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"How A Freak $3,456 Google Pay Day Puts You
30 Days From Automated Annihilation..."

You need to forget everything you’ve been told about making money on-line. Because things have gotten worse since the last time I wrote to you. Much worse...

In the 35 weeks since we last spoke, I have made over $670,000 using a unique Google "weapon" ...but all the while the gap between the haves and the have-not's continues to widen at an alarming pace.

During these dark times, I have received over 3,000 e-mails from angry and confused affiliates, e-book buyers, and Google users, begging me to show them a “way out”... a clear path away from failure and towards success. Over 105,000 of my students have been asking for the reason why they continue to fail, despite the billions of dollars being made all around them.

And it's taken me over half a year to respond before I could say...

If You Had Access To My Automated Google System you could
have made $2,100/month as an on-line "pick-pocket"...

If you had downloaded my secret weapons stash, you might have made $5,452, doing your “pick-pocketing” from in front of your PC. You may have generated $12,434 promoting software… or made $11,021 selling a membership course.

Sounds like good money?

Those were just a few of my promotions from a very average month...

  • one of my “beta testers” used my covert techniques to generate $470, in his first 7 days...
  • a self-confessed Adwords no-hoper used to my step-by-step, "covert" blueprints to bank his first $1,000 check with ClickBank.
  • a 28 year-old man from Ohio used my "Google war-chest" to pump out a consistent $500/month without dropping a cent on Adwords ever again. His secret? My $45,000 custom Google software told him exactly which products to promote...

And in the paragraphs that follow, I’ll show you how you might be able to do the same.

You’ll find everything you need to know: how a chance e-mail cost me $45,000 and forced me to “clone” myself…how I accidentally discovered the secret to “pick-pocketing” the internet rich list… why what I do is not only legal but actively encouraged by Google…

And finally, you'll learn how using this system has already been proven to generate job-killing income for guys who tried the "other methods" and turned to me in desperation. But before I get started, I need to see if we're on the same page...

Do you agree that all of this needs to come to an end?

  I have to put a STOP to the days of wasted money... on useless e-books and Adwords traffic that doesn't convert.

  I want to "pick-pocket" the internet rich-list using a proven, automated Google system...

  I believe that it is out there - the freedom and riches. But I know the only way to become serious wealthy is to ruthlessly copy the moves of the seriously wealthy...

  I accept that the only way I will ever take my cut of a $6,000,000 industry, is by abandoning everything I thought I knew...

Do you think you deserve an answer?

Well, I’m about to give it to you. The catch is that you may not like it...


Crack the $1,132,323
Google Code...

  • The tools my students used to make $5,312 "pick-pocketing" the internet rich list...
  • Access a proven $45,000 Google software package and system

  • Siphon off an easy second income with my Campaign Kidnap tool

  • Use my Assassin Software to swipe your competitor's keywords, pay less than 1c per click, and auto-generate cash-pulling websites in minutes....


"How a Dirt-Poor Farmboy With No Pedigree...
No Connections... And No Business Skills...
Cracked The Google Code, and Made a Million..."

Fellow Frustrated Wealth Seeker

before I explain why you have failed at something you care so deeply about… I want to take a moment to introduce myself.

You might know me simply as Chris and in the last 16 months, I’ve earned over a million dollars with a very simple formula. I’ve trained up over 25,000 struggling affiliates using my methods.

But... I’m not a guru. That isn’t what I’m known for.

In fact, to some I'm known as the most hated man in internet marketing.

And part of the reason for that is the very page you’re on right now: Day Job Killer, a site that made me over $170,000 in a single day - despite an entire industry wishing me to fail.

I’ll come onto exactly how I did it – and how you can shamelessly “clone” my success too - in a moment, but let’s back up a bit...

You see, I think I owe you an explanation as to why I’ve waited 35 weeks before writing this letter.

A reason why I have stood on the side-lines, allowing you to waste thousands on Google, and chase a dream practicing out-dated techniques.

My guess is that, in that period, you’ve spent a load of your hard-earned cash on junk masquerading as good advice. You might even have been stung by so-called “business opportunities” and “make money guides” that looked great on paper, but failed to deliver.

You may have dropped thousands of dollars on Google advertising… and barely recouped a cent. And as each day goes by, you become more and more suspicious and sceptical that anyone is making money on-line.

I’m here to tell you that they’re making far more than you could ever have imagined… but they're doing something wildly different.

But, ...why have I stood by and allowed all of this to happen? The answer might surprise you: I haven’t been in a position to put an end to it - until now...


"PROOF: $146,706 in 32 short days...

...$4,585 Per Day....
$1.67 Million a Year"


Note: if you thought that's impressive, wait until you see the results that my students have enjoyed, stalking the moves of an internet elite...



"From unemployable no-hoper to cash
millionaire in less than a year..."

My name is Chris, and I’ll start by telling you what I'm not. I’m not a super guru or an internet genius.

Instead, I’m just a regular grass-roots affiliate – like you. The difference between us isn’t the "techniques". It isn’t even the million dollars sitting in my account. The different is simply this: I got lucky.

Before I got into Internet marketing, I was working in a call centre for a dollar over the minimum wage. I hated the job, I resented the poverty. And then one day a friend of mine introduced me to the world of business opportunities. Right away, out of sheer desperation, I became a rabid buyer. Stop me if any of this sounds familiar…

Over the next six months or so, I tried every business opportunity going: from paid-to-shop to survey systems, from MLM to eBay, from AdSense to gambling systems.

Then, in early 2006, my gambles finally paid off.

I hit on affiliate marketing.

It seemed like it was the perfect, low-capital, easy-to-implement business I had been looking for. No stock, no overheads, no customer service.

I knew instantly that this was the business for me.

At the time I thought that simply being an affiliate was enough to guarantee me financial freedom and take away all of my worries. Sadly, I was wrong.

At the time, I bought all the popular guides in them and followed them down to a tee. I used all the popular methods you have probably tried – Google Adwords, list building, article marketing… I tried them all, but nothing worked. Nothing.

And then one day, out of sheer desperation, I made a few changes to some of my affiliate promotions, and left my computer. When I retuned, I was stunned. I knew my affiliate account would be the same…but instead what I saw was sales. Several hundred dollars worth!

