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28. 5. 2008
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GlobalSpec: DIRECTU2 Pump Technology
May 28, 2008 - Volume 3 Issue 5
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Rising Oil & Gas Demands Boost Pump Market

Rising Oil & Gas Demands Boost Pump Market As the demand for oil and gas keeps going up, customers want higher quality pumps that last longer, says market analyst company Frost & Sullivan. They also want intelligent pumping systems to control and monitor pump performance. The market for pumps in the European oil and gas sector exceeded $959 million in 2006 and is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2013. Challenges for European pump manufacturers, however, include stiff competition from lower-cost pumps made in Asia as well as the increasing need for energy efficiency and emission controls.

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Surge and Thermal Growth Pressure Control
Metraflex Company

Surge and Thermal Growth Pressure Control The Hydropad specialty accumulator dampens your hammering liquid surges from closing valves and pump start-ups with a superior design. It also keeps pressures from building in warming closed systems.

A 316L stainless bellows results in a dependable, maintenance-free unit with all welded construction.

Process Pumps with Explosion-Proof Motors
KNF Neuberger, Inc.

Process Pumps with Explosion-Proof Motors KNF corrosion-resistant process pumps using explosion-proof AC motors offer safe solutions for gas and liquid handling in hazardous locations. These pumps for Class-1, Division 1, Groups C&D, and ATEX hazardous locations offer high performance and long service life during continuous, heavy-duty operation. Their modular design and accessories enable easy customization.

Water & Wastewater Pumps . . .
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Solar System Powers Water Pumps

Solar System Powers Water Pumps The Valley Center Municipal Water District in San Diego, CA, is building a 1.2 MW solar system capable of powering multiple 350 hp electric pumps. Key to operation: drive technology that correlates motor speed with "maximum power produced by the PV array." From dawn to sundown, 365 days a year, a single-axis tracking array covering five acres will send solar power for pumping during high power consumption hours.

When to Use Variable Speed Drives?

When to Use Variable Speed Drives? The use of variable speed drives to power drinking water and wastewater pumping systems is increasing, but they cannot be justified for all applications. To decide when to use variable speed pumps, you have to apply "Affinity Laws," or calculations that show how pump performance varies with speed. Here's how.

Industrial Pumps . . .
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Cutter Pumps Chop Grass for Gas

Cutter Pumps Chop Grass for Gas Macerate 5,000 tons of kitchen and garden waste each year — that's the job these Landia cutter pumps are successfully completing, reports Process and Control Today. Employed at a biogas plant in the UK, the pumps prepare food waste and grass for anaerobic digestion.

Pumping Painting Products Poses Problems

Pumping Painting Products Poses Problems Pumping coatings, resins, and solvents can be a problem because of leaks and the effects solids can have on the pump itself. Valspar's paint and coatings plant in Deeside, UK, uses air-operated double-diaphragm pumps that feature Teflon diaphragms. The plant also replaced clamp-banded pumps with fully bolted pumps, which are said to handle low-viscosity fluids much better.

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XW Series Pumps
A.R. North America, Inc.

XW Series Pumps A.R. Pump presents the XW series industrial triplex plunger pumps. Rated for 500, 1,000, 1,450, and 1,750 rpm respectively. Flow range from 4 GPM to 13 GPM and pressure 2,200 PSI to 7,250 PSI. Features: Premium tapered bearings, oversized connecting rods, and concentric thick solid ceramic plungers.

EchoPod Level Controller for Small Tanks
Flow Line Options Corp.

EchoPod Level Controller for Small Tanks Flow Line Options' EchoPod is a general purpose non-contact ultrasonic level switch, controller, and transmitter for small tanks 49.2 in. (1.25 m) or less. Maintenance-free, the EchoPod reduces tank system hardware through simplicity and consolidation. It is well-suited for corrosive and dirty applications with its non-metallic housing and transducer.

Hydraulic Pumps . . .
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No More Changing Pumps Every Shift

No More Changing Pumps Every Shift Pumping latex is tough because of adhesion and coagulation, requiring regular replacement, many spare pumps, and extensive overhauls. At Polimeri Europa, pumps were changed nearly every shift. Amarinth designed a pump that could run three weeks without maintenance by using a scalloped impeller and electropolish to create low-friction surfaces. Labor costs are down 85%.

Moving Manure with Hose Pumps

Moving Manure with Hose Pumps Hose pumps can be used for moving abrasive dairy waste, such as cow manure laden with sand. Hose pumps have no seals, valves, or moving parts so the abrasive slurries and corrosives can't damage internal parts. A typical hose pump costs about $14,000 — about $2,000 more than a progressive cavity pump — but maintenance costs are much lower.

Pump Controls, Software & Integration . . .
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Changing Controls for a Chicago Condo

Changing Controls for a Chicago Condo When the water pumping system in a Chicago condo started to show its age, investigation revealed an outmoded triplex constant speed system, typical of systems built back in 1972. McGuire Engineers recommended a quadraplex (four pump) variable speed control system, and it was installed in the middle of the night when water usage was lowest.

Unwritten Pump Rules

Unwritten Pump Rules Pump consultant Larry Bacchus offers a "cheat sheet" of three generally accepted rules on how to stand next to a pump and decide if it is sick or healthy. He says a pump will tell you about its problems for hours, days, or weeks before it breaks down; you just have to know how to interpret what it's telling you.

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Natural Gas-Operated
Double-Diaphragm Pumps

Warren Rupp, Inc.

Natural Gas-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps Warren Rupp exclusive SANDPIPER® Pumps are the only natural gas pumps in the world that are proven to operate at - 10° F (-23° C) to +180° F (82° C).

These innovative natural gas-operated double diaphragm pumps meet the most stringent CSA certification requirements...

New NPC Gear Pump from Northern
Pyramid Pumps

New NPC Gear Pump from Northern Northern Pump Division of McNally Industries introduces the new NPC series gear pumps, providing extensive chemical compatibility, metering precision, and the ultimate in pulse-free flow.

"Northern Pumps are Customized... Never Compromised."

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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design DiceEngineering.com offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

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Blog Your Way to a Great Job

Blog Your Way to a Great Job You know by now that potential employers will Google your name, so you've probably cleaned up your FaceBook and MySpace pages. Syndicated job advice columnists J.T. & Dale suggest that you begin blogging on industry forums so that Google will find your contributions, and establish you as a knowledgeable, helpful pump expert. Be sure to use your full name when you do this. If you feel the need to comment on controversial subjects, get another e-mail address. A good place to start blogging is right here, at our Pump Blog. You can start your own blog topic by clicking on "Start a Discussion."

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World's Fastest Lawnmower

World's Fastest Lawnmower Claimed to be the world's fastest lawnmower by Dixie Chopper, its manufacturer, the Excalibur 3874 cuts 9.2 acres per hour at speeds of up to 15 mph. It has a 38 hp Kohler engine, springer forks, tachometer, 74-in. cut, and electric height adjustment. An optional propane power system is available for the environmentally-minded.

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