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21. 9. 2008




Help People Boost Their Energy Levels and Make Money

Help People Lose Weight and Make Even More Money

If you spend a few minutes watching this video, you will  learn how you can earn THOUSANDS each month by giving away FREE Samples of the Most Effective Energy Boosting, Appetite Suppressant Product Available.

Once the video ends, read the information on this page to learn how you will be able to do this WITHOUT spending any of your money to purchase the samples you give away.

Let's face it, the market for energy drinks and weight loss products is a multi-billion dollar market for a reason.

OVER 80 percent of Americans WANT more ENERGY, and most of them also WANT to LOSE WEIGHT!

If you are currently involved in marketing nutritional products, you have probably already discovered that you are spending most of your time trying to convince your prospects that they NEED whatever it is that you are promoting. If you are happy to remain broke by continuing to waste your time playing "doctor" trying to educate your prospects instead of making money, that is your business.

If, on the other hand, you would like to make a boatload of money each month by promoting the two main results that we already KNOW that over 80 percent of the population WANT to achieve, then you may just have found a new home.....and an incredible personal income source.As you read the rest of this page, please keep one thing in mind.

We are not going to waste your time trying to convince you that what we have to offer is right for you.

You are not going to be asked to read pages of pseudo-scientific waffle proving that our product is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We are not even going to ask you to read pages of "Testimonials" from happy product users.

Instead, we are simply going to give you a few FACTS and let those facts sort you into two groups:

Those who "GET IT" and those who do not.

If you get it, then you will get it big time, and be ready to make money running with it.

If, however, you do not get it, then that's ok as well, as this is not for everyone.

FACT 1: The energy drink market is exploding and will only get bigger. Upwards of 30 MILLION people in the USA will will spend at least 60 MILLION to purchase one of more bottles of an energy drink TODAY.

FACT 2: RIGHT NOW there are upwards of 200 MILLION people in the USA who WANT to lose weight, and they are spending 40 BILLION a year trying to do so.

FACT 3: We already KNOW that EPIC NRG product produces incredible RESULTS in these two areas for over 90 percent of those who use it.

We do not ask our distributors to waste their time trying to convince anyone that our product is worth buying. instead, we have a system in place that permits them to send their contacts to a website and obtain a FREE 7-Day Sample Pack of the EPIC NRG.

Why?...because we KNOW the conversion rate from free sample to paying customer is high......a LOT higher than any other form of marketing.

Well there you have it.

The market is already huge and will only get larger.

The amount of money you can earn is staggering.

Either you understand the sheer power and possibilities of this marketing approach, or you don't.

If you GET IT, keep reading.

At the bottom of this page is a link that will enable you to request your own FREE 7-Day Sample Pack and discover for yourself just how powerful EPIC NRG really is.

When we first tested this page, we received a few emails from visitors who were not happy about the fact that while the FREE 7-Day Sample Pack was free, we have a small $5.95 S&H fee.

While we could have just ignored those emails, we decided to add this explanation as to why we charge this small S&H fee.

We charge the S&H fee for two reasons.

1) To help defray our real costs.

2) To sort out those who are REALLY interested in participating in a business from those "opportunity seekers" who are ONLY interested in surfing the Net collecting free stuff.

This is a polite way of saying that we have no interest in wasting any of our time with anyone who is not prepared to spend less than 6 bucks on what we are offering.

As a matter of interest, we have exactly the same S&H charge on the FREE 7-Day Sample Pack that is offered to consumers for slightly different reasons. While reason one is the same, reason two is a little more complicated.

Our prime reason for charging consumers a S&H fee is, to put it bluntly, weed out all of the freeloading freebee seeker websites from our program.

We do not want our distributors wasting their time contacting people who request a free sample ONLY because it is free.

Think of it this way. The S&H fee acts as a built-in qualification process. Those who are prepared to pay the S&H fee to try the product, are 20 times more likely to be prepared to purchase the product, than those who did not.

So, either you are about to order a sample, or you are not.

Either way, thanks for reading :)

Requesting Your No Obligation FREE* 7-Day Sample is as easy as 1 - 2- 3!

1.....Tell us where to send your FREE* 7-day sample kit. This kit contains a range of brochures, and, as we know you like the idea of earning MONEY, a full explanation of our compensation plan.

2.....Pay only $5.95 for shipping & handling.

3.....Try EPIC NRG for 7-Days and discover just how effective EPIC NRG is for YOU!

CLICK HERE To Request Your FREE* 7-Day Sample.

The NOT "fine print":

If you request this sample, we do NOT place you on ANY sort of automatic re-order schedule. We realize that many other companies who offer free samples, then ship recipients the full priced product every month until the orders are canceled. We consider this practice a totally unethical way of doing business.

We will NEVER sell, trade or rent your name, mailing address or email address to ANY third party.

*Pay only a small $5.95 shipping & handling fee.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.








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