This might not seem like much to you, but at the time it meant everything.

That single moment validated my dreams, all the hard work I had put in. That night, I made that same change to all of my affiliate campaigns, and within a few weeks, my earnings exploded exponentially. My income hit $50 a day, then $200... until, in September 2006, I was making over $1,000 a day with ClickBank and Google. And then, sitting in a hotel room in Rome, it came to me: I had to create a blueprint that detailed precisely how I had gone from zero to $1,000 a day in well under a year.

Within hours, all hell broke loose

That blueprint, known as "Affiliate Project X" finally went live on October 6th 2006. Instantly, all hell broke loose. Despite no "formal launch", the information went viral. Almost 6,000 failing affiliates scrambled to discover how I was able to make so much money, so quickly.

The records fell one after the other, and yet the real results were happening in homes across the planet: affiliates began to finally convert off Adwords, and some of those who took action made as much as $800 in their first 24 hours. All the while, the gurus stood and watched, helpless.

And then, as the madness peaked, I decided to disapear from view - for six months I went underground yet again. This time, I aggressively sought out the most profitable affiliates on the planet, met with them, and aggressively assimilated their knowledge. The information I "swiped" from the best in the game pushed my income to the $1million/year level,... and in January 2007, I took stock of my progress yet again.

The records all fell a second time.

I decided, it was time to switch the game up one last time, and on February 3rd, 2007, I released a guide which would finally set the record straight, a guide you may know as Day Job Killer.

The internet marketing world was in shock at what happened next: word of mouth drove hundreds of thousands of affiliates to my site for the truth. In the first 24 hours alone, over 5,000 copies were sold. Once more, the smart affiliates took action and, once more, the most dedicated ones made as much as $600 their first day applying my devastating new tactics.

But all the while I knew that there was something missing from my formula, despite all the testimonials, irrespective of the tens of thousands of dollars my customers were making...


"Never Look At Google The Same Way Again"


The few that qualify for my offer will automate my every move...

Stop the time-wasting, start profiting - automatically. My Assassin software suite automates every move I made to hit my seven figure income - from keyword research to keyword tracking, from automatically seeking out the hottest-converting products for PPC marketers, through to creating their ads with our "Adwords Generator" software. In fact, every day, we automatically rank over 10,000 products for affiliates, tracks tens of thousands of keywords, swipe entire ad groups from competitors, "steal" the easy-to-rank keywords from the top article marketers and so much more...

No more wasted Adwords costs. My Assassin system automatically picks the hottest converting ClickBank products for you, meaning the days of "100 clicks and no sales" are over. Secondly, because my downloadable "Daddy" keyword tool leeches off your competitor's keywords, you will never need to "test" a keyword again - its already been tested for you ...before you even launch your ad! Apply my world-renown "Copy the best" method (automatically, of course) to ensure sky-high CTR, pay less than 1 cent per click with my downloadable "Micro Nicher" tool and training guide,.... and much more...

Viciously slash the learning curve. Whether you're a seasoned pro, or a complete "Google Cash newbie", the Assassin does it all - down to actually create cash-pulling websites for you. Just tap a few buttons, enter a seed keyword, sit back ...and let us flag the "profit opportunities" for you. All you need is the discipline to pounce for the kill when my $45,000 software tells you to...


"How my students made $3,343 legally
pick-pocketing the rich and famous..."

So now that we've been introduced, I will cut right to the chase.

I have to get something off my chest.

I admit it. I’m a thief...

But I’m not the kind of thief who breaks into your house and takes your TV. What I do is a little more subtle – and far more profitable.

Instead, I make over a million dollars a year "skimming cash" from members of the “internet rich list”. Some of my “victims” even know about me – and do you know why they can’t do a thing to stop me? Because, despite their petty hate and jealousy, what I do is 100% legal.

That these methods are already proven is already beyond dispute.

But what EXACTLY is this all about?

How You Can Use My Google Assassin System to "pick-pocket" Your Way to Financial Freedom...

Let’s get two things clear before I tell you about my Assassin system. First, I use the term “pick-pocket” because it’s the best way I can think of to describe this very unconventional way of making thousands of dollars. But don’t worry - while you will have never come across this method before, there’s nothing illegal about what I do.

Secondly, you must prepare yourself for a potentially very serious, and extremely sudden jump in your income.

While it might sound crazy to you, my experience training up over 20,000 affiliates tells me this: some people don’t really want to make the kind of money I am talking about.

Some people aren’t prepared to open their mind to new and unique techniques – the truth is they just aren’t ready to break away from failure and explode their income.

You see, the methods I am talking about have the proven potential to make you a substantial second income this year – I don't expect you to make anything like the $1 million a year that I make, but it's certainly possible to pump a consistent $500/week using my Google blueprint. If that kind of cash seems inconceivable or even scary to you, then this is simply not for you.

And, in fact, many of you may not even qualify for enrolment in my exclusive club, a point I will return to later.

Now you may have guessed that this has something to do with affiliate marketing, but that isn’t the entire story. In fact, affiliate marketing is really only slightly related to my offer today.

So what exactly is my offer about? Well, let's start by looking at what my offer is not...


"Don't Stop Reading Until you Realize
These Important Facts..."

  • You don’t need to know a thing about affiliate marketing to make money from this. This method works for anyone, even those who’ve never setup a website or sold a single product before now. In fact, my method is so different to the "affiliate marketing" most know, that the newer you are, the better you will do...

  • No decision-making or intense thinking is required from you. Ever. This system has been setup to be a “follow-the-proven-instructions” type way of making a living. We want profiting to be easy as baking a cake from a recipe book.

  • Once you’re up to speed, the whole process could take as little as 20 minutes per day. I like to make my money, and then enjoy my life… so you certainly don’t need to be in front of your computer for long stretches of the day.

  • You won't have to bury yourself in training materials for months before you start. Remember, the beauty of this unique system is it's devastating simplicity. It could well start generating income for you within a few days...

Now let's talk about the "Google war-chest" and the freak events that lead to its creation...

"December 2006: How A Freak $3,000 Google
Windfall Leads to The Discovery of A Lifetime..."

