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22. 5. 2008

Sneak Peek: What It’s Like “On the Inside” of StomperNet

behind the firewall into the StomperNet Profit Portal...
In today’s video, Andy Jenkins takes you on a journey that not many have made – behind the firewall into the StomperNet Profit Portal. He’ll show you our incredible media library and how easy it is to find just the right video. He’ll show examples of how our Faculty, Moderators, and Members work together – peer-to-peer – to solve each other’s problems in the Forums. Check out what it’s like inside this vibrant community.

Then, go check out what StomperNet could do for you with examples from actual members taking their businesses to new levels of success – our Member Case Study Video.

And, by the way, we KNOW we used PEAK in the video - because thats what being a Stomper Member means - TOP performance for your business.

Howie Schwartz is one of the coolest marketing minds online. Adding him to the faculty is one of the smartest moves you guys could have done!

Nice site and yes good marketing guys. Maybe I will become one of your new members

I'm new to the internet ebusiness. It looks like Stompernet is the place for the resources needed to build a great ebiz. Like so many others, I too would like to know what the member cost for 5/22/08 will be.

Looks to be shaping up for a good launch, the priniciples outlined are timeless and can be applied to most any business. Good stuff, cant wait!


I find all of this information mind blowing, the price is high, but the results are worth it. My onlineshop was recently attacked with a Iframe injection virus, would anyone here know what I can do to remove this from my site.


I tend to agree with Carl here - we know the benefits but how much is this puppy going to set us back?


Great and useful information.

It's useful for my online efforts.


Hay on a budget trying to get my site out but its cool Louise


Finally a one stop shop. A proven blue print is far better than trying to pick things from all corners. Have tried to pick things from different corners and realized the incompatibility and also the contrasting views in certain areas thus leaving you further confused. So a resource as StomperNet is the way to go. Thank you guys for all the effort in making this a reality.

I was around the first launch and would like to know IF this will be right for someone who lives in Thailand as the faculty times of operation may not prove to work with the time zone I am in.
Also and I am sure it is answered somewhere..........how much time must i need a day to make this work? I do understand if I want it bad enough I will make the time..........

(our faculty office hours currently rotate between 8pm and 3pm US Eastern time, if that helps you figure it out -- Dan Thies)

I'm really excited I think I won't find any such comprehensive SEO resources any where else!

Very educational. And I like the touch of humor. Looks I am at the right place and at he right time. Thanks.
So where do I go from here?

Video looks great! Yep....what's the cost of membership? I must warn you - I am a MISER!!! >,<
I have yet to find a member site that charges me just US$1.99/month... lol May be you have several grades of membership?


Brad, Andy & Stomper Faculty:

You guys rock!

When Stompernet started, I thought you guys were a bunch of geeks trying to make
a fast buck by promoting confusing "techno-babble".

How wrong I was!

Since becoming a subscriber to the newsletter, the gems of wisdom put out by
Stompernet has helped me and my business enormously.

I'm looking forward to become a member . . .

Stomper At Heart,

Anthony Whyms

Moving4ward Marketing

Looks like a whole universe of quality resources...

And the music... it just got me so ExCiTeD.

A prime example of what videos can ramp up the visitors experience.

Totally Impressed!

Vincent Lim
Video Skin Templates

Thanks for all the great videos Stompernet. Looks like a 5.00am start for me tomorrow down here in Tasmania, Australia so I can get to those signups ASAP. And if Ed Dale is viewing this, keep the Tassie jokes to yourself mate.


James W

I haven't been too involved with stompernet, been getting the emails
and just checked it out, looks good, I shall be using soon :-)

Terrance Charles

I'm glad that I found out that the doors will open at 3:00 p.m. I was planning to wake up at 12:00 a.m. to see if there were any updates :)

I can't wait to join and see my conversion rates and sales at least triple. You guys must get a kick out of offering this level of service. I want in!

Our business as grown 300% each year since FEB 2005. After doing 1.3 million last year we can't wait to see what will happen between now and this time next year. We've already started to implement the tactics from the free videos and can't wait to get our hands on the rest of it.

I hope to see you guys on the inside!

Wow. Great stuff. Is there anybody who knows how how much it will cost ?

Ok, you've sold me and I've sold many things to raise money to become a Stomper tomorrow! Can't wait!

This is great stuff.

I just wanted to let you all know that if it wasn't for StomperNet I wouldn't have the $720,000/year business that I have right now! Along with 2 others in the building process. I joined StomperNet September 2006, boy does time fly by. Even after losing my job in December 2006 I stuck with StomperNet, started a business and am bless even today.. so is it worth the cost.. I will let you decide that

Thanks StomperNet!

I wasn't very hyped about Stompernet...until now.

There's so much in this course, it's incredible.

I'm not signing up for the membership, but i look forward to hear all the success stories. Whatever the price is, looks to be worth it.

Peace out,

First I would like to again say thank you to all the guys at stompernet your info has greatly helped me in many areas. Secondly I would love to have the funds to join so I could help out the non profit fun community centre I run to help improve peace across the world.

Third can I please get a cool stompernet graphic so I can link to you guys.


Thanks again and best wishes

TJ Short

Cant wait, looks amazing I definitely want to check it out.

Hey Stompers

I was in last year on the $1 - 30 day trial you had. I was amazed at the resources that you offered inside.

I didn't want to commit to full membership at that time but this time around there is soooo much more that you have added. You guys are amazing at both the professional presentation and the value of the content. This year may be the year to take the plunge.

Thanks for the free stuff this year at the very least

What is the cost for membership?

WOW, i'm impressed, it seems that you cover everything you possibly could.

Alright, alright!!! You've sold us on all the benefits of being a member!

But we all have a budget, no matter how much of a great return we're going to see from being a member we all still need to know how much it's going to cost to find out whether or not we can even afford to be a member in our current situations budget-wise.

I know it's going live tomorrow and you probably don't want these comments full of people simply commenting on the cost but come on! tell us already!

Looks great. I've always wanted to know what the insider of StomperNet looked like. I just might sign up to check it out. How much is it going to be?

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