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18. 5. 2008



Ford Division and Toyota brand are in a dead heat when it comes to quality1. Learn More >>>

With rising fuel prices and increasing concerns about the environment, we are dedicated to creating fun, fuel-efficient vehicles that leave a smaller carbon footprint. Learn More >>>

People deserve safety systems that give them peace of mind. That's why Ford has received more five-star crash test ratings than any other company in U.S. history2. Learn More >>>

For the 2008 model year, Ford has more industry firsts than ever -
proving our commitment to
in-vehicle technology. Learn More >>>

Cargo Capacity, Convenience, Design, Environmentally Friendly, Fun to Drive, Gas Mileage, Performance, Testimonials, Top Stories, Trailering / Towing

Read what Yahoo! users think about the latest Ford vehicles or write your own review.
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Ford is being recognized for some very special achievements.
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Top Stories
30 Vehicles. 118 Friends. Drive One.
We went from town to town, friend to friend, asking people to Drive One. Many people test-drove a Ford Vehicle for a week. Their reactions show that we’re building quality into every new vehicle we make.
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Escape Hybrid
What's tough, clean & good-looking?
Ford is a world leader in paint technology, using advanced processes for great results. In addition to offering the hottest colors, Ford's 3-wet process is an award-winning technique that offers a greener approach to paint.
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Fusion 999: How fast can green go?
Ford has always used racing to develop new technology, and the Fusion 999 is the pinnacle of that - reaching a land speed record for a production-based hydrogen fuel cell car, it's a sign of greener things to come.
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VIRTTEX: Can it help make you safer?
Ford is the only US automaker that has VIRTTEX, a driving simulation technology that allows testing that couldn't happen in the real world. Studying driver distraction allows Ford to make your driving experience safer today.
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1Based on cumulative survey data of 2007 model year Ford and competitive owners at three months of service in three surveys conducted 9/06 - 5/07   2Based on both NHTSA five-star crash test ratings and, with optional electronic stability control, IIHS Top Safety Pick. Star ratings are part of the U.S. Department of Transportation's program (







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