In December, 2006, I was annoyed. A close friend of mine had hit upon a jack-pot campaign which was pulling in over $3,000 a day in sales. Despite being one of the top Google marketers on the planet, I’d never made that kind of money from a single campaign before. Not that much, and not that quickly.

Sure, it looked like a fluke. But I was still angry as hell.

I had been toiling at this for so long, and this guy, a relative rookie, comes along and makes a power-play like that. Several days later, I was staring blankly at his campaign, wondering how he did it..., and then... it hit me.

I understood exactly how he was able to do it all: the type of web-site he created, the keywords he selected. I was looking at something remarkable, a world very few affiliates even know exists: to cut a long story short, I was able to see who was profitable in any market, and I was able to see how they were doing it.

It turns out all my friend had done was to “clone” one of the top marketers in his niche, and everything else fell right into place.

But there was a problem. To "reverse-engineer" any campaign, any cash-cow… takes a serious amount of time.

You see, when the big-boys are playing in any niche, they leave behind tell-tale foot-prints. More on that in a moment. But they have made these foot-prints hard to track. Thats how the million dollar affiliates hang onto their millions… by setting up a smoke-screen so hard for average affiliates to untangle, let alone profit from.

Some say my solution was completely over the top, but either way, what happened next was internet marketing history...

"It cost me over $45,787 but I did it. I cloned myself..."

"How a ClickBank millionaire's Google Weapons Stash Will Put a
Select Few of You 30 Days from Automated Wealth..."

A few weeks later, as I was still reeling from my friends' success, I sat down in front of my laptop. As usual, I received a flood of e-mails from well-known gurus - most trying to sell me the usual rehashed crap. I scanned my inbox...

But one e-mail stood out.

The e-mail read "PERSONAL", so I clicked, expecting it to be just another sales effort. But what I read stunned me: this marketer, a well-known guru, was offering me a cash payment to mentor him. Now, I didn't take the cash, but it got me thinking...

"What if I could lay out my system in such a way that even a 7 year old
school-boy could tap a few keys and instantly profit?"

I brainstormed for weeks... and then one day it came to me. The answer was simple: all I needed to do was clone myself. Not physically of course - but by creating software that automates the key moves I made to reach my $1,000,000 ClickBank income.

A vicious Google weapons stash that gives you no choice but to profit.

So, I sat down with my programmers and worked out how to create software that forces the user to spot these "profit opportunities" and copy the moves of a certified affiliate. In fact, it took me over five months and cost me over $45,500 to say it... but I did it. I finally created a truly "hands-off" wealth-creation system - but there was a catch... one I will return to later.


"With My Google Assassin Software Stash You're About to Live
Like a ClickBank Millionaire for 30 Days"

As a member of my exclusive club, you naturally get every last cash-sucking software tool I use to profit as an affiliate marketer...

Call me lazy, but over the last couple years, I've tried every tool out there, and figured out ways to use them to automate my business. The problem is that none of these tools were created for the exact reason I used them...

I would constantly have to find a "work-around" to make it fit my needs. And usually it ended up not saving me much time at all.

Well... you don't have to do any of that, because our programmers created software to meet the specific needs of Affiliate Marketers (or at least the smart ones). That's right... you're getting access to tools envisioned by me... and developed by professionals, to do exactly what you need them to do, exactly how you a ClickBank dynamo would do it...

Now you can find the perfectly profitable 'hidden niches'... spy on the competition... and even steal their entire campaigns...

It seems that the underground just dug itself a little deeper...

"Spy on your competitors to generate massive, targeted keyword lists, for products you know nothing about, in under 2 minutes flat..."

You've seen attempts at software that picks keywords for you. Those tools cost up to $170
to buy, or $50 per month to use. And how good are they really?

From personal experience I can tell you that the keywords these programs spit out will suck the money from your wallet faster than an 8 year old Columbian pick-pocket!

Plugging them into your AdWords campaigns would cause you to go broke before you make a single sale. Forget that stone-age software. Because you're getting...


#1: The Daddy Keyword Tool

Here comes my maniacal laugh again.

With the push of a button... you can spy on your competitors to discover all the most relevant and profitable keywords. Why is this important? Because keywords are how you get traffic to your product. Without traffic... you don't have sales.

But not all keywords are created equal! Some just cost you money... others make you money... hand over fist.

Now all you do is...

Just plug in the word you want to start with. Two minutes later The Daddy serves up super-relavent, extremely-targeted keywords like a wine list, at a fancy restaurant.

And I promise these highly-targeted lists can not be duplicated by any other tool. Why? Because ours is the only software that works its magic by sucking the words out of your most successful competitors' promotions.

Then it arranges the words by expected profitability! No more guessing... no more costly campaigns that net you zero dollars!

Nasty and subversive... Absolutely.

Illegal? It should be... but it's NOT!

The Daddy is so easy to use, and so fast... I guarantee it will do in 2 seconds, what used to take you 2 hours. In fact, one you download it, you'll...

Discover super-profitable, low-cost keywords! This tool spies on hundreds of your competitors to find the most profitable words, saving you money... time... and more money. 
"Smart Technology" analyzes word combinations to deliver your secret expected profitability score. No more guesswork. Ever. This tool is like having a machine that prints out "Get Out Of Google Jail" cards. PPC marketers take note.
Auto-create your tracking codes with our easy to use Automatic Keyword Tracker. Like every part of your new Affiliate Marketing strategy, tracking is now takes little more effort than... point and click.

The Ultimate keyword tool on the planet,
...and only one part of Google Assassin


No... that's not all. Not by a long shot! I'm just warming up. How'd you like to...

"Slash Your Adwords Costs By As Much As 70%
With A Weapon So Powerful, Anyone Not Using It
Will Be Forced To Surrender And Go Home..."



#1: The Adwords Micro-Nicher

Exploit millions of micro-niches, and pay less than 1 cents per click on Google Adwords...

What's a micro-niche, and why should you care?

For our purposes a "niche" is a market. Clothing is a niche. Coin collecting is a niche.

A micro-niche is a tiny niche... or even an extremely targeted sub category of a niche. A micro-niche might be "African American maternity clothing"... or "former eastern block coin collecting." These micro-niches may be small (hence the whole "micro" thing) but small also means lazer-targeted.

