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7. 10. 2008

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Like Blues Music? Visit this site :-) (P.W. Carr)
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Pat Carr


   Top Ten Blues Songs!

P. W. Carr Blues from the Some Kind of Blues and Put Yourself In My Place CDs straight from the Top of the Charts on Soundclick, Midnight Special Blues, SongPlanet, Broadjam's Colorado blues chart, and others. (see the News page.)

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PAT CARR: Some Kind of Blues

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PAT CARR: Put Yourself In My Place


  Put Yourself In My Place is also available from IndieRhythm, BestBuy.com and Amazon.com.

Download songs or the CD from iTunes.
Want to hear the whole song, or get songs not on the CDs?  Listen and Download songs from
my SongPlanet and Broadjam sites.   You can also hear some songs that don't have clips here.

Pat Carr on SongPlanet     Pat Carr on Broadjam

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If you want to hear the song clips below, stop the player and click on the song title.



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