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13. 12. 2013

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  Making a bathing suit choice is some times very difficult.   I  have  some  sites  for  you  to scan  through. "UjENA" - An up scale  swimsuit and dress, site. If these suits don't wake  up  your  man , then  he  is  dead. "Bella Beachwear" Swimsuits straight from the beaches of Brazil. "Swim Suits for All has the size and styles to fit anybody including Long Torso.  "Envy Chic "  is another site with great bathing suits, onepiece, Bikini, and Etc.  If I can help you find something special ,something  unusual or far-out  let me know. I am always surfing to find new items
You are sure to find the size and shape you need. Perfect if you are heading south to the Sun
UjENA is Made in America
Free shipping available

"Bella Beachwear "is straight from                        Brazil
"Swimsuits for All"

  has  Long  Torso

  and  Post


styles. You will

find suits to

tighten, minimize

any area of your

Funny T Shirts Inc.
Moda Star Bikinis
Sexy Bikinis by Moda Star Fashion
The Swimsuits shown below are for Adults only and should not be contemplated for young teens or children..........Please use your discretion.

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