And the better you target... the more money you make.

Now it's dead-set-simple to take full advantage of Google's site targeting methods, to find the profitable micro-niches and clear cut them like an unprotected rain forest. All the while lining your pockets with cold-hard-cash!

Along with the expert training you get from me, this nasty, little application will pay you back many times... every single day. I say "nasty" because I can already see the screaming emails I'm going to get from every other niche-marketer, when they find out I'm releasing this!

Goes hand-in-hand with my personal training system. That's right I will personally teach you how to use this software to wreak havoc on as many cash-rich niches as you can handle! And you'll do it instantly!. 
Save tons of money by exploiting a "Google Loophole." This secret Google exploit will cut your AdWords costs like a Samurai. First you slash your costs in half... then you reel back and slash them again, until you're paying less than 1/3 what you're paying now. Save up to 70%!
Pay Less Than 1 cents per click on Adwords using a so-called "Google loophole". Now you can simply type in a keyword and scan Google for brand new profit streams. Imagine how many times you could duplicate your model and profit!

Pay Less than 1 cents per click on Google Adwords,
...and automatically tap into millions of "micro-niches"


Instead of blowing a hundred bucks on AdWords everyday, with a net result of a big fat goose egg... just spend $20 and net $70.

You think seventy bucks is chump change?

Well, what if you had just 20 micro-niches conquered?  Well, put simply, that works out a $511,000 a year.
Of course, I don't expect you to make that kind of money, but then again what difference would even an extra $50, $100 or even $200 a day make to your lifestyle...

Looking for the most profitable Adwords Campaigns?
Then do what I do - Steal Them...


#3: The Campaign Kidnap

This tool excites me to no end.

Campaign Kidnapper is like a masterful band of thieves that steal the most lucrative campaigns, lock, stock and barrel.

You sit back and let the Kidnapper do all the dirty work for you. And it grabs everything you need to easily advertise exactly like your already profitable competition!

I'm not kidding... The Kidnapper swipes your competitors' "ad groups." The Ads... The Keywords... everything.

Now you can swipe them directly, or even improve on them to shoot your profits even higher!

Talk about a short cut to the big money! Your competition will hate you, but you're not here to win a popularity contest. You're here to make enough cash to finally quit that day job.

Just imagine how much more profit you'd grab if you could...

Make the competition pay for all your testing! By stealing campaigns from your successful competitors your "testing" is done on their dime... not yours! 

Automatically target new markets you didn't even know existed. Markets overflowing with mobs of hungry buyers just waiting to hand you their money!
Finally start building that online marketing business into something that works for you, instead of the other way around. Give yourself the freedom I enjoy now.

Siphon off a second income with this advanced espionage tool...
Let your competitor's do the work and take your cut..."

Those 3 super-secret, super-effective tools are just the tip of the iceberg. Right now, my team is currently developing tons more downloadable "members only" software you will use to shoot your profits into the stratosphere... all while doing even less of the work!

I Haven't Even Gotten To The Online Tools, Yet,
Let Alone the Step-by-step training content...!


Membership in the "Google Assassin Club" also gives you membership to the new and improved... "Affiliates Den." Here you'll find some must-have, time-saving, profit-squeezing, online affiliate tools. 

Tools to help you dominate your niche and open up new ones.  Keyword tools... research tools... Tools that just make your online work more stream-lined. 

The ClickBank Sales Reporter and Sales Tracking tools are like hiring 2 employees just to do your ClickBank work for you - one automatically track your sales across all your keywords, the other sits on your desktop and tells you whenever you get a sale.

But there's even more...

Visit the "Scratch Patch" to keep your campaigns, keywords and affiliate notes in a place that's easy to find... convenient and safe from pc crashes.  

Log into the "Keywords Store"... to store your AdWords ads with tracking IDs attached. Gather them in groups... view them... edit them...

You even get a valuable "Knowledge Base" that's like a marketing encyclopedia! I don't care if you're brand new, or a seasoned marketer... this business moves so fast, even I can't always keep up with everything. Now you don't have to. 

"The Den's" knowledge base is a constantly evolving and updated source for all your basic knowledge. This means you never have to think about how to write a great ad... or why cloaking is important.

You could easily glance at a topic for a quick reminder, and spend the rest of your time making money...

Finally: a simple way to copy the elite Google profiteers and cash in by automating a proven $1,000,000 success story...

And herein lies the beauty of my Automated Weapons Stash. The $45,000 worth of software that you are only a few minutes away from downloading is a fully automated wealth-creation system. From keyword research, down to product selection, the entire system automatically isolates where the money is being made, and tells you what to do to copy the winners.

In fact, any independent thought on your part is not only actively discouraged – it could be downright disastrous, a point I will return to later. You let my software pin-point the “money-movers” and make the decisions for you. All you do is follow the prompts and enjoy the rewards.

Let’s compare this hands-off strategy you are about to discover to the one employed by your competition, the poor suckers who don’t know about my proven software...

Most affiliates spend a few hours picking a product to promote, then another few hours generating their keywords, and if they are lucky, after hours of work, once their Adwords bill has been paid, and they have tweaked their campaign over and over,… they might make ...a small profit.

That’s fine if you’re from the “lots of hard work” school of wealth-building, but it isn’t going to make you rich fast. You, on the other hand, can be siphoning off your share of a billion dollar industry, by following a clear and distinctive path – the one that the top marketers leave behind.

But most importantly, you won't be at the mercy of luck when you do it. The mistake most affiliates make is that they try to pit themselves against the elite. They try to gather information and figure out the game for themselves.

It’s no wonder 99% of affiliates lose money. They fall right into the trap that Google and the competition set up to suck novices of their cash. They try to battle with the big players, when they should be shamelessly "cloning" their power plays…

And that was the biggest trap of all that I discovered back in 2006. Once you understand this one simple idea, the affiliate game becomes one big cash machine you can dip in and out of… sure in the knowledge that you are following the “smart money” each time.

