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25. 1. 2009








You can't run Linux on that: Oh, yeah?
The Cult of Linux blogger has compiled a fun list of "20 Awesome Devices That Run Linux (But Weren't Designed To)." A common attitude among people who believe in free software is to stick it to "the man." For some people, that translates into spending a ton of free...
Tags: Linux, UNIX, Operating Systems, Open Source, Software, Selena Frye
Blog posts 2007-11-13
Backtrack v2 Beta released
Backtrack v2.0 Beta is now available from www.remote-exploit.org; this is the latest release of the awesome security auditing suite which can be run as a LiveCD, from a USB flash stick or installed to disk. The Backtrack suite provides almost every tool a security analyst or penetration...
Tags: Backtrack v2.0, Linux, Security, security auditing, Vulnerability, Vulnerability Scanner
Blog posts 2006-10-16
Interesting Website
Network admins, perhaps you may not know thine enemies, but you shouldbe aware of some of their tools. Check outhttp://www.insecure.org/ to get the scoop on some of their tools and the thoughts from a self professed "good guy" hacker.
Tags: Web site
Blog posts 2005-11-09
10+ keyboard shortcuts to speed Firefox tasks
You can shave significant time off your various viewing and navigational tasks in Firefox if you know a handful of keyboard shortcuts. A quick toggle (say, the History pane or Downloads dialog) or a speedy key combo that changes text size or jumps to your Home page is almost always...
Tags: Mozilla Firefox, Keyboard Shortcut, WWW, Ctrl, Web Browsers, Keyboards, Internet, Hardware, Peripherals, Jody Gilbert
Blog posts 2008-02-26
VA Senate Joint Oversight Committee hearing today
V.A. Sec. Jim Nicholson is testifying before the SenateÂ’sjoint oversight hearing. Hear it online (CSPAN-3) NOW at: http://www.c-span.org/watch/index.asp?Cat=TV&Code=CS3&ShowVidDays=30&ShowVidDesc=&ArchiveDays=30 The audio and video feed will also probably be available in C-SPAN archives later._______________________Equifax has offered special services to everyone who may havebeen affected http://www.equifax.com/siteAssets/productPromos/veteran/veteran_breach.htmTo place an initial fraud alert on...
Tags: U.S. Senate
Blog posts 2006-05-25
Is stolen veteran data already for sale?
There are reports that that the number of identities forsale on the Web has more than doubled in the short period since the VA data wasstolen.One privacy monitoring firm has told reporters that, just in the past few weeks, his organization has seen an increase inthe sale of personal information...
Tags: John McCormick
Blog posts 2006-05-26
Katrina used to be a pretty name
...but looking at the pictures on MSNBC this morning (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4999736/), I see how incredibly ugly it can be.  Last year, I was in Florida when hurricanes Bonnie and Charlie came through and created their paths of destruction.  At one point, Charlie was headed right for Ft. Myers Beach, where...
Tags: Destruction, Blogger, Blogging, Internet, Sonja Thompson
Blog posts 2005-08-30
Verizon defends program of redirecting typo traffic
Verizon is standing by its program of redirecting typo traffic, saying that its program is designed first and foremost to assist its customers in their Web searches. Excerpt from Netowk World: But while Verizon insists that its redirect program is a tool that helps users find...
Tags: Verizon Communications Inc., Channel Management, Search, Marketing, Paul Mah
Blog posts 2007-11-11
California UCC Filings exposed 100K+ SS numbers for years
If you do any business in the State of California (http://www.ss.ca.gov/) which involves filing papers with the Secretary of State, such as loan filings under the Uniform Commercial Code, then you should know that until very recently hundreds of thousands of such records containing Social Security numbers were available online...
Tags: California UCC, filing, social security number, Social Security, identity theft
Blog posts 2007-03-23
14 Web sites worth bookmarking on your Treo, PDA, or smartphone
During the times that I have been traveling this spring I have had several extended periods when my Palm Treo 700p has been my only device connected to the Internet. As a result, I've been on the lookout for Web sites that are optimized for mobile phones.Below is a list...
Tags: Treo, Smartphones, Smartphone
Blog posts 2007-05-28
2008 will be the year of the open source CMS
I still remember when the future of the content management system (CMS) dawned on me; I was reading A List Apart article titled, "CMS and the Single Web Designer." Until reading that, I had been plugging away in HTML making Web sites whose pages and designs had to be updated...
