 Credits, 45000 Banner Impressions, and 45000 TextLink Impressions!

Here are some basic membership benefits:

No Monthly Credits
No Earnings from Referrals' Lotto Winnings
Earn 1 Credit per page surfed
(Credit cost is 3 credits = 1:3 ratio)
0.25 Banner Imps per page surfed
0.25 TextLink Imps per page surfed
Instant Surfing Link (no login required)
15 second timer
Lotto Page every 8 Sites
Allowed Sites: 6
Allowed Banners: 10
Allowed TextLinks: 10
Must Surf every 30 Days
No PopUps or Rotators
Credits from Referrals: 20%
PRO MEMBERS ($5/month)
1500 Credits per month
20% of your Referrals' Lotto Winnings
Earn 3 Credits per page surfed
(Credit cost is 3 credits = 1:1 ratio)
0.50 Banner Imps per page surfed
0.50 TextLink Imps per page surfed
Instant Surfing Link (no login required)
11 second timer
Lotto Page every 8 Sites
Allowed Sites: 15
Allowed Banners: 20
Allowed TextLinks: 20
No Monthly Surfing Requirements
No PopUps or Rotators
Credits from Referrals: 35%

Why combine Free Lottos with Traffic Exchanges? Today's traffic exchanges lack entertainment value. Sure, they have fancy splash pages, stats, and other junk, but the surfing is just plain boring. Lotto Games are exciting because of that chance to hit the jackpot (or at least win some great prizes). Is your surfing boring? Not Anymore!

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