Here’s the crux of the secret I am about to expose you to…

When the super affiliates are active in any niche, they leave behind tell-tale foot-prints. The trick is to know how to spot these foot-prints and to figure out how to play the game their way. If you can follow the money, it doesn’t take much to catch a ride with the big players.

And this point has already been proven before you got here. You see, while you have been applying the "old school" methods, and struggling to even break-even on Google, something strange has been happening to markets and niches all across the world...


"Campaign Kidnap"
A.K.A. Rob from the rich

To become seriously wealthy, you must copy the exact moves of the seriously wealthy. Do that in a 100% automated way using our downloadable Campaign Kidnap tool,... and swipe the super affiliates' keywords and Adwords ads down to a tee...

The result: You will let others do the work,
and siphon off a second income from home


...my students have been using this automated system to get rich - probably at your expense...

"PROOF: a system to show ordinary people how to create an extraordinary second income... and in far less time than was thought possible..."

The more I thought about it, the more I realised how most of what I (and everyone else) was teaching affiliates was worse than useless for ordinary folk.

So, I sneaked into the office one day, and decided to run a small test campaign for my “weapons stash”. I dug out some old sales copy and created a quick Adwords campaign. The sales letter itself was only 4 or 5 pages long and not that impressive – I wanted only the hungriest and most deserving to respond.

Of course, even when the first set of members joined up, they were sceptical… when you’ve slaved away at outdated methods for months and got nowhere, and then someone tells you that you’ve just discovered a way to make infinitely more, doing far less work, that’s hardly surprising.

But, for the next few weeks, I sat back and watched as the test subjects followed my system… and then, just a few weeks ago, I surveyed my list and discovered something pretty astonishing.

"My students had made more income in that short period than they had made month after month, toiling away with their old methods…"

It was if their affiliate businesses had been given a virtual shot of steroids: conversions had doubled, Adwords costs were slashed in half… and most importantly of all, they were reporting massive and sudden increases in income.

The biggest difference of all was right where it counted, in their bank balance.



Over $500 in my first 7 days...

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to let you know that prior to this..., I was beginning to doubt whether I could make money with the ClickBank program the techniques that I was taught before just plain didn't work. They either required some specialized technical ability or there was additional information that you need to know to use the tools provided to make the system work I was only able to make scattered sales from affiliate programs. After applying these techniques and using the tools ... I was able to see sales come in everyday for to different campaigns that I ran the very first week.

The tools were very effective in allowing me to come up with ads that
produced clicks that actually converted. I like being able to see which
affiliate products were hot. I always wondered how some marketers always
seemed to have advance knowledge about great products and get the jump on
the competition in making those early sales. The ClickBank Alerts tool makes
finding hot products a breeze

When you go one year without making any money on adwords and losing money
to making over $500.00 my first week ... I knew that my desision to join was well worth it. Anyone who is not sure if the internet lifestyle is real, don't give up trying to find out you are only one decision away from being on the fast track to seeing it for yourself.

~ Clement Banner ~

"Finally, several hundred dollars per week with Adwords..."

Before this... I had been using adwords for several months and I was losing money so fast I was to the point of giving up on PPC altogether. I decided to give it one more shot.... My first time logging on ... I was amazed at the tools available. I love using tools and automation and this was a virtual playground. First off the conversion tracking on my Clickbank campaigns gave me all of the information I needed to dump the keywords losing me money so I could concentrate on the ones that actually brought in sales.

My first campaign using this I was able to turn a losing campaign
into an ROI of several hundred dollars a week! My first profitable campaign!
Some websites charge hundreds a month for this type of feature. This
combined with the clickbank alert helping me pick out products that are on
their way up but not being over promoted. I can now get a jump start on
profitable products before everyone else, getting clicks for as low as .05
or .10 ea. Product selection is no longer a stressful job.

These are just a couple of the dozens of tools available... Everything is awesome! From the keyword tools to the campaign creator I am able to kick out campaigns faster than ever. There is nothing like it. I have used all kinds of tools such as adwords dominator and nothing kicks out campaigns faster than affiliates den. I can launch several campaigns in less than an hour. Match this with all of the ad tools, adwords generator, adwords templates, popular adwords, etc. it has never been easier to write ads that kick my competitors in the ground!

... it makes creating adwords campaigns so easy and so fast. I have to say thanks...! Instead of quitting adwords altogether I am now banking
thousands in checks from Clickbank twice a month! Purchasing similar tools
would cost me thousands...

~ Jamie Botts ~


Some of my "guinea pigs" had spent the previous few weeks fielding rabid questions from friends and family about their new-found wealth...

Had they recently hit on some illegal scheme? Perhaps they had discovered a source of free Google Adwords vouchers? Had they "broken the rules" and begged me for a secret list of my top-converting products?

They'd done none of this…

All they’d done was follow my system for a few hours each week. That’s only a few weeks work to achieve far more than months of toiling using the “old school” techniques of yesteryear…

All from the comfort of their own home, without ever
needing another e-book or piece of software...

Just a simple, yet totally revolutionary, cash-pulling system which doesn’t waste a second of time or drop of your energy. Every last second is devoted to giving you the bank balance you deserve, but never thought you'd get.

I decided there and then to release my software package in a breakthrough launch, which I know would send shockwaves through the internet marketing community...

Anyone who's ever followed a "make money" guide but didn't get the results they wanted, needs to secure access to my unique "Google Assassin tool-kit"...

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran marketer, or someone who’s just tried a few money-making methods and decided that the usual methods just don’t work for them… what you’ll discover on the other side of the order button will turn everything you thought you knew about affiliate marketing upside down… and almost force your ClickBank account to respond.

And if that doesn't convince you, then let me give you a free piece of advice, a rule so devastatingly effective, it's worth millions in the right hands....

Understand: if you want to generate serious wealth, you must copy exactly what the seriously wealthy are doing

Think about that for a second. Even if you don’t understand why a certain method works, don’t you think the easiest and quickest way to profit is to shamelessly swipe from the guys who are already making millions? Isn't that by far and away your best chance to take what you want from life?

The smart wealth-seekers profit now… and ask questions later.

It was that single unshakeable rule that allowed me to leap-frog the competition and become one of the most successful internet marketers of all-time… and its that same rule that could determine whether you achieve everything you ever want from life, or hurtle along the same miserable path of failure that 99% of affiliates are currently on.