Tags: Web, Web Site, F/OSS, Content Management System, User, Content Management, Enterprise Software, Open Source, Software, Barrie North
Blog posts 2008-02-04
2007 viewer and pdf downloads available
In previous discussions, I've posted  links to viewers and a download for saving documents to PDF format. If you're using Office 2007, there are two downloads you might be interested in.  PowerPoint Viewer 2007View full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions, including 2007:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/info.aspx?na=22&p=4&SrcDisplayLang=en&SrcCategoryId=&SrcFamilyId=&u=%2fdownloads%2fdetails.aspx%3fFamilyID%3d048dc840-14e1-467d-8dca-19d2a8fd7485%26DisplayLang%3den 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save...
Tags: Susan Harkins, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office
Blog posts 2007-06-24
Is your company a great place to work?
If so, nominate them. The Computerworld's Best Places to Work in IT 2006 is now accepting nominations. To nominate your company, now through Dec. 30th, click here: http://www.rresults.com/n062914/index.cgi?s=S
Tags: Steven Warren
Blog posts 2005-11-22
The world's most honest Web site
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you www.giveusallyourmoney.com, perhaps the most honest Web site in the history of the world. Under no circumstances should you participate in this site's proposed activities. It will only encourage them (and you will lose all your money). by Jay Garmon
Tags: Web, Web Site, Web Site Development, Web Technology, Channel Management, Internet, Marketing, Jay Garmon
Blog posts 2006-03-02
Another 14 mobile Web sites worth bookmarking on your Treo or smartphone
A few weeks ago I posted 14 Web sites worth bookmarking on your Treo, PDA, or smartphone. Since then, several users responded with suggestions to add to the list and I've discovered some additional sites worth bookmarking. Here's list of 14 more: Boing (http://boing.mobi/) AOL Mobile (http://wap.aol.com/portal/) Palm Portal (http://mobile.palm.com/us/index.epl) Ask.com (http://m.ask.com/) YesWAP (http://yeswap.com/) News4Mobile (http://www.news4mobile.com/) PDAportal.com...
Tags: Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Smartphone, Mobile, Treo
Blog posts 2007-06-17
six more weeks of winter!
OK, it's not technology, but I am on location so I thought I would share this with my readers here.7:23 a.m., Feb 2, 2006, Phil DID see his shadow!There Will be 6 more weeks of winter!Special bulletin - Phil emerged carrying TWO Terrible Towels!For groundhog day lore and links to...
Tags: OK IT, Phil
Blog posts 2006-02-02
Yahoo! IM, Kerberos, Firefox, and Kaspersky AV vulnerabilities
This week will see five or more Microsoft Security Bulletins which I will cover in my monthly Locksmith column and newsletter. There is no real word yet as to the content except that there will be one or more security patches and some non-security patches. But,...
Tags: Security, Instant Messaging, Im, Authentication, Antivirus
Blog posts 2007-04-08
Another Sony Meltdown?
OK, it’s not strictly a security question in the traditional sense, but you can’t get much less secure than having your computer catch on fire, wiping out your data and possibly a lot more. Bloomberg News http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=apKbeNxil5UI reports that Sony Corp. has apologized...
Tags: Apple, Battery, Fire, Laptop, Sony, Sony Corp.
Blog posts 2006-10-24
Rodney Dangerfield & IT Services: The Invisible Third Choice
In the 90s, a reporter at the Wall Street Journal once dubbed me, “The Queen of Outsourcing.”  The outsourcing market has changed quite a bit since then.  Today with outsourcing’s reputation under fire by American workers and, well, Lou Dobbs, I’m not sure I’d want that title again. Yet, when...
Tags: Strategy, IT services, information technology, outsourcing
Blog posts 2006-11-01
Where the future gets blowed up...
Okay, between the Discovery Channel, Popular Science, and James Cameron movies, we all know that unknown scientists are as we speak spending billions of tax-payer dollars designing the newest and coolest uber-weapons ever concieved by man (or James Cameron). So, like, where's ...
Tags: Robot, Robots, Emerging Technologies, Jay Garmon
Blog posts 2005-08-25

Cisco IOS Command Chart (IOS v.12+)
Becoming proficient with Cisco equipment means remembering a whole new set of commands. These command charts give you a quick way to look up the needed IOS commands and switches when you need them.
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Recovering Windows Servers
Your organization's servers hold your data, systems, communications, and business processes together. So it's critical for you to understand how to us ...
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