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25. 7. 2008

two links will work. In that case, here are two temporary access links:

•       To access to your control panel, please visit: http://##servername##/cpanel/
•       For temporary access to view your site, please visit: http://##servername##/~##username##/

II.     Billing Information
To view and pay invoices, view your renew dates, order additional services, or upgrade your account please visit You can also submit tickets to our sales, tech support and billing team, and view tickets that you have already submitted from our billing center.

We would like to give you a few links to make it easy for you to get help when you need it, you may want to bookmark them.
• – Easy to understand articles that will help you get the most out of your account. If you bookmark this site you will have all the resources you need in one convenient spot.
•       LiveChat – Talk to tech support Live! 24 hours a day at
•       Submit a ticket to our billing or tech support by going to
• Talk to other website designers and website owners in our community forum.

IV.     Video Tutorials
For your reference here are a few links to our video tutorials to help you get started with your account.
Cpanel -

V.      Domain Name Servers
If you registered your own domain you can use the following nameservers to point to your hosting account. After making these changes at your registrar it typically takes from 4 to 24 hours before your site will resolve to our services.


VI.     Contact Information
You may reach us at: 1-866-MIDPHASE or 312-447-6810 we can also be reached by email at or If you need immediate assistance you may also use our 24 hour live chat at

Our billing and sales department is open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm central standard time. Our tech support is here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

VII.    Providing Feedback
We want to make sure that you are getting the very best service and support. At anytime you want to provide us feedback about our service, or your experience with our company and employees you can go to: Our management staff carefully reviews all submissions on a daily basis. We are passionate about providing the absolute best service we possibly can and need you to let us know how we're doing!

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Host Buyer's Guide Review
Below is our review for midPhase Services, Inc.. It is based on our ten plus years of experience reviewing Web Hosts and Host Finders. It is based on our proven test procedures, and on our reader's reviews. This review is also based on the feedback we get from our reader's comments, and emails as well as from the our interaction with the business and Web developer/design communities in the numerous online forums. Much of this review was conducted by a non-paid independent panel of experienced Web developers that are very good at what they do. We know that all of that combined makes our review process different from anyone else's in this industry, but to top it off it is important for you to know that unlike other review sites, we Purchase the Web Hosting services we review. That's right. The absolute BEST way to review Web Host services is by actually using those services and comparing them to other Web Host services that have been similarly tested with the same testing criteria. We do these tests using an anonymous account so the Web Hosts will not treat us any differently than any other customer. Our process is expensive, but it is what we do because we want to be the best, and we want you to have the best information possible.

Whether you agree with this review or not, if you have some experience with midPhase Services, Inc. please let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below, and by doing your own your own review of midPhase Services, Inc..
Here's a Tip for you: We have never accepted money to give a company a better rating. Our reputation is more important than that. However, even though the vast majority of the "top 10" review type sites you see in the search engines appear to be genuine, they actually base their lists of "Top Hosting Companies" on the affiliate rates (or other advertising revenue) they receive from the companies they list. The Web Hosts they list may be good but the rating method used is faulty. In our opinion, you should NEVER trust those types of review and rating sites.

Editor's Note: Even though MidPhase has only been around for a short time, they have proven that through hard work, strong customer support, and solid service there is still room for newcomers in an industry dominated by power players. And through their success it is clear that people have responded to the MidPhase message -- (This review was completed on 1/12/2005 and and was made live on 1/26/2005 -- First review date was on 1/26/2005)

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Web Host Review:
midPhase Services, Inc.

This Review covers Unix Linux services

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Our Review Rating for midPhase Services, Inc.:
Review Rating93
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Review last updated: 1/26/2005
Note: When this review was conducted, midPhase Services, Inc.
was an advertiser with Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide

Overview: Even though MidPhase has only been around for a short time, they have proven that through hard work, strong customer support, and solid service there is still room for newcomers in an industry dominated by power players. And through their success it is clear that people have responded to the MidPhase message

MidPhase offers three feature rich plans starting at $7.95 a month (if paid in annual installments). Each plan offers plenty of Web space and an excellent unmetered data transfer plan (explained below). All Plans include support for MySQL, Perl, JSP, SSI, SSL, your own CGI-BIN, MIME types, Cron Jobs, osCommerce and Agora shopping Carts, Spam and Virus Filtering, and more.

MidPhase offers an unmetered data transfer (i.e. no set maximum amount of data transfer) policy. The policy itself is easy to follow. And if your Web site is ineligible for the unmetered data transfer you are given a set rate which is still better than the industry average (60 - 75 GB depending on the plan). MidPhase's common sense approach to unmetered data transfer is a model for the industry.

MidPhase hosts at the Equinox IBX Center based in Chicago, Illinois. Network redundancy is provided for by several Internet backbones such as Internap and Bell South. Security and backup systems are also top notch.

Support at MidPhase is handled via a 24/7 support ticket system. Also MidPhase has traditional email as well as 24/7 Toll-Free phone support. Response times for all the above methods are well-above industry average. Lastly, MidPhase has a forum site opened to the public.

MidPhase's hosting solutions carry two forms of uptime guarantees. The first is a 99.98% server uptime guarantee and the second is a 99.999% network uptime guarantee. Both carry pro-rated refunds for downtime.

MidPhase offers excellent hosting solutions with a good amount of features and monthly data transfer and are backed by a professional support staff. If you are looking for a good Web Host check out MidPhase.

Plenty of Features • Lots of Monthly Data Transfer, Unmetered or Otherwise • 24/7 Customer Support • 99.98% Server Uptime Guarantee and 99.999% Network Uptime Guarantee

No Monthly Payment Options

Comments From Customers & Forums: Sarah Henderson From
My overall experience with MidPhase could easily be described as excellent. We rarely recommend companies to our friends for fear that they may not receive the same service from a company that we have. We have sent several clients to MidPhase and everyone has thanked us.

Chester Tan From (as written)
I like my sales package, offering me loads of unlimited features (it's different from what is being advertised now 'cause mine an old package - less web space but full of freebies).

Billing is less than satisfactory. Had one billing error when I started out, and I never receive the refund credited although they said they would refund to my account (it was a few dollars so I didn't pursue). A few times, I get double-charges. But once I clarified with them, they reversed the charge.

Over the months, midPhase upgraded the cPanel, but I was not informed. Also, they provided unlimited bandwidth for all customers, again I was not informed. They rely on their forum, midPhaseTalk, to make announcements informally, which I find tiring because I need to search for what's going on.

On the whole, I appreciate their constant enhancements to provide quality service and better value to customers. When I started, I was offered 600MB web space. Months later, they extended their online promotion of double web space to all existing customers, so now I get 1200MB. Recently, they also offered unlimited bandwidth to customers whose web content does not deal with heavy downloads like multimedia content. They also upgraded cPanel, support ticket system, and billing system, which now stores all invoice and payment history.

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