And remember, affiliate marketing is already a $6 billion industry. The question isn’t whether or not people are making money – some are making far more than either of us could even hope to achieve.

The question then is, what do they know that you don’t, and how could you ever access their knowledge? It’s a question that 99% of the planet will never discover the answer to, but it’s that very answer that lies locked away on the other side of the download page, hidden deep in my affiliate blueprints and the programming code that controls my $40,000 Assassin's weapon stash.

And that’s why, if you're smart, you'll do absolutely everything in your power to find out what moves the seriously wealthy are making right now… and ruthlessly clone each and every step as you ascend the ladder to freedom and success.

And that is precisely how I can help you today…

Revealed: How to "Stalk" the moves of the internet elite... and shamelessly pick-pocket gains like $490 in 7 days, $80 a day, $2,100 each month...

Given that I amassed my wealth by leeching from the blood, sweat and toil of others, it wasn’t difficult for me to see how I was going to become even more wealthy… I had to reach out to as many successful people as possible and assimilate their knowledge as aggressively as I could.

In the last year alone, I would guess I have met well over a hundred internet marketers. Most of them I never see again, but a select few proved themselves, and those are the people whose knowledge contributed to my bank balance, and whose techniques I apply each day.

And with that in mind, I want to introduce you to the second aspect of my Google Assassin package - the DJK Google Blueprints, also known as "how to get other people to make you rich".

Each month, you will be given access to a new proven way to make money using our Assassin software and Google.

Imagine, each months being handed the literal key to freedom: with every step you need to complete, illustrated with dozens of screen-shots and real-life examples you can swipe. It's the most detailed series of cash-pulling instructions on the planet - and you are literally forced to reap the rewards just as I would. After all, we wanted to make it so clear and easy to follow that even a complete newbie could profit.

Just copy my step-by-step instructions and you are almost forced to profit.

All you have to do is sit back in comfort, take in the presentations we have created for you, and enjoy the fall-out. Soon you could be following the Blueprints from home and making great money for yourself. And do you know the real secret principle that makes the Affiliate Blueprint series so damn powerful? It's the best advice you will ever receive...

" Why You'll Never Be a Millionaire Going It Alone..."

When you first start it's natural to want to go it alone; you feel more in control. But take it from one of the top affiliates in the world... you can't become wealthy alone.

You see - it's all about getting other people to make you rich. And herein lies the secret of the Affiliate Blueprints - each person who completes a section will leave comments, problems and tips, which is then responded to by Chris and added to a database. So each one of my Affiliate tactics is added to by an army of your peers, edited by me and entered into a database for you to review.

And here's the really incredible part...

So, by the time you apply the blueprint, we already know where the money is being made and where other affiliates are struggling - then you become privy to the same information that other affiliates have used to profit. If you have ever wondered how powerful it is to work in a team of hundreds of insiders, all applying the same devastating techniques with the same automated weaponry... you're about to find out!

It's a case of everyone in the exclusive club versus one million outsiders... and the decks are heavily stacked in our favour from the start...

The select few who qualify for membership (more on how you qualify in a moment) will gain access to these techniques, while the millions who are ignorant of my all-powerful secret continue to toil fruitlessly towards a bleak future. But now, it's time for a wider question....

What Makes Affiliate Marketing the
Laziest Business in the world?

Firstly, what exactly is the affiliate marketing I know and love? Technically, its classed as the promotion of the promotion of other peoples products for a cut of the pie – potentially a very large, lucrative cut. You promote a product, siphon off your profit, and move onto the next one… with no customer headache, no need to touch any product… or indeed pretty much no worries at all.

Your cut can often be over half the price of the product, sometimes as much as several thousand dollars. Pretty much every company on the planet, from Sony to Sanyo, from Microsoft to Motorola has an affiliate program of some kind. Often, you can make as much as 75% of the price of a product in commission...

All in all, there’s no easier, and downright simpler business in the world than affiliate marketing. And last year, according to Marketing Sherpa, affiliates globally earned over $6.5 billion.

It’s a simple case of...

1. Find a product to promote – its free to do this, and you simply need to copy and paste a link
2. You promote the product in any one of a thousand ways
3. you make your sales and take your slice of the $6.5billion pie. And remember...

You can do it anywhere...

You can pull in thousands as an affiliate anywhere in the world. I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars across three continents. A few minutes in the morning in the internet café, and the rest of your vacation is yours. Hang out with friends, spend time with your kids, play golf… whatever you want to do, you can spend 90% of your time doing.

And the beautiful part of this business is that you can start it instantly, without the usual worries of a typical business:

YOU DON’T need to handle and products, or interact with any customers.

YOU DON’T need to be an expert to profit. In fact you don’t need any experience, and certainly no formal education – whether you’re a high-school drop-out or a qualified neuro-surgeon, it doesn’t stop you from applying my proven Assassin system.

YOU DON’T need a website – our software automatically creates your websites for you, and comes with cash-pulling website templates built in.

YOU DON’T need to fork out for any huge investments. All you need is a working internet connection, and the discipline to follow my step-by-step instructions.

And the most exciting parts of the business are:

YOU CAN make as much as several million dollars. There's really no cap on how much money you can money, other than your own ambition.

YOU CAN start part-time, working only a few minutes per day. You can work around your job or current commitments, and invest as much or as little time as you want. Its such a hands-off business, that once you get going, you can kiss goodbye to 50 hour work weeks forever.

YOU CAN run your part-time affiliate business from anywhere on the planet – it doesn’t matter where you live, and you can easily work while you're on vacation.


Why the Elite 1% Laugh to the Bank
... while 99% of affiliates fail …

If you are currently struggling to make money as an affiliate, then I know exactly what youre going through. The bottom line is, unless you use my software, it's damn hard. Even if you pick affiliate marketing as your profession of choice, you still have all of the following to worry about:

PAIN #1: Spending hours researching keywords, and still having to drop hundreds before you know which ones convert.

If you want to promote a product, you need to do it through the search engines, which means you need to pick and choose your keywords very careful. Get the keywords right and you can overbid, get your ad wrong and still profit… screw it up and you are doomed to failure before Google even approves your ad.

