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Prostitute In Spitzer Scandal Scores Million Dollar Offer To Bare All

Mar 14, 2008

Tags:Politics, Celebrity Scandals



  • AP

    Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka Kristen


  • AP

    Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka Kristen


  • AP

    Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka Kristen



ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Mar 14, 2008 14:34 PM

NEW YORK, New York --

As her instant celebrity status continues to climb in the wake of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal, Ashley Alexandra Dupre has now received a $1 million offer to bare it all.

A rep for Hustler Magazine has confirmed exclusively to Access Hollywood a seven-figure offer will be made to the call girl.

"Larry Flynt and Hustler Magazine will be offering $1 Million to Ashley Dupre to pose for Hustler Magazine,” the rep told Access. “We want this to happen as soon as possible.”

But the folks at Hustler aren’t the only ones willing to pony up for the rights to feature Ashley in the buff.

"We would love to see Ashley appear on our Web site. We would be thrilled. We are definitely reaching out to her,” Penthouse executive Marc Bell told Access. “Her fifteen minutes of fame are now and Penthouse could mean a unique and enormous opportunity for her.”

However, Bell would not disclose any dollar amount being offered to the 22-year-old, who also goes by the name of “Kristen.”

And the offers don’t stop there.

If Ashley has any desire to get into the adult video business, Vivid Video would be more than happy to accommodate her – and are ready to fork over a hefty fee.

"Ashley Dupre is very beautiful and we are definitely interested in talking to her. We are reaching out to her attorney and preparing a deal memo. She could wind up being the highest paid actress in adult entertainment,” Vivid Entertainment Co-Chairman Steven Hirsch told Access.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Playboy had “no comment” as to whether Hugh Hefner would want Ashley inside the pages of his magazine.

[VIDEO: Behind The Scenes — Ashley Dupre's Music Video Shoot]

And while the offers continue to pour in for the world’s suddenly most famous prostitute, a source close to Ashley said she is not enjoying all of the attention.

“She is bummed out [by] the whole situation that is now surrounding her… [she] feels everybody wants a piece of her and it's frightening,” the source told Access.

“Ashley is a nice girl who had a difficult time in life. It is true she grew up wealthy and lived in an expensive home, but [she] has serious family issues," the source continued. "She got into the wrong crowd a few years ago and that's when she started dating older men. She doesn't want people to think she is a bad person.”

Yet the source was confident Ashley would make it through all of the negative publicity.

“As devastating as this ordeal has been for her, she has dealt with tougher stuff in her life. She is taking it all day-by-day. Her priority now is her music and the CD she is trying to launch," the source added. "Ashley is beautiful, outgoing, athletic, fun and with a stunning figure. She has always drawn attention. But right now, [she] really needs time for all of this frenzy to cool off."

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  • AP

    Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka Kristen


  • AP

    Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka Kristen


  • AP

    Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka Kristen


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