And here’s what makes it all so treacherous: you don’t know which keywords convert until you’ve already blown hundreds. And if you want to target natural search rankings (ie. Free traffic), then the good news is, there are no advertising costs, but it will take days, weeks or even months to rank… and before you know if the keyword even converts.

Finally, you can spend literally days doing laborious keyword research and still not find the big money keywords that your competitors are profiting from.

In short, it isn't easy... and it's only going to get worse.

THE AILMENT: Our advanced software (appropriate code-name: The Daddy) builds your keyword list for you and then scans it against a list of your competitors to see where they are already making their money.

Remember what I said about copying the moves of the seriously wealthy?

Then, The Daddy automatically flags each keyword with a patented “profitability” score (and by the way, even our Article Sniper tool flags the profitable keywords for you, more on that later). All the work is done for you, and the keywords are arranged by profitability. Just copy and paste.

PAIN #2: Dropping $100 on Google... and not getting a single sale

With over 10,000 products to choose from on ClickBank alone, its difficult to know which ones convert. In fact, even assuming you pick the right keywords, in my experience 90% of products will normally make a loss on Adwords. In a recent survey I conducted, almost half of affiliates believed that finding high converting products was the main problem. And I think they're probably right...

THE AILMENT: I'm known for sucking as much profit out of my promotions as possible: at one point I even gave away (for free) a single web page which generated over $200 a day, with an ad spend of close to $30 a day. Which is what makes this next benefit so damn powerful: every one of 10,000 ClickBank products is rated using my own personal formula, and the database is updated every 24 hours.

The hottest products are automatically flagged for your attention, and every new CB product is listed in our database, highlighted for you to profit the moment it goes live. This single database puts you at a massive advantage to over 100,000 ClickBank affiliates. This very same database flagged many of the "came out of nowhere" monster ClickBank products, weeks before they reached market saturation - the question is,... do you want to promote today and convert at 4-5% or wait for the scraps that my Google Assassin members leave for you?

PAIN #3: Creating the best campaign you can, ...and still getting "Google Slapped"

Assuming you build a super profitable keyword lists,… and assuming you find a high-converting product, you still have Google to contend with, whether its bid prices, disabled ads, confusing rules or Google slaps. There are over 300,000 Adwords advertisers and everyone is scrambling for the same market, forcing up bid prices to all-time highs. It’s never been harder to make Adwords work.

THE AILMENT: Our software automatically creates your Adwords ads, picks your keywords, and swipes from the competition to ensure sky-high CTR and rock-bottom click costs from the get-go.


If you follow my simple steps, you'll make an incredible income: but with one very important catch...

All you need to do is to sit back in comfort and let my automated software pick the “profit opportunities” for you. Soon you could be siphoning off a large second income for yourself, right from the comfort of your own home.

It is possible that you could make as much as some of my previous students - $2,100 in your first 30 days, but I can't absolutely guarantee you will have this same success.

You see, in fairness you do need a few things if this is to work for you, and it would be unfair of me not to mention them here. This is the bit I mentioned earlier, where I check to see if you qualify to apply my exclusive club …

Firstly, you need discipline. Sorry, but this may rule you out.

You need the discipline to follow my step-by-step instructions.

Most of all, you need the discipline to do NOTHING sometimes.

And why do you need discipline? Simple.

To make the $3,232 my test subjects have made, you will often need to do nothing until the automated software flags a profit opportunity -
and then you pounce for the kill...

Sounds simple when you put it like that.

And yet so many people get too clever. They setup campaigns based on hunches and whims. They get greedy and can't wait. They aren’t satisfied with making $100,000 a year easy money, they want $1 million now. They think they know better than me when my $45,000 software tells them otherwise. If you are too ill-disciplined to follow simple instructions, then this is not right for you.

So the discipline you need is to follow my step-by-step instructions to the letter. If you do that, exactly as I tell you, you could be well on your way to a small fortune.

Be honest: are you living the life you choose?

As I say, the main benefit from working from home is not the cash, or even the trappings of wealth… it’s the freedom to live the life you choose, whatever that may be, … never waking up in the cold at 7AM in the morning, taking vacations whenever you choose, having more time to play, relax and just plain spend time with friends and family.

Imagine a world of no daily commutes, no bosses, a world where you make more while you sleep than others make while they work.

Most of all, for me, making money from the internet means looking after my friends and family, and not having to answer to anyone ever again. The trips to South America and Europe are great, but the real enjoyment comes from one thing: freedom of choice.

You should think about what freedom means to you, and whether you are ever going to live the life you choose doing what you are currently doing.

What's it worth for you to have an easy,
step-by-step formula to financial freedom?

What would it mean for you to be able to go from zero to having thousands of dollars in your account in just a few weeks? What price would you attach to pay off your debts, give your family the support they deserve? I could easily sell this package for many tens of thousands of dollars, and I know that there are enough people smart enough to gladly pay that price.

I have personally spent tens of thousands of dollars on software and training to learn the information which I am about to pass onto you. I've invested tens of thousands of hours, perfecting my craft, and when you consider how much you currently spend chasing your dreams, you will quite clearly see what a saving this represents.

Moreover, if I was to charge you one on one for personal coaching, I would want to charge over $30,000. If you remember that I made over $130,700 in 32 days from just 4 of my ClickBank accounts. Let's assume that I spent about an hour a day on these accounts - I didn't, I spent a lot less time on them.

But even on that basis, assuming a "five day workweek", my time is worth about $4000 an hour. So, for it to make sense for me to do consulting, I need to charge at least that figure. Assuming you booked me in for a nine-day hour, the cost would be... over $30,000..

And, remember that I have already invested over $45,000 in the software that represents my automated weapons stash, and so any price below that represents an incredible saving.

Why are you revealing these powerful secrets...
and why not for $45,000 or more?

If there’s one thing I wanted to convey with this letter, its this: I've been in your shoes.

And like you, I'm tired of all the unfulfilled promises that those make money guides are dishing out on a daily basis. I spent a small fortune on get-rich-quick guides, survey products, and other scams.

And I want to put an end to it now.

Also, remember that giving away secrets is nothing new to me. I have already built a loyal following of well over 100,000 subscribers, and tens of thousands of customers doing exactly that. In fact, for my first major release I actually gave away a live $200 per day income stream for free. I then followed up on that by giving away a niche that I have made over $200,000 from in Day Job Killer.

That I give away secrets at a whim has already been proven.

The question is why - but the answer may shock you…

The internet is a massive place, with hundreds of millions of people buying and selling, and quite frankly we can both make a killing. I know two things from personal experience: firstly, it is always better to give as much to others as you possibly can. It always comes back to you in some way. After all, it's that mindset that created my current following.

And secondly, I know for a fact that there are millions of untapped dollars floating around, ready to be siphoned off by people just like you. I will never have enough time to take advantage of all the profit making opportunities presented on the net. Nobody will.

After all, I have already as I say given away a six figure niche with my last launch – and I still generating over $500 a day from that very same niche.

And remember, my members are a source of my own learning – so I actually benefit with every dollar that you make.

Finally, no offer this good can last forever and I am going to increase the price within a few days of launch. This will naturally put a cap on the number of people who join my secretive club anyway.


"Imagine, the Million Dollar Affiliate and His Google Assassin Tool-Kit at YOUR Service 24/7..."

Remember, that I am going to be holding your hand through the entire process: this exclusive club has been setup so that there is no room for error: you literally are forced to copy the moves of a ClickBank dynamo. Once you have accessed the members' area for the first time, you'll be able to turn on the "money-magnet" as and when you please. It's that simple!

Here's how it all works - the super affiliate "Google triple threat"...

Exclusive Member's Card Benefit #1 - $45,000 Affiliate Cloning Software

Your exclusive members card entitles you to full access all of our current software, and free future software that we are developing. Our current roster includes over a dozen tools to clone and replicate the moves of a super affiliate: Daddy Keyword Tool, Adwords Micro-Nicher, ClickBank Campaigner, Campaign Kidnap, Article Sniper, Auto-Sales-Tracker, Auto-Adwords Ad Generator, CB Sales Reporter, our database of over 10,000 CB products rated, our CB Watch-List system, automated campaign & web-site creators, Adwords Worldwide tool... and so much more. Together this package automates every move that a million dollar affiliate makes... so you not only take the correct steps, but you do it in one-hundredth the time of your competitors.

Exclusive Member's Card Benefit #2 - Interactive Affiliate Blueprint Coaching Series

Your membership card also entitles you to access to our Affiliate Blueprints series, which literally walks you by the hand through each step you need to make to profit. Once you complete each step, you will be able to complete a detailed diary, and to send feedback directly to Chris's desktop. Every other member does the same - meaning, you can literally learn with hundreds of your colleagues and deal with Chris direct. No-one outside our exclusive club has access to this detailed intelligence - it's literally, me and you against 1 million competitors. They don't stand a chance...

Exclusive Member's Card Benefit #3 - Free "VIP" Access to future software releases

If you join today, you will also secure access to all of the software and training content we have planned for the next few months - software like the Article Thief, which seeks out the most profitable articles on the net for you to clone [last minute update: this has now been added as a sneaky addition to the Google Assassin package] - and create your own articles using our templates, ...our Niche Dominator X tool, and dozens of interactive training blueprints. If you don't join right now, the truth is: you will want the software anyway, but you will have to wait weeks or even months, and risk paying as much as $199 for each release. Don't say you weren't warned....


"Access my $45,000 Google-wealth creation system,
fully automated and only moments away...

  Auto create websites and ClickBank campaigns in 2 minutes
  Daddy keyword tool - stop the "testing" and start profiting
  Article Sniper - Take out your competitors and profit
  Auto-generate your Direct Links / Google Cash Campaigns
  Over 10,000 CB Products rated, New products, watchlist
  Adwords Micro-Nicher - Pay Less than 1cents per click
  150 pages of tutorials, content and training for beginners and up
  Campaign Kidnap tool - swipe Adwords ads and keywords
  DJK Blueprint Series - the seven figure blueprint exposed
  Secure free spots for our future software releases
  Complete, fully automated solution for beginner and advanced
  The only proven $45,000 Google system for 2008...

Remember: enrolling in this exclusive club today allows you to create unlimited affiliate websites and super affiliate campaigns, and includes over $40,000 worth of ground-breaking affiliate software and interactive Google "blueprint" training.



"GUARANTEED Automated Google
Success - or your money back...

Your order is protected by my full unconditional 56-day money back guarantee : I know that you want to access the same advanced ClickBank tools that the six figure affiliates use and to finally quit your job and become a full-time affiliate.

And I know that you have the best chance to do it with the software and training inside this exclusive club - but I want to ensure you are fully protected, which is why I am offering you a full 56 days to test-drive our system and see why we have successfully trained up over 10,000 affiliates just like you in the last six months alone.

If for any reason whatsoever, you are unhappy, just let me know and your membership will be cancelled, and your fee refunded. You can cancel your membership at any time, for ANY reason.

You will only pay another $67 per month - and will be directed to our instant signup page. This is an opportunity that is bound to change lives. So make a decision now...


" It's decision time: kill, or be killed... "

You can lock-in your Google Assassin membership at the discounted price of not the $45,000 the software cost to develop, not the $5,000 my students have already generated, not even the $297/month some suggested,... if you order today you can lock-in access at the ridiculously low price of $77/month

Remember Google is a billion dollar game, and you need to use the arsenal of a million dollar profiteer if you want to even stay alive. The question now is whether you want to take advantage and protect yourself from the inevitable onslaught.

The gains are monstrous, but the losses are far, far worse for those outside the loop.... you have been warned...

< Order Google Assassin now >

In essence, you have no real choice. You must act fast.

Order via ClickBank's secure payment servers.

P.S. You will note that there is no contact button here... Why? Because I don't want a flood of e-mails qualifying me and my package. I've bled too much for that. And, if you aren't convinced at this point, you are obviously not right for this opportunity. I suggest you leave your space free so that someone... somewhere... who wants it bad enough ...can secure their future.

< Order Google Assassin now >

© Copyright DJK Assassin Dot Com